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...those who don't know history are condemned to repeat it: Trump's America First policy

So many world events seem to be trending toward a repeat of World War II: China’s decision to “own” all the islands in the East China Sea and its vocal and powerful minority calling for a return to strict Maoism; Japan’s corresponding military build-up and refusal to acknowledge war crimes its soldiers committed before and during WWII; ethnic violence and the upswing in the growth of neo-Nazi groups (both official political parties and grassroots organizations) in Europe… 1,082 more words

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World Defeated The Wrong Enemy


The Greatest Story Never Told:- winner’s write history, Adolf Hitler was actually a vegetarian, animal-lover, an author, an artist, a political activist, economic reformer and nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. 79 more words


In spiraling anti-Semitism row, Labour suspends Livingstone for saying Hitler backed Zionism

Britain’s opposition Labour Party on Thursday suspended a veteran and senior member, Ken Livingstone, after he claimed that Adolf Hitler was initially a supporter of Zionism “before he went mad and ended up killing 6 million Jews,” and charged that for decades in the UK there has been a “well-orchestrated campaign by the Israel lobby to smear anybody who criticizes Israel policy as anti-Semitic.” 1,511 more words

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'Ele Está de Volta': o filme que não saiu pela culatra

“Ele Está de Volta” tinha tudo para ser a) uma brincadeira de mau gosto; b) uma tentativa frustrada de mockumentary ou c) uma sacada genial… 649 more words

Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance is among Names Suggested for Texas School

A Texas school district’s request for the public to help rename an elementary school apparently went super cool when it received several suggestions to honor figures like Adolf Hitler. 302 more words

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Happy 108th Birthday Oskar Schindler

Today is the 108th birthday of a rebel, a saint and a Righteous Gentile:  Oskar Schindler. How do you calculate the number of lives that exist today because he was brave enough to save the lives… 6 more words

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A new book that took decades to research portrays Hitler as a normal guy. That’s a problem for some

The Nazi-era and Adolf Hitler’s devastating rule are among the most extensively researched themes in German historiography. Now a new book, published this week in Berlin, has traced the whereabouts of the world’s most infamous dictator from his birth in 1889 until his death in 1945. 21 more words