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Motion Graphics - Week 5 - Exercise

I cut out each of the figures in Photoshop and then used the content aware fill to fill the background behind the cut-out figures. I then brought the layered Photoshop file into After Effects and keyframed the layers to scale at different rates. 38 more words


EXP Remix

EXP = Experience Pearls one of my favorite songs from Ace of Base.

A few days ago I did a song doodle to the song. I really liked the image so much that I wanted to use it as a pattern. 33 more words


Guess who?

WIP. Sad but I don’t have time to finish this one. Just guess who this is? It is a grayscale vector art of Gerard Way (the vocalist of the band My Chemical Romance).

Flaming effect

This Ford Mustang is lit! Literally flaming Hot haha… I learned to do this effect in Adobe Photoshop.

Motion Graphics Typography Project: Gill Sans

This project was given to my partner, “Jasmine Marie Angelo” and myself in Motion Graphics class. The main focus of this project was manipulating text to describe the specific font, Gills Sans. 71 more words

Non Time-Based

New to the Gold Coast

I have recently moved to the beautiful Gold Coast and loving it here! My first shoot here was of the beautiful Brooke Kochelak, a natural beauty and fantastic model.

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