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Adobe lightroom introduction

What is Lightroom, how does it work and what’s the best way to get started. I wanted to take a different approach and focus on the how, rather than the what. 4,137 more words


Fireworks! Bring Out Your Colors

Independence Day fireworks displays happen in a couple of days.  An almost unimaginable number of photographs will be made of these blazing bursts of colorful light and smoke. 817 more words

Technique & Tutorials

Digitally Altered Photographs

Another digitally altered photograph from the April trip to Queenscliff. This time I didn’t use a preset. The photograph is taken from the deck of the ferry, looking down into wake created by movement through the water.  71 more words


Digital Presets

Tonight I am contemplating the effects of Adobe Lightroom’s digital presets, using a photograph I took of the Queenscliff Pier in April.  When I took up photography, I was determined to learn how to capture a good photograph through good camera technique.   150 more words



Photography is a hobby that I just recently started to pursue and it is quickly becoming a passion of mine. Capturing moments that otherwise would be forgotten is a feeling that I can’t quite explain. 166 more words

Adobe Lightroom

Organize Your Portraits and Group Shots: Using People View in Lightroom CC

This option is new to Lightroom CC, and I’m still finding the right way to use it in my workflow. Basically, it gathers pictures together based on the faces it can recognize in the image. 865 more words

Technique & Tutorials