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A quote and a couple of good reads with a twist...

I started this post looking for a quote on identity.  A quote that would describe something so fundamental as needing to know your family of origin, the why’s, the who am I, the missing part of who we are.  339 more words


Question to ponder

We are the adopted children of our parents, we (nor them) have any say in that, it’s the legal definition.

We now have a new qualifier being attached to adoptees – we are a first mom’s birth child. 117 more words


Continuing on from: Hey, that’s how I’ve always felt…

Continuing on with the previous (post) about not having the words or the ability to recognise specific challenges that link to being adopted.  But first off for those thinking not everything is related to being adopted, you’re right, it’s not. 1,428 more words


Hey, that's how I've always felt...

Thought for the day:

I can’t tell you how many adoptees start off processing the hard parts of being adopted, once they start talking with and getting to know other adoptees.  267 more words


So, there was this guy on twitter...

Last July, there was a guy on twitter that sparked this post.  And no, not even a few months later am I a fan of naming folks, would rather just talk about the attitude.  592 more words


Why are AP's waiting to tell their child they're adopted?

More and more adoptive parents are openly admitting that they haven’t told their child they are adopted and intend to wait to tell till the child is old enough to understand.   672 more words


End of life conversation

The title sounds incredibly morbid doesn’t it?  It wasn’t, but it was also a conversation mom needed to have, it was also a conversation I didn’t expect to be having on this blog.  733 more words