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Media Production 2 First Draft (with Sound): Surreality

I went for Surreality using the use of Space and camera angles. For space, I wanted to give a sense of isolation the protagonist had where he could work. 75 more words

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Video Project: Haste

Here’s another video project assignment from my Adobe class. This time I was given footage of instructor Kev Lavery and had to make something showing momentum. 45 more words

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Knock Knock Joke Video Project

Here’s another video project for my Adobe class. This one features Spider-Man telling Iron Man a knock knock joke using stop motion animation. My 8 year old son and I are doing voices. 6 more words

Andrew Erich

How to Make Your Voice Sound Sexy

Adobe Audition is a paid version of Audacity
Microphone: SE electronics X1. USB condenser mic. It’s better than a Yeti
How to select the mic once you plug it in: 51 more words

Producing The Passion Problem Documentary | BLOG 7

In this blog post I will take you through how I produced The Passion Problem Documentary, to be released this Thursday!

Firstly, I listened back to each interview, from when I met Simone Howieson and Charlotte, spoke to Frank Turner for a DMC, video called Terri Trespicio for some passion expertise, and finally, from my train station visit with Holly. 259 more words

Audio Panning - Adobe Audition

9 Easy Steps to Audio Panning in Adobe Audition


Import your audio file in Adobe Audition.



Switch your Waveform Session to… 105 more words

Adobe Audition

Telephone Voice - Adobe Audition

5 Steps to Change Normal Voice to Telephone Voice?


Import (Shortcut : Control+I) your Audio to Adobe Audition.


Then create Multi Track Session (Shortcut : 0… 32 more words

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