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Similar and different...

Dear Adoptive Parents and those waiting to adopt,

I just had a thought on something adoptive parents and adoptees have in common, and it’s something I don’t think people get, but lets back-up and start with the basics.  457 more words


Pity Party for one...

Thankful that Thanksgiving is done, now to just get through Christmas and New Years.  And yes, that all sounds like I’m nothing more than a Grinch singing Bah-Humbug.  404 more words


A What I'm thankful for, What I'm not thankful for related to adoption post...

I’m thankful for having parents who stood up and said no this is wrong when they saw it.  I’m not saying they were perfect, they were strong in what they believed in, strong in speaking their minds.  491 more words


Feeling worthy of being loved...

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I ran across this quote and others by Stephen Chbosky and they spoke to me about adoption feelings, despite not having anything to do with adoption.

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Could it simply be overwhelming feelings...

One of the never-ending conversations adoptive parents have is when the child’s mother of birth cancels, or just doesn’t show for an arranged get-together, despite having promised to be there.   669 more words


A quote and a couple of good reads with a twist...

I started this post looking for a quote on identity.  A quote that would describe something so fundamental as needing to know your family of origin, the why’s, the who am I, the missing part of who we are.  339 more words


Question to ponder

We are the adopted children of our parents, we (nor them) have any say in that, it’s the legal definition.

We now have a new qualifier being attached to adoptees – we are a first mom’s birth child. 117 more words