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I’m lucky to be working in California this week. My client is very environmentally minded and this extends to having a vegetable garden at the office with the produce used in the onsite cafe. 41 more words

tax return due date 2018

Year-to-date (YTD) is a period, starting from the beginning of the current year (either the calendar year or fiscal year) and continuing up to the present day. 36 more words


Adobe's IT Problem--End It & Support Progressive Politics & the American Workforce

Adobe, like all other American-owned companies that turned into corporations, went international and got foreign investors and sometimes, new co-owners.

Once they started making a ridiculous amount of money, they decided that their shareholders and CEO needed even more money. 2,306 more words

General Opinion

100 Best Companies to Work For: One Secret to Success

Imagine you could put the secret to innovation in a box. You start with a simple cardboard container about the size of a ream of copier paper—and make it fire engine red to get everybody’s attention. 637 more words


The Chinese Lantern Festival

I always wanted to go there, but never found the time. This year I visited the Chinese Lantern Festival with my Meetup group and we all had a good time. 14 more words


Dreamweaver/website info

We recently covered Dreamweaver CC. I wanted to give you these videos, which essentially goes through everything I went through with you and more.

Part 1… 82 more words


How Adobe Plans to Automate Repetitive, Time-Consuming Tasks With AI

Adobe Systems, best known for its software catering to creative professionals, continues to freshen up its offerings with artificial intelligence.

Adobe touts its own AI technology, which it calls Sensei… 556 more words