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Using Adobe InDesign: Creating a Magazine Spread

Hello everybody,

I wanted to take some time to discuss my recent project in my Communications 130 class at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

My project for the past few weeks was to create a magazine press with the following requirements and then some. 374 more words

Treasuring All Truth

This design layout I created with specific details and parameters in mind. The article Treasuring All Truth can be found here: http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/treasuring-all-truth

This project took a number of hours in learning Adobe InDesign, at the beginning it was very frustrating and tedious. 240 more words


New Design Launched by Adobe and Coca Cola

World renowned beverages brand Coca Cola recently collaborated with the biggest graphic design company in the world Adobe to create some new designs. All these designs are created under the campaign named “Cola x Adobe x You” in which the beverages company gave complete authority to Adobe to create its different assets. 258 more words

Graphic Design

Practice, Practice, Practice

Any piano student has heard these words a million times, “It just takes practice!” Anything we want to learn to do well will require repeated effort. 436 more words


Learn about Scribbler, a new tool from Adobe for image coloring based on artificial intelligence

During the MAX 2017 conference a few days ago, Adobe unveiled a Scribbler tool that draws images based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

Adobe introduced the new tool thousands of images that were colored by the computer, that is to provide a copy in black and white and other color, which studied and able to automatically color images. 45 more words


Creating a Magazine Spread

The goal was to choose an article from lds.org and create a magazine spread for it from scratch in InDesign. This was my first time ever using the InDesign program and it was a bit intimidating at first. 532 more words