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Today I was with my mother...

Her husband was outside in the parking lot waiting for us as we pulled in. I recognized him immediately and waved and honked so he knew we’d arrived. 406 more words


Craigslist "adoption" foiled

Have you guys seen this? What are your thoughts on this? You can read about it here.

Basically a women posted an ad on craigslist saying she didn’t think she could take care of her son, who is 3 and was looking for a couple to adopt him. 304 more words

Adoption For Dummies

Mothers Day

Mothers day…. I dislike this day a ton. In my own family ( I have 3 daughters ) I feel like mothers day should be everyday! 1,215 more words


What if I told you....

What if I told you that some of the same people

connected to the¬†introduction of¬†drugs into society that “accidentally” caused infertility

were also involved in the adoption industry… 9 more words


Raw post-reunion emotions....just gut me already

I found my mother on November 22, 2001. A week before that I had found my aunt, cousin, and Father, along with his wife and my 3 1/2 siblings. 1,990 more words


Adoption and Reunion - Family Ripples

A friend of mine had a situation that reminded me that a lot of times we forget that there are a lot more people involved in this adoption mess than just a mother and child. 369 more words

"I Wish I Was Adopted"

TL;DR: No. You don’t.


This came across my twitter feed earlier from a random stranger I follow:

“Oh, lord, this made me laugh. And wish that I was adopted.” It was in reference to a video the person’s brother had put on youtube, featuring him being a dork. 930 more words