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HAPPY MEITLIS - featured Artist Danja K.

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I’d like to present a former art student of mine, … 343 more words

Adobe Illustrator

The First Logo I've Made That I Actually Like!

The assignment was to create a personal brand mark. The requirement was that it could not be solely type based and had to also be vector based using Adobe Illustrator. 344 more words


Won't You Come Out Tonight?

I, like most people, get songs stuck in my head. Sometimes, though, it leads to me thinking up of designs.

I got the song “Buffalo Bills Won’t You Come Out Tonight?” stuck in my head, and when I get a song stuck in my head, it is all that I think about. 153 more words

Adobe Illustrator

Houston Artsy Map

I wanted to do something different, and have a little fun with it.  I’m from Houston, so I thought this would be cute to make.  I think maybe making the city more detailed next time might be worth it, with rivers and more streets.  7 more words


Stars background in Adobe Illustrator

Hi creative friends! DO you know how to spread particles on the artboard in Adobe Illustrator? If you wish to learn, watch my short video tutorial!

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator WIP 1

Meet Jerry the shark. To make Jerry, I used the blob brush tool to draw the outline and the same tool to fill it in. Unfortunately, it was impossible to erase the fill when it went outside of its lines because the painting was in the form of a path, which made it so I would have to manipulate the anchor points in order to try and change it. 13 more words

Work In Progress

a project from the past

This was one of my first major illustrator projects, using only colored shapes I had to re-create the image on the right as closely as possible within the time allotted by our professor. 44 more words