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Make Your Sound Loud in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Make Your Sound Loud in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 
“Premiere Pro CC 2015.1 has a new audio loudness normalization feature which can make this quick and easy. 34 more words

Audio Post-Production

From Reel-to-Reel to Reaper

I have been recording digitally since 2000. Prior to that I had recorded demos with a 4-track Portastudio, and going back further I’d had occasional access to a 2-track reel-to-reel tape recorder. 414 more words

Sound On Sound

Foley Creation Fun

Created with Screenflow

In this tutorial, I show a snippet of the boring life of a foley creator. For those of you unaware, foleys are basic sound effects that you hear in movies that aren’t picked up by the original microphone on set. 113 more words


Audio for Film: Post-Production of Kansas Sunshine

In this video I discuss my process for handling audio for short films in post-production. I follow the patent-pending matching (normalization), mixing, mastering process.

Wednesday Morning Warnings: Reflection

Critically reflect on the project with reference to content, aesthetics and technology, and about processes and collaboration

Wednesday Morning Warnings with Adam Ibrahim (as well as Calum Alexander and Eugene Yang) 912 more words

What is my practice?

“What is my practice?” is a question I have been asking myself for a few years now, and coming to university helped me narrow down what I want my creative practice to be. 258 more words


University of Procrastination

“University of Procrastination” is an audio journalism project about students and procrastination. Written and edited by me. Edited in Adobe Audition. Fall, 2015

School Project