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Final Violin Project

Here is my final submission for our digital posters project. I was overall slightly disappointed with my lack of creativity and think that I could do better if it wasn’t for the program.

This is the second work in progress for my poster

This one is almost done, I just need to add a few more things, so, you know.


This is the first work in progress for my poster

I did all of this except for the gradient with the pen tool. It’s pretty fun.


Exercise: Playing with words

The following exercise goal was to create typographical representations to present not only the following words, but also suggest their meaning:

sad • safe • sardonic • saucy • scholarly • serious • shadow • shattered • shy • short • silly • sinking • skimpy • sleek • smart • snowy • sodden • soothing • sordid • sophisticated • speed • squat • squeeze • stiff • stodgy • stoned • style • supine • swagger • sweet

2,874 more words