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Dreaming of Choppers

Worked on drawing up a little chopper graphic in Illustrator the other day. I felt it needed more than just some line art so I created a quick backdrop and voila!


Pattern Man Mid-Term Project Critique for Monday, October 24th-must attend

HOMEWORK for this Monday should be finished and is due at the start of class. Print all before not during class.

  1. Finish and print your black and white Pattern document.
  2. 771 more words

Points and Lines

A point marks a position in space and graphically takes form as a dot. A series of points form a line.

Lines can have many weights with thickness and texture. 57 more words

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Spacial Translations and Planes

To get a better understanding of planes, I took many photos of a classroom from different perspectives and narrowed it down to 6 pictures to make an abstract image.

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A plane is a flat surface extending in height and width. They have many different qualities: solid, perforated, smooth, transparent or opaque. Following my pictures, I combined lines, and planes to create an abstract image. 52 more words

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Perspective refers to a way of viewing an object. It helps give objects a sense of depth. Depending on where a person stands, they can see structures in a one, two, or three-point perspective. 25 more words

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