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The joys of having a puppy in an RV

If you follow our blog, you will already know that we adopted a puppy quite by happenstance on National Puppy Day. Tomorrow marks the one week anniversary of bringing this little guy to his new home. 265 more words

A home for a dog...

Well, National Puppy Day was an eventful one! We didn’t even realize that the day we adopted “Chocolate” was also National Puppy Day. But, I’m getting ahead of myself… 506 more words

bringing up baby: chewbacca's first week home

Fur-motherhood. It is the one goal I have had ever since I started living independently. I wanted a dog. OH my GOODNESS did I want a dog. 869 more words


So, You Want to Adopt a Puppy?

Who wouldn’t want a bundle of fur running around their home?

But, the question is, are you ready? 836 more words

Adopting A Puppy

on adopting a puppy in India

Everything is temporarily magical, until it starts to become real.

I overstayed my welcome by adopting a puppy here. I crossed the unseen bounds; I took one of theirs and she became mine. 781 more words


New Puppy Checklist

Congratulations! Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time for everyone involved. The following list can help you make sure everything is in order when it’s time to bring the new addition into your home. 75 more words

New Year Resolution : Goal updates Jan end

Hey guys,

This is my month end update for my previous vlog where I made some Pinterest inspired new year resolutions for my 2017 . 76 more words

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