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The Iconic Post


This week our class created Icon sets. We were required to pick a theme and include 4-6 images that fit the theme. This was my first time using Adobe Illustrator. 763 more words


Water Gun

The tutorial has been linked to the first picture. Just click on it to go there. I ended up not adding any texture to my water gun because Adobe Illustrator crashed around 10 times if not more (I kind of actually lost count) as I was doing this….and I kept having to start over because you’d THINK that after the 5th time, I’d remember to press save…EXCEPT THAT I FREAKING DIDN’T UGH. 90 more words


Christmas Icons


Hello Everyone! This week in the Visual Design section of my blog I am going to be talking about the icons that I have been making with the Illustrator program that Adobe offers. 420 more words

Visual Design

Believing !

How can i believe when i have so many doubts, believe it or not, if you can doubt you can believe, if you are not sure about something that just proof that it’s possible, you’ve not just tried it out yet, that’s what is holding most people back from succeeding, just because they don’t see the light of a situation from their head, they decide to just wave it off from reality, assumptions are our daily habit of not succeeding, if you haven’t tried it out yet don’t assume that its not going to work, people who become great don’t have such notion, cause after trying once and it fails, they don’t just let it go easily, they keep on trying and trying 99 times until it works, with more effort and consistency the sky is not only your limit, is a starting point, so don’t give your fears chance to keep on perching on your success. 7 more words

Being Friends

A friend in need is really a friend indeed, however if the need is one sided, the friendship will collapse with time, being friends mean the need comes from both side, it defines your source of been in need, i believe we all in this world can in one way or the other compliment each other were one is lacking the other can assist, and give a helping hand, every one of us is uniquely different that’s why no¬† matter how we might look alike or have the same type of temperament we are still different from each other even if we are twins. 176 more words