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Colored Caricature

Here is a colored version of a caricature of myself. I added the color using Adobe Illustrator.


Muted Sunrise

I took this picture of the sunrise one foggy morning. And even though it’s kinda grainy and not such a great photo, I still kinda love it. 13 more words

X-ray cat graphic

A while ago I thought I would have ago at my own X-ray vector art on Adobe Illustrator and here is the result:

This is modeled on a photo I took of our cat Suri – a Scottish Fold (but without the folded ears). 107 more words

Surface Pattern Design...My New Adventure

I’ve taken on something big, something really big.  I’m learning Adobe Illustrator.  This is huge, guys.  It’s all because I came across a story about a surface pattern designer and thought, no way…that sounds AMAZING!   81 more words

Logo Exercise

For this assignment we were to choose a logo that we thought needed to be revised or changed. The company I chose was Van Ernst Refrigeration. 168 more words