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Montréal: Pool Party

Usually every night we play pool in the Auberge after dinner. Usually everyone is yelling and laughing. Some people are pretty good and other people have a long way to go.

By Siddrha

Montréal: Snowbanks

We did more presentations and had a lot of fun on the way like jumping off snowbanks. We also got in trouble because the people at the snowbanks were worried we would get hurt and it would be their fault.

By Sebu

Montréal: Morning Routine

We wake up very early every day because of the construction outside. It feels like an earthquake. Then we have our morning meeting, have breakfast, make lunch, and head out to whatever we are going to do.

By Theo

All about ADHD- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder!

ADHD is a mental disorder that can be associated with increased mortality. ADHD in adults associated with higher mortality rates than in children and adolescents. 371 more words

Montréal: Museum Visit

This is the big Irish Elk! We’re at the Redpath Museum having a great time! For more information on this place see the video in the link below.

From Sam

Montréal: Good Morning!

Every morning around 700 construction starts across the street. An 8000 lb post driver starts hammering out our window, waking us up like a giant alarm clock.

By Reece

Montréal: Old City

Today we walked around old Montreal. We had people presenting their historical Canadian speeches. We saw a really colourful building with colourful panes glass! Old Montreal was really pretty. 29 more words