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Wrap-Up for COM210

Throughout the semester, I’ve worked on several different projects- Photoshop, creating my logo, recording my audio, and filming my personal story. However, the one project that I had probably the most fun with was the logo project. 472 more words


Final Countdown


<p><a href=”; from <a href=” Cook</a> on <a href=”;.</p>When creating this graphic I was able to accomplish an interesting graphic motion for each word in the countdown. 121 more words

Digital Foundations II


→ Pelatihan (training)
facility : Soundcloud.com

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• Setiap bulan, kalian diwajibkan untuk merilis ( 569 more words

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My Second Project: The Final Product

For my second project I used Adobe Premiere to tell a photo story encouraging college students to go to more collegiate sports games. This software was harder than Audition as a lot more could go wrong and I had to use Audition in tandem with Premiere to get the result I wanted. 26 more words


My First Project: The Final Product

As you guys may have read before I had done my first project on Adobe Audition. I had a lot of fun learning how to use the program and putting together a really personal story. 32 more words