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Admiring the Mitfords

In September, veteran editor Tina Brown reviewed The Six, a new joint biography — no, not of the half-dozen famous French composers who went by that… 718 more words


Hitler’in karısı çırılçıplak!

“Hitler’in karısı çırılçıplak!” . Detaylar için ziyaret ediniz. http://guncelnets.com/hitlerin-karisi-cirilciplak/

Fidel Was Worse Than Hitler – as anyone but the lefty media knows

Hitler was, without doubt, an utterly evil man who sought to eliminate the entire Jewish race, plus assorted other minorities.  He was also, unfortunately, charismatic and so an otherwise highly educated nation followed him to their doom. 433 more words


"More Nazi than the Nazis"

How can it have taken us so long to get around to the Mitfords? This group of aristocratic English sisters were, in their time, the very personification of useful stoogery. 777 more words

United Kingdom

Hitler, Christianity, and the Third Reich

by Kerry Bolton

THE PLACE OF CHRISTIANITY under National Socialism has been a matter of contention, as with all else connected with that philosophy. Hitler has been damned as the devil incarnate by his Christian opponents, and heralded as a Jesus-like messiah by his Christian proponents. 4,192 more words

Historical Revisionism

Maurizio Cattelan - Him - 2001

This is a repost of an essay I wrote in 2014 whilst at college.

On Friday 5th September, I visited ‘The Human Factor‘ exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, in Southbank, London.

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