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stillness in action

in the face of great activity,
some remain in utter stillness,
not moving a muscle,
an eyelid,
not a twitch,
nothing but a slow and steady heartbeat… 64 more words

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you didn’t come here to observe reality
you came here to create it …
there is more power
in your hands
than you imagine,
don’t waste too much time…
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better than words can say

i will not waste any words this morning
instead i will hold you in my heart
in a silent embrace
and a prayer
i know you are here with me…
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on this thanksgiving day

i am reminded
not to spend all my gratitude now
but to spread it evenly
over the other three hundred
and sixty four days
and not to just give it to… 42 more words

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Story Picture

“You must learn to exist with no religion, no country, no allies. You must learn to live alone in silence.”-William S. Burroughs


giving thanks

is it possible,
no matter what the world shows us
no matter what insults the body carries
and no matter the emotional charge
of our conditioning, 146 more words

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without love

without love
there is nothing
but a dry, unliveable
love is like water
we cannot live without it

without love we will crawl
the dry desert gasping… 23 more words

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