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The push and pull...

I’ve done lots of thinking during the last few months.  Mostly about family, the good, the bad, and sometimes – downright ugly.  Funny thing happened just now when I typed that last sentence, I imagined some readers making assumptions about what I meant just then, what ‘type’ of adoptee I am, having just written that.  201 more words


Adoptee loyalty...

The feelings of loyalty that I feel (and expect others feel in varying degrees) can play a significant role in how we talk about our adoption experience, both to our parents throughout our lives, and as adults to others.  674 more words


If you didn't read the research, don't comment on it...

I’ve seen the same reasoning below by adopting parents when the topic of suicide and adoptees comes up, so, I thought it was worth posting about.   254 more words


Seeing yourself reflected back...

I’ve talked about seeing yourself reflected back many times over the years.  Today, I’m bringing it up because yesterday I updated the family tree’s (I have one for each parent) with the details of mom passing.  463 more words


Postscript to My Story

After reading a horrible adoption story published in the NY Post written through the lens of the adopting parents, I realized, that I forgot to say how lucky I am in that post to being able to decide when (or not) to share My Story.  368 more words


Just wow...

7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Adopting

“6. The lack of medical information and social history is awkward, embarrassing, and frustrating.”

“Right now, forms are an annoyance.

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I love genealogy.  Most know, I spend as much time as I’m able to, working on any one of my four family trees.  I’m also the keeper of family papers and letters.  199 more words