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disillusionment on the path

there is nothing wrong with
becoming disillusioned 
in fact it is a vital part
of awakening

when all illusion dissolves
only what remains
is true… 88 more words

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Gold Squad

For this assignment the task was to create a “find the difference” picture with at least 6 differences by editing things out of a photo. 583 more words


Drive far

Drive far

A long drive with good old friends is all we need sometimes. It makes you feel alive again.

Photo Blog

the journey that never ends

we struggled to get here,
to the west coast of america
we were drawn like the pioneers were drawn
and we threw in our old life… 177 more words

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The Little Bird

A little bird, crashed on the window
Fell to the floor
Dazed and confused
Heart was beating
Wings were broken
Lying helpless
Waiting for nothing… 165 more words



I’m currently feeling  a little over-encumbered with responsibilities atm, so here’s a lil’ throwback…

Be A Leader

There comes a time in each life
When you stop following others
And you start forging 
Your own path

Only by forging 
Your own path… 110 more words

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