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Many adolescent and young adult cancer survivors have more social connections than peers

Survivors of adolescent and young adult cancer often have stronger social networks than their non-cancer peers, according to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital researchers, who hope to translate that support into better lives for the nation’s growing population of cancer survivors. 669 more words


A Real Education

Coming soon (book in progress)….

A Real Education challenges the notion of what education should look like.  Drawing on extensive personal experience, Margaret Whitley explores the problems with conventional education and the urgent need to change outdated mindsets about schooling. 109 more words

Is it a whole story to understand Instagram's stories?

In two years, Snapchat and Instagram crystallized a new report to user generated content through a new reflex, that of “permanent recording”. The two networks become strategic crossroads of strategic audience on targets such as millennials or young adolescents, who forge new ways of relationship with brands. 12 more words

Opinion - How Millennials today compare with their grandparents 50 years ago - Pew Research - John Gelmini

Dr Alf is correct in that today’s Millennials differ radically from those of earlier years, in that their values are completely different and they labour under a different education system, which in the UK has not caught up with those of at least 23 better ones in the world. 485 more words


Oh, to be able to keep quiet

Have you wished you could keep quiet in a situation which does warrant you/ make you itch to offer your take ? Are there times when you know things will work out on their own without your interference ? 702 more words

Truths And Inspiration


By Charles Robert Lindholm I Stand On The Shore And Watch Red Sails At Sunset



Today, I was opportuned to partake in the Youth Advisory Group meeting at the UNFPA Kaduna office. This was a whole new experience and approach to tackling youth problems in Nigeria. 96 more words