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What is my practice?

“What is my practice?” is a question I have been asking myself for a few years now, and coming to university helped me narrow down what I want my creative practice to be. 258 more words


University of Procrastination

“University of Procrastination” is an audio journalism project about students and procrastination. Written and edited by me. Edited in Adobe Audition. Fall, 2015

School Project

Wrap-Up for COM210

Throughout the semester, I’ve worked on several different projects- Photoshop, creating my logo, recording my audio, and filming my personal story. However, the one project that I had probably the most fun with was the logo project. 472 more words



Its ready!

To start with I don’t know why is there some sort of weird line in the middle of the screen. There was nothing like this on my computer… 686 more words

Final Countdown


<p><a href=”; from <a href=” Cook</a> on <a href=”;.</p>When creating this graphic I was able to accomplish an interesting graphic motion for each word in the countdown. 121 more words

Digital Foundations II


→ Pelatihan (training)
facility : Soundcloud.com

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• Setiap bulan, kalian diwajibkan untuk merilis ( 569 more words

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