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Adobe India’s Women in Technology Scholarships

Applications are now being invited for Adobe India Women in Technology Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes outstanding female students in the technology field.

Who can apply… 271 more words


Audio Splits and Stems in Premiere Pro

When TV shows and feature films are being mixed, the final deliverables usually include audio stems as separate audio files or married to a multi-channel video master file or tape. 1,429 more words


Spicing Up Your Apartment -- And Then Some.

Learn to give your apartment a little more life with these great tips! Have some better ideas? Send them over so I can spread the word. Hope you enjoy.

Audition 001 - Life At McFatter

I did this with Audition CC and PowerPoint. That alone explains why this video sucks. I don’t mind.


"La Paloma"

Several times in the past, I’ve come back to a “finished” blanket and taken it in a different direction with new appliqués. (I’ve written about that  101 more words


Brand Development is ready.

This was an interesting project, and I’m already starting to work on one for somebody else, probably not as extensive as this one.

If you need to find your identity let me know, I can help you.


Well then.

So I was messing with garage band some more and got really nothing done but tried to fix those same two songs: https://youtu.be/s0LB-bFrT0c There was an update to it so I got that and now things will sound a lot better, My brother made a pretty cool song and now thinking about I should tell him how to post it on Youtube to add the link in his blog… Ill do that now. 97 more words