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Hitler made known his intentions, regarding the Jews, from the very beginning

A new reader of my blog wrote this in a comment:

One may dispute certain aspects, figures, whatever of the Holocaust in general (for example, how many folks actually died at a camp or via the Einsatzgruppen), but the general reality of an intentional program to eliminate certain groups in a brutal manner is indisputable.

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Reflections on being a dog-owning writer: The first week

I’m writing this one-handed and very slowly because a certain young lady is using my other hand as a pillow. Sure enough, I’ve been up with her since 5:30 and after having a mad play session to use up some of that energy (hers, not mine. 682 more words


Md. Senate President Apologizes for Hitler Comment.

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller has apologized for citing Adolf Hitler while disputing a statement by the state’s governor about the number of tax increases in recent years. 364 more words

Larry Hogan

A Video That Needs To Go Viral

It’s becoming clearer and clearer to all around the globe, that Adolf Hitler was one of the most lied about gentlemen on the face of the planet.  186 more words


My Adoration of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism

A topic that I am going to discuss will literally bring chills to the spines of the spineless fools in this society, but as usual, I could care less who I offend.   631 more words

Jewish Question

Churchill by Roy Jenkins

  The Second World War is primarily what Sir Winston Spencer Churchill is remembered for: so it says something about the scale of his life and achievements beforehand that we don’t get to September 3, 1939 until page 551 in Roy Jenkins’ brilliant, scrupulous biography. 330 more words

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