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The "A" Word

The “A” Word? What is it, you ask?

Adoption, that’s what it is.

There are so many things in the world that people are passionate about- global warming, women’s rights, LGTBQA issues, religion, the conservation of three-toed sloths, the list goes on and on. 111 more words


Crazy Thursday

Toby is gone for a visit. Mr. Green is visiting a church member. Through the fuzziness of my head cold, I attempt to teach my children their school lessons. 629 more words


A little bit of progress

I made it to step five ahead of 2 of my kits that were ahead of me. They have now made it to 4.5. I am getting little results here and there like the one above. 465 more words


When Should I Tell My Daughter She’s Adopted? — mater mea

Here is the latest installment of my adoption journey.

While some may see looking exactly like your adopted daughter as a blessing, it may complicate the talk about her origins, as Nefertiti Austin writes. 12 more words


Paid Summer Internships for Foster Youth

I received an email from the Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative regarding paid summer internships. Priority is given to current and former foster youth.

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30 Questions All Adoptees Want Answered

This is a very practical list of questions that most adoptees would want to have answered at some or other time during their life, as they try and piece together who they are and how their story unfolded. 495 more words