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What makes them come back

I was amused by salmons which came back to where they came from at the end of their lives.
Equally, i am amused by many adoptees that come back to the land where they were born. 102 more words

Alienated from the Adoptee World

So in my brief time researching international adoption, I’ve been reading what I can on the issue, following folks on Twitter who are active in the online conversation and unfollowing a few whose views and attitudes are so completely against anything I can relate to (or have patience for) that I almost find their online presence as being toxic. 953 more words


Another story than a story about me

Karen Askenberger was adopted 1995. She came to Sweden when she was 1 year old. From Cali to the south part of Sweden. There are many families that don’t tell their children about their origins but Karens parents have always told her about where she is from. 213 more words


To be Accepted

Waking up this morning I thought about being accepted. With being adopted I can relate with many adoptees that struggle with rejection issues and have a hard time with being accepted. 218 more words


Meeting Family.

It is August, 1993.  I am 24 years old and I am alone on a plane to California.  I am in the middle of graduate school at Central Michigan University and thankful for the reprieve from studying and the constant wondering that wanders through my head day and night.   770 more words


why the adoptive parent's opinions matter

Everyone has opinions, and when you adopt or foster, you get ideas on how you should raise your kids from every which way.

Birth mothers want to be called “mom,” or “mother,” but you want to refer to her as “birth mom.” Your son would like to call her, “tummy mommy,” but his birth mom wants to be referred to as “Mom.” What do you do? 716 more words


And So It Begins.

Living In the Land of In Between.

Today I was asked to talk about the title of this book.  Of a book that is not yet.   269 more words