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Stop Using Adoptees For Your Pro Life Ads, Sincerely A Pro Life Adoptee

I am adopted and I am also pro-life unless there is a medical emergency where the mother would die or has a high chance of dying, that’s it and that’s only for early in the pregnancy. 1,119 more words


Most States Are Commiting a Federal Crime

In a previous post I mentioned how biological parents were never granted privacy or anonymity and how original birth certificates are never and have never been sealed for privacy reasons. 288 more words


You can't change the definition of adoptee rights...

I’m exhausted today, so I’m reading pages on Facebook to whittle away the day.  And my wanderings took me to looking at posts with the hashtag #AdopteeRights, one correct, the other one – not so much.. 270 more words


Some adoption history...

It’s been rainy and cold lately, and having nothing to do (or want to do), I’ve gone to The Adoption History Project website to read.  Here are a few short articles I’ve read recently that you may find interesting. 286 more words


Talk about the forever child...

Upfront, I know next to nothing about Nebraska’s adoption laws so feel free to correct my interpretation of how it plays out for an adoptee seeking info.  360 more words


Finding my father

Some people celebrate their 50th birthdays by jumping out of airplanes.

I belatedly marked mine in a similarly adventurous way, minus the parachute and clouds zooming by: Yesterday, I met my natural father. 314 more words


Is adoption a reproductive right?

The writing prompt from this week’s Human Behavior in the Social Environment class for my MSW program instructed us to read the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Family Planning and Reproductive Choice… 840 more words