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The "porno-king"

Aside from Kate, I had various other crushes at that same school, all of which would go to waste and were definitely left unreciprocated. As a boarder, I also couldn’t continue my fetish of… 287 more words



i am still trying to find myself

in the conversations ive had and

places i’ve been.

i see fatigue in tired eyes

and i hear loneliness… 106 more words

Do violent communities foster violent children?

— By the University of Basel

Children and adolescents regularly confronted with violence in their community have a greater tendency to show antisocial behavior. This finding was reported by researchers from the University of Basel and the University Psychiatric Hospital Basel. 498 more words


Jay's Stages of Life: May 2017: Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The teen pregnancy rate is declining due to practicing abstinence.  Sex education is extremely important.  Teens should pledge to abstinence until marriage.  That’s what I did when I was in middle school health class.   440 more words

Creative Writing

Social media, depression and suicide

This article was co-authored by Sinead Rhodes and guest writer Tracy Stewart

A link between use of social media services, such as Facebook and Instagram, and mental health is frequently discussed in the media. 891 more words



Lying in fetal position, turned to right side, on furthest edge of mattress.  Past midnight.  Room dark, neighborhood quiet.  Staring through frost-rimmed window at stark moon.  71 more words


UPRAISE: Raising Up Kids in Your Neighborhood to Manhood

Raise to a higher level—that’s what upraise means. I think adolescents today really need this support, to be raised up or guided to early manhood. Adolescence is the time when teenagers sometimes get mixed up whether they’re kids, teens or young adults. 1,465 more words