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Pol Pot and Hitler – The Fools Who Shape History

Three decades and five thousand miles separate two photographs.

The first shows a city in ruins. In the foreground, amidst the rubble, the outlines of what once were buildings are clearly discernible. 2,342 more words

Heinrich Himmler

Lately,  I  have been reading a biography of Nazi SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler and I am finding that reading about this man is a strange, somewhat unsettling experience. 883 more words


The Jewish "Hitler was a Rothschild Agent or Jew" Conspiracy Theorist Conspiracy

1 John 2:22-23New King James Version (NKJV)

22 Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. 693 more words

Godawful Horrifying News

The Bare Necessities - Part 3: Politics

3) Politics

“The authority of the State can never be an end in itself; for, if that were so, any kind of tyranny would be inviolable and sacred.

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German Jew Recounts How He Survived the Holocaust Disguised as a Member of the Hitler Youth and Even Crossed Paths With Hitler Himself

This is from The Blaze.

I could never imagine the mental and physical stress  Shlomo Perel suffered.

For four years, Shlomo Perel didn’t dare go by his real name. 1,044 more words

“Our Hitler” – Speech by Dr. Joseph Goebbels – 20.04.1945

The source: This was printed in most remaining German newspapers on 20 April 1945.

Source: http://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/unser45.htm

German citizens!

At the moment of the war when – so it seems – all forces of hate and destruction have been gathered once again, perhaps for the final time, in the west, the east, the southeast, and the south, seeking to break through our front and give the death blow to the Reich, I once again speak to the German people on the eve of 20 April about the Führer, just as I have done every year since 1933. 2,875 more words

Adolf Hitler

Not Praying in Auschwitz

“Like Amery, I too entered the lager as a nonbeliever, and as a nonbeliever I was liberated and have lived to this day. Actually, the experience in the lager with its frightful iniquity confirmed me in my non-belief. 342 more words