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Vintage Travel Poster

Learning targets:

I can read the article “How Travel Posters Journeyed from Ad to Art Form” and answer questions in a new blog post. Turn in a link to the Google classroom assignment. 22 more words

Vintage Travel Poster - Critique

  • I can critique three vintage travel posters and provide feedback to those designers.
  • I can reflect on the critique I received and describe one way I will change my vintage travel poster art.

5 Images, 5 Words

In a group, we were to create a story, using Adobe Illustrator, with only five images and five words. My group decided to create a story of a car crash, entitled ‘Don’t Let This Be Your Story.” 315 more words


Album Covers and Song Images

This week I didn’t really have a project I wanted to make. I was kind of done with typography and after messing around with some vector images, not really wanting to do anything cartoony. 472 more words

Weekly Blog Posts

Vintage Travel Poster paper layer

Learning target:

  • I can complete the warm up activity found at the Google classroom.
  • I can complete a background layer for my vintage travel poster project.
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Adobe Illustrator

6 (Really 3) steps to Create an Antique-looking Concentric Shoreline Effect in Adobe Illustrator

I’m currently working on a map that I’m intending to incorporate Victorian (and maybe a little bit of steampunk) visual influences. For inspiration, I was initially looking at a lot of beautiful Victorian-era (roughly 1830s-1900, some say a little later) sketches of contraptions, including some diagrams of intricate devices that… 734 more words