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Microaggressions and Adoptees

The first time I heard about microagressions in adoption was from ABM on Adoptive Black Mom, this post specifically.  Yesterday, I was skimming through an annual report by Rudd that talked about a study on microaggressions and adoptees.   299 more words


I don't think it's either/or

Two posts I’ve read recently that may be good to discuss, mull on, agree or disagree.  And a third post I go back to time after time, it seems to give good advice for many situations in adoption. 565 more words


From 2012 - Letter to my mother

Dear Mother,

Writing Dear Mother seems so formal, yet I never met you so I can’t call you mom, or even know if you would have wanted to me to call you mom. 1,208 more words


Why is this so hard for some adoptive parents to get?

The question I keep asking myself is how to get some adoptive parents to step outside of their bubble of ‘how beautiful adoption is’ long enough to see the full picture of what adoption can be like for the one adopted over the course of their life.  1,240 more words


Twitter thread


Before you dive in, read the definition of legal fiction that happens in adoption which is pertinent to the thread. 632 more words


Responses to the NYTimes Ethicist

I left a comment on THE ETHICIST post  What if I Don’t Want to See the Child I Gave Up for Adoption? I seldom respond in comment sections as I don’t have the luxury of time to walk away, return, re-read and see obvious errors (not that I ever see them all) – but I strongly disagreed with the response given and left the following comment in response. 473 more words


It’s Time For Change!

By Shadow

I can, so, relate to this Twitter post and thread, make sure you read the comments.  319 more words