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AdopteesOn Podcasts: Listening, Learning, Healing

Sometimes we have stories in us, and don’t realize how much we need to tell them. Or we have the stories bubbling around, but don’t know who to tell, worrying that we might sound foolish, or ungrateful, or angry. 621 more words


Don't Put All Adoptive Parents In One Basket

I am seeing a lot of black and white with something that is very much grey. How adoptive parents are perceived. On one hand you have the adoptees and natural parents who are seeing adoptive parents as all ugly. 1,265 more words

Why You Should Not Use the Term Birthmother: A Lesson I Recently Learned Myself

I myself, being an adoptee, used the words birthfather, birthmother, birthmum, birthmom and thought nothing of it until I was told by first mothers why not to use these words. 373 more words

Adult Adoptees Speaking "Out of the Fog"

How familiar are you with being in the fog or out of the fog, in terms of understanding adoption?

“Out of the Fog” is a new Canadian radio magazine where critical, thoughtful, lived perspectives on adoption are brought to the forefront. 365 more words


Thinking of Fisseha, Thinking of Ethiopia

Two years ago today, Ethiopian adoptee Fisseha Sol Samuel was found to have died by suicide. I am thinking of him and his family, the US and in Ethiopia today. 400 more words


Irish? Ukrainian? You're a Closed Adoptee You Aren't Allowed to Know

In 2012 I had a conversation with leading geneticist Dr. Bennett Greenspan. Dr. Greenspan was on the market for ancestry DNA testing even before ancestry.com with his Family Tree DNA. 695 more words

Happy Family by Tracy Barone

Here is a humorous but gut-wrenching novel about an independent woman’s struggle to become pregnant while coming to terms with her own adoptive and biological parents. 121 more words