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I Am Black History: Ethiopian Adoptees on Race, Identity, and More

I am Ethiopian, Ethiopian-American, black, African-American, American, and African. I am also an adoptee, an immigrant, and part of the African Diaspora. All these identities and categories have had different impacts in my life. 115 more words


Review: Ghost of Sangju: A Memoir of Reconciliation

Memoirs are tricky business. I have known for a long time that I would never attempt to write a memoir because they are so difficult. They must draw the reader in, excite without being overly melodramatic and yet be approachable so the reader can relate and empathize.  644 more words

International Adoption

Proposal on Common Ground in Adoption: Not Chosen By NCFA/JCICS

I submitted a proposal, “Finding Common Ground in Adoption Policy and Practices,” for the annual NCFA/JCICS conference. It was not chosen. I am disappointed, primarily because the conference participants will not get to hear my insightful, accomplished co-panelists (three transracial adoptees from the US, Colombia, and Ethiopia) speak on a vital topic. 593 more words


Adoption = That's What He Said

My guest author for the day, who would like to remain anonymous, is a friend from Reddit. His comment in our discussion about adopted children reuniting with birth families caught my attention, so I asked permission to repost.   343 more words


Ethiopian Adoptees and Black History Month: A Great Video

Four Ethiopian adoptees have made a thoughtful, provocative video for Black History Month, talking about what it means to be black, Ethiopian, and African, in the US and in Canada. 92 more words


Retour afzender

Als het over adoptie gaat hanteer ik altijd de botte bijl. Toegegeven, ik ben niet echt onder de indruk van terug-naar-mijn-roots-verhalen. Dat is wat ik mezelf jarenlang heb wijsgemaakt. 736 more words