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The Man Who Spared A Wounded Hitler’s Life In WWI – And Changed The World Forever

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How much of this story is fact and how much of it is just a myth?

The History of War will always be about that which we know for certain, that which we have reason to believe, and that which will always be lost to myth and the passage of time. 1,088 more words

Battle for Cherkassy and the Korsun Pocket

As the politically significant taking of Kiev unfolded, a more dramatic, militarily significant battle exploded near Cherkassy to the south. The Germans feared the result and the Soviets saw the benefit of sealing off two German corps in the Cherkassy bulge. 680 more words

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Sean Spicer , ex portavoce della Casa Bianca del 45° Presidente degli Stati Uniti , Donald J Trump, infatti ha detto la Verita’, un’ innegabile verita’ storica: Adolf Hitler , nonostante le impressionanti quantita’ di armi chimiche  a disposizione, anche diverse tra loro, non diede mai l’ ordine di usare questo arsenale contro i suoi nemici, contro i militari, contro i civili. 544 more words

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Lamenting Luther

Not everything about Martin Luther is to be celebrated. Luther’s opinions regarding Jews, many of them written in his book, On the Jews and Their Lies, … 494 more words

How successful was the Nazi Economic Policy?

The Situation in 1929

In 1929, Germany was facing a real problem. At the end of World War I, Germany was forced to sign a treaty called “The Treaty of Versailles”. 753 more words



Abbiamo segnalato per primi, e abbiamo la prova oltre ogni ragionevole dubbio di cio’ che affermiamo dicendo di essere stati i primi in assoluto, ed adesso… 841 more words

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“The Ideal German Soldier” | toritto

“The Ideal German Soldier” –  appearing on the front page of Berliner Tagsblatt newspaper, Sunday edition during the invasion of Poland – 1939. Our soldier’s picture w… 6 more words

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