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I can't believe you just said that!

I’m sure most all of us dog-child owners consider our dogs, just that, children. So, I can’t be the only one that gets totally offended when a guest comes to my house or approaches one of my furkids and says something a little crazy. 442 more words

Are You Going to Get Another Dog

What makes the question, “Are you going to get another dog,” so terrible when someone is grieving for a pet? To me, it insinuates that a dog can be easily replaced. 819 more words


Bonded Pair: Snohomish Love

Seeking Love Saturdays is in part about finding great homes for canine friends in need. And this one comes close to home for me, close as in proximity. 711 more words


Blog 4 the Change 4 Animals: April 15

Tip for pet and animal bloggers

Please write a post for humane treatment of animals. Why post it tomorrow? Because four times a year, #BtC4animals happens all over the World Wide Web. 153 more words

Animal Welfare

Fosters Save Lives: Robby and Dawnette's Story

Dawnette and I have been dog foster caregivers for the last 5 years here in San Felipe. We have taken in over 14 dogs of all ages. 366 more words

San Felipe

Pandora is the Pet of the Week

Our pet of the week is young and spry and looking for her forever home. Christine Rankin of Texas Humane Heroes joined us in the studio with Pandora.  41 more words


Border collie puppy mill at it again

Sanders Border Collies is a well known border collie kennel in the Greater Lafayette Area, and it is not for good reasons.

Randy Sanders, owner of Sanders Border Collies, has been under the watchful eye of many animal rights organizations, 240 more words