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7 words of wisdom for the next generation of adopted girls.

Adopted kids have issues.  There’s no escaping yours.  I want to make sure you know, if you ever feel alone in dealing with those issues, I’ve got your back, girl.   148 more words

That Adopted Girl

Embracing Rejection

“Adoption is love not rejection.”

I came across this and couldn’t pass it by.

I understand the sentiment of this quote.

I would bet a million dollars that it was written by a parent. 709 more words

That Adopted Girl

A Birth Mother Shares

There are days when I wonder about C’s birth parents. We only saw their passport photos. Did he get his charming smile and love for music from them? 1,293 more words


The Ugly

There’s the good, the bad, and the ugly in life.

It’s easy to write about the “good”.

I love to share videos and pictures of my children’s accomplishments. 672 more words


Push and Pull

Love is hard.
The part of you that wants love, that needs love the most, is the part that continuously pushes people away. It’s the part that fights with every fiber of it’s split being to crush anybody who comes close enough, who wants to love you. 667 more words

A Day In My Life

#69 "I need a hug"

Recently, I was in a group of adults who were dealing with adoption issues, and one adoptee in his 30’s dejectedly  said, “All I want is to be is normal.  424 more words

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