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Hyde Park

It’s been a while since I last posted! With my Masters degree in full-swing, I simply haven’t had the time!

So a while back, I photographed my friends Taller than Stories. 145 more words


Fire the Canon

When I lived in Madrid, Spain years ago I used to have a point and shoot camera. Smartphone cameras have made them almost obsolete now, but then, the investment was worth it. 530 more words


Blinded by Duality

The world is a reflection
Of our consciousness
Oh! How foolish we are
Trying to change it
Without first
Changing ourselves

Tricked by what we see… 80 more words

Nikon D3300

Drowning in Past and Future

Squeezed between two enormous waves
Called past and future
He tried to stop himself
From drowning.

Only by keeping very still
And watching his own distracted mind… 24 more words

Nikon D3300

we are alone

surrounded by so many others
we are alone
each of us in our own private world
we appear in this place
as if by magic… 24 more words

Nikon D3300

into the arms of God

today i am falling
deeper into love
but this love
is not the worldly kind
it is a vast space
of the deepest acceptance
like an eternal falling
into the arms
of God.

Nikon D3300

ebbing and flowing

everything is always in motion
movement is the nature of all existence
even in stillness
there is extraordinary yet subtle movement
and life is waving… 76 more words

Nikon D3300