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Where are the UK adoptees?

Where are the adoptees? Why don’t they write? Why don’t they speak?

I have long wondered why there is not a larger online UK adoptee community. 1,529 more words

Adoptee Voice

Help with finding what you search for?

Okay it all started when a man wrote to me in bad Spanish and asked me to find a woman, the woman was the birth mom of his girlfriend. 158 more words


New Research Recommends Big Changes In Counseling For Expectant Parents Considering Adoption

The Donaldson Adoption Institute has released an important new study by Baylor University advocating substantive improvements to the current ways expectant mothers are counseled about adoption. 895 more words


International Women's Day and Economic Equity in Adoption

Today, International Women’s Day, is meant to highlight the economic power and significance that women have in global economies. I struggle to honor that notion when I consider the astonishing imbalance of power in adoption, especially in terms of domestic infant adoption in the US and of international adoption. 966 more words


I Told Myself I Would Be Real

I never felt known as a child. When people looked at me, I felt they saw the shell but nothing underneath. I became what people wanted to see when they looked at me; in this way, I created the shell of myself that no one could see beyond. 374 more words


Rape, Race, Education: How Justice Failed a Black Adoptee

The judge says it was not a rape case, nor was it about racial bias. While the determination of rape may be legally correct, the case was assuredly about race. 761 more words


Dear Adoption, Now, There is No More Wondering

Dear Adoption, Now, There is No More Wondering

When I was nine years old, my adoptive mother would give me her old Sears catalog, which was so thick, it would take me hours to go through. 1,009 more words