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First Time Playing Pool

“It’s simple. Just hit the ball with the stick. Peice of cake” thought the naive Helene. I always underestimated the game of pool, never thought there was much technique to it. 842 more words

Adolescent Issues

The Tunnel

The light at the end of the grotto
Covered with tumbled stones of slander 
A devotion to their own culture
The deception of the promise of power… 93 more words

Adolescent Issues



an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present.

Ring, ring it goes all day

The call of a number never dialed… 131 more words

Adolescent Issues

Mountain Top

A cry of a girl, many girls to God at a weak moment in their life.

This ling’ring touch knows no end,

Up, up and up ‘t goes…

95 more words
Adolescent Issues

In The Face Of Love

It can rise high till the clouds

and fear nothing.

It can run with the animals

and still fear nothing.

It can face death

and feel so little fear. 24 more words

Adolescent Issues

Closed Hearts, Open Bodies

Such an opened world we live in,

Media, publicity and the gossiping.

Quick to display their latest success,

Their bodies and talents to the opposite sex. 143 more words

Adolescent Issues

Jesse Williams BET Speech: Equality and Justice

“Peace. Peace. Thank you Debra. Thank you, Nate Parker. Thank you, Harry and Debbie Allen, for participating in that. Before we get into it, I just want to say I brought my parents out tonight — I just want to thank them for being here and teaching me to focus on comprehension over career. 653 more words

Adolescent Issues