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Responsibility For Children With Dogs

Each year plenty of families bring a new dog into the home. It is very important to include all family members in the care of a dog and it’s a great opportunity to teach children how to responsibly care for a pet. 475 more words


Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed and mistreated behavior issues. Many veterinarians, pet store workers, and even trainers misdiagnose dogs and provide owners with bad advice that will be counterproductive to True separation anxiety. 500 more words



Too many dogs suffer from the terminal illness of under socialization…

As a trainer I often meet confused dog owner’s stating that they thought they did everything right socializing their young puppy. 693 more words


Games For Kids And Dogs

We love having kids join our training classes a lot of time parents are unsure of how to include their children in their dogs training. This article focuses on games that can keep both your kids and dogs occupied while teaching each other appropriate interactions. 654 more words


​I want to buy/adopt a puppy, so I can raise it how I want to

This is one of the most common and to be honest annoying phrases shelter workers hear, not because we don’t have at least a dozen puppies that need homes but because it shows a major lack of understanding. 833 more words

Sheltered Pets

The joys of having a puppy in an RV

If you follow our blog, you will already know that we adopted a puppy quite by happenstance on National Puppy Day. Tomorrow marks the one week anniversary of bringing this little guy to his new home. 265 more words

A home for a dog...

Well, National Puppy Day was an eventful one! We didn’t even realize that the day we adopted “Chocolate” was also National Puppy Day. But, I’m getting ahead of myself… 506 more words