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When White People Comment on My Transracial Family

I bet that title got your attention a little.  Good. I’m glad you’re here.

Toward the end of a twenty-three hour road trip this summer, I attempted to explain to my daughters M and N that because there are very few people of any color where we were going, we were likely to have more than our usual number of stares and comments.   1,482 more words


#72 Book Pitch #2

Now that I’ve temporarily put my “modesty is a virtue” mantra on the shelf – to be retrieved later of course, I have another scenario I’ve written about…. 348 more words

Adoption Family Life

#71 Book Pitch #1

Being raised that modesty is a virtue, I’ve had a very difficult time with the concept of pitching my books.  I’ve rarely done it.   However, with the… 466 more words

Adoption Family Life

#70 New Book Release

I haven’t been active on this blog in recent months since my energy has gone into finishing up a book.  This book is different from my first three because it involves many people and their personal adoption experiences. 377 more words

Adopted Children

An Ode to a Pediatric Follow Up

Who are we kidding here?  I’m not writing an ode.

But?  We did have a follow-up appointment with Spuds’ pediatrician, and I love her now more than ever.  1,593 more words


Real Parents

Real Parents

When a couple adopts a child, many questions are asked about the child. Questions like where is the child from? How long did it take to adopt? 911 more words

Adoption Issues

Five Things Your Adopted Children Would Like to Tell You Part 1

Hi, thanks for joining me for the Series “Five Things Your Adopted Children Would Like to Tell You”. If you missed the introduction, you can find it… 937 more words