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Last week I had the fortunate chance to go on a short crash course in post-production at the Wood Norton BBC studios in Eversham, Worcestershire. The three day course entailed firstly, meeting and learning from two professional and long time journalists from the BBC. 171 more words


How to work InDesign

InDesign is a platform run by Adobe that is a cross between Photoshop and Microsoft Word. The program allows you to create documents, posters, flyers, etc. 219 more words

CAP 105-04

CAP 105 Week 8 (2)


I have never worked with InDesign before my CAP 105 class. I never knew what it was. But I will say that it is very helpful. 95 more words


Tutorial: SpriteIlluminator

I was recently selected to be able to beta test SpriteIlluminator by CodeAndWeb. SpriteIlluminator helps you add dynamic lighting to your mobile games by helping you create a normal map to add to your sprite. 260 more words


Adobe saved Photoshop by ditching boxes for the cloud

It’s hard to think of a single product that’s had a bigger impact on the design world than Adobe Photoshop. Ubiquitous with photo editing and image manipulation, the applicationĀ turned 25 years old last week. 487 more words