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Nature vs. Nurture

This was a tough one for me to write. Mainly because it is an ongoing thing that is undeniable in nature. It is something that various other family members have been very much against discussing until recently, when a new development occurred with Three. 691 more words


Raising the Hoard

Its been 2 years now since our adoption of Five was finalized. Yes…for those who may have read my previous work, we did it!

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of the “showdown” that never really was. 716 more words


The Home Stretch

written November 2015

This waiting stuff is killing me.

We filed 2 adoption petitions on October 19th, for both Four and Five, and it’s like watching Looney Toons. 116 more words

Adoption & Parenting

Parenting is hard work.

I underestimated how hard parenting is.​

​I love my child dearly and parenting him has turned out to be both more wonderful and more rewarding than I could have ever imagined but also much much harder than I ever thought. 228 more words



We sense a change.

A small change, but a real change and – fingers crossed – a fundamental change. Although of course we could be wrong – we certainly have been before. 529 more words


What the Actual?

​As an adult and in some adult company, I see no problem with Anglo-Saxon vernacular; to me “swear” words are an expressive aid. I have been told that in my company, some of my friends say they swear more than they ever do outside of it, in some cases not at all except with me, and that I swear a lot. 322 more words


What Positives Adoption Has Brought To Our Lives

Of course there are negatives – unexpected worries, stresses and difficulties that we have to deal with everyday, but this blog is just about the positives – which thankfully dominate our lives and put the negatives into perspectives. 345 more words