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It was my mother's birthday the other day...

Specifically, the birthday of my mother by birth.  The morning before, I had this thought that there was a birthday I was missing, but I had no idea whose, or even when, just that it was someone’s birthday soon, perhaps that day.  392 more words


Wake Up Texas

By Shadow…

It has been over 10 years, since I, first, became involved in the fight for adoptee rights. All those years ago, I did not realize that what I had gained so easily, was a luxury to other adoptees. 398 more words



Dr. Donna Campbell, a Texas legislator has written a preemptive letter against Texas changing the law that seals an adult adoptee’s original birth certificates away from them.  140 more words


Growing Up Adopted by Kim Dimick

From the earliest time I can remember, I knew I was adopted.  I knew I had another mother and father somewhere out in the world that were not the same people I called Mom and Dad. 891 more words

This I Believe: An Essay by Kayla Medford

I believe that everyone has the right to an identity. In addition, I believe that it is a crucial part of one’s identity to be able to see their family members and pick out the characteristics that are comparable. 882 more words

My Adoptee Journey: A Blog by Roiann Baskin

I am typically a very private person. I’m not a talker. I tend to keep personal experiences to myself unless I feel comfortable enough to share. 1,309 more words