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Love Crosses Oceans ♡

There are many people who are connected with adoption. First of course the adoptees who are adopted. Secondly the adoption parents who adopt children. Logically there are more adoption parents than adoptees.   180 more words


Reunions; Searching to be Found

A lack of support of children adopted from Romania before, during and after their search journey can end in a traumatic process of confronting the truth for some adoptees. 574 more words

Child Welfare.

Other voices

When I look around at the adoptee bloggers the lack of male voices has always struck me.  I wish there were more male voices, but here are a few you might not know that are worth checking out. 134 more words


Battle Royal: Racism, Football, and an Adoptee in Idaho

In 1952, Ralph Ellison published “Invisible Man,” a classic, highly acclaimed novel. The first chapter, “Battle Royal,” tells of a black boy in his senior year of high school. 1,029 more words


Ask the blogger!

As you might know, I have interviewed some famous celebrities, other bloggers and inspiring women. I asked them five questions about adoption and their interests. 125 more words


ABC Adoption

A is for adoption, a word that I now more often say
B is for biological, still hoping I will find my first family one day… 285 more words


What's all the Fuss about Medical Records? 

If you have read anything about adoption, you know that adoptee access to medical records is a hot topic. I think most people understand that it’s better for adoptees to have access to their family medical history for the obvious reason – to be aware of potential health issues that run through their genetic lines. 325 more words