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Mike FULLER proposes: BrAmStOcKeR For Music, PRESIDENTIAL POWER For Politics, TIMEFRAMES To Replace Hollywood And The IVth Reich To Reinforce And Promote Its Country, The USA And USB!

Mike FULLER proposes: PRESIDENTIAL POWER For Politics,  TIMEFRAMES To Replace Hollywood And The IVTH REICH To Reinforce And Promote Its Country, The USA And The USB! 697 more words


[VIDEO] High-Speed SpaceX Footage from Launches of Falcon 9 Rockets  

New camera views of past launches and reentries.Missions in order of appearance: May JCSAT-14; July CRS-9 launch, stage separation, engine plume interaction, and re-entry burn; December 2015 ORBCOMM landing burn; July CRS-9 landing burn.


Green supply chain management: Definition, examples and challenges

Consumers become every day more aware of green issues, pollution, global warming and the impact of non-environmental production in nature. In consequence, they will want to know more about the goods and services they pay for, and companies should answer those questions in terms of the Green Supply Chain Management processes of it. 724 more words

David Kiger

Adobe acquires Livefyre

Adobe today announced that it plans to acquire Livefyre, the service that’s probably best known for its online commenting system. On top of this service, the company also offers a number of tools for brands to engage with their audiences as well, which is likely what Adobe was most interested in. 318 more words


Adobe's Document Cloud adds support for Box and Microsoft

Adobe is launching an update to its Document Cloud service today that will bring support for both Box and Microsoft OneDrive to the company’s PDF-centric digital document solution. 208 more words


Which Touch Points Do Marketers Rate as Central to the Customer Experience?

The best value for the buck is no longer the deciding factor when choosing between brands. Today we hear more and more about the customer experience (CX) and how marketers are striving to implement strategies to create the best experiences possible for their customers. 114 more words

Service Management

An intro to Premiere Pro

Here is a useful tutorial about using Adobe’s Premiere Pro. It goes over everything we did in class the other night.