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La Stanza

Ho creato una stanza con Adobe Illustrator utilizzando e modificando le figure geometriche ma anche l’uso della matita e della penna.

Ho creato una stanza. Ma cos’è una stanza? 100 more words

Grafica Pubblicitaria


I created this logo by using Adobe illustrator. The most distinct characteristic of Illustrator is that it is a vector drawing tool, meaning, the output file is a vector graphic that can be resized to any degree, without losing any quality. 21 more words

Adobe Illustrator


Na’anpoe she’s a cousin of mine, she’s so into reading books especially romantic books, shes a fan of the fifty shades of either gray or darker, however i got to illustrate this image of her based on my creative image process, plus i did it as a surprise for her birthday, not because she paid for it but she just got me curious, well one thing i love about illustrating is the vividness, of appearance it gives every image it just brings out this expression would always want to keep looking, don’t stay too long staring o.k

The Low Poly Portrait

I’ve been talking about photography a lot over the last few weeks, and not much about design and artwork. Today, I want to talk about design, and one of my favorite techniques, the low poly portrait. 1,017 more words




This image was something that I constantly referenced when making color choices. I liked the vintage, bright color palette that it utilized. It was warm yet soft all at once. 154 more words

Digital Imaging Project 2 Process