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Why Adoptees Search

One cannot annul the fact that one was given up by one clan and taken in by another; one can only see the consequences of that fact in a new light that illuminates what happened in a healing way.   1,131 more words


The Other Side of The Other Side

There are people that are clearly for adoption, and people that are against it. Those aren’t the people I’m talking about today. It’s the people that are against the people that are against adoption. 1,152 more words



I have always hated labels.  I have noticed that especially in the adoption world, there is a strong desire to label people’s stories, lives, or even their personality as either “happy” or “angry.”  Stories are labeled as either “positive” or” negative.”  This linear way of thinking is limiting to both the teller and the hearers of the story.  898 more words


Why Adoptees Are Outraged Over the Kim Davis Hypocrisy

Kim Davis is the County Clerk from Rowan, Kentucky who has refused to issue same sex marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs. This post is not about same sex marriage or Kim Davis. 537 more words

My Story

Adoptee Speakers; Fatigue is an Occupational Hazard. Impertinence Is Not.

In my public speeches, I often incorporate a photocopy of a memo written by the adoption agency to my parents, where the agency offered me at a discounted and negotiable rate since I am black and had/have special needs (AKA, a “failure to thrive” in adoption lingo). 569 more words