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A Post-Valentine Post

I’m not sure we know what to do with honesty.  Oh sure, we want truth and we expect people to be trustworthy, but there always seems to be a line.  550 more words


Society’s Perpetual Children: An Introduction to the Adoptee Condition (Part One)

The mismatch in expectations versus reality for adoptees and non-adoptees is obvious. To expand adoption’s relevancy, this ongoing longform series provides a high-level view of adoptees’ current perspectives. 1,306 more words


adopting motherhood

Adoptees talk about birth moms and adoptive moms and make up clever names like “first moms.” Some of the angry ones call them worst moms. 358 more words


Your Opinions Do Not Outweigh My Truths.

I have seen, over and over, that some (including some fogged adoptees) believe that their opinions outweigh my truths.  They aren’t just my truths, but truths for all. 247 more words

Adoption Exposed

Ethiopian Parliament Officially Ends Intercountry Adoptions

May the children in need not be forgotten. May the Ethiopian families get answers about the children they placed for adoption. May adoptees find their truths and their families. 685 more words


Adoptee Writing Workshops

IdentityRites is conducting a series of 5 writing workshops for adult adoptees. This is a reminder to those who have registered, and to let others know there is still room for a couple more participants if you would like to attend. 261 more words


Lack of Medical History Affected my Life

This morning while browsing the internet, I found an insightful article concerning barriers adoptees’ experience due to lack of access to family medical history. When Adoptees Uncover Their Medical History… 319 more words