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In Design Notes/Program Glitch

Alright, I am still in a limbo as to whether or not to register for the course today or wait until tomorrow to do it. I would have thought that waiting this month would help but I am realizing that it isn’t a lot of time for me to do any of that. 228 more words

The steps of Silhouetting My full figure

Step 1: Have someone get a picture of me standing in a room where my features are visibly seen to make coping down easy.

Step 2: Trace over picture by hand or drawing tablet to ensure a best possible translation. 42 more words


Business Classes

Adobe offers some of the best products in the area of web publishing, content publishing, and graphic design. Many businesses use Adobe software exclusively because they are well known in the industry and because it can easily be adopted as the standard format. 8 more words

Business Management

Web advertisements

     Only having a certain amount of space is important to organize in a way that you grab the attention of a viewer while they are already trying to look at something else. 33 more words

Business Cards

I have always liked symmetrical shapes. Creating a symbol for these business cards I think are very appealing. Using black, red, white. and Yellow for information,  I think it wraps together nicely.

National Forest State Park

“Not at those who wander are lost”

     The three parts of this advertisement are different places around Oregon you can experience. The Red Woods are in California with the tallest trees in the world, Crater lake has the deepest lake in the United States,all while the lava beds in Tulelake, California have 6,000 year old lava beds!

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