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The Story of Elway

I missed National Puppy Day due to travel, but I’m still going to share Elway’s adoption story!

It was April 25, 2015, Anthony and I had talked about wanting a pup together for about a year. 693 more words

My Story

My Conundrum

Hope will graduate in 55 days, and it’s still unclear what will happen after that, other than coming home.

In total, my daughter applied to 5 schools. 947 more words


IVF Update: Next Steps

Sometimes dreams change.

For almost 20 years I was convinced I was called to youth ministry and ordination. My dream was to lead a youth ministry revival, revamping the way we do youth ministry and changing the model of “MYF” to something sustainable and community oriented. 1,403 more words


What Makes an NPE so Upsetting?

Some people out there may be wondering why and NPE would be such difficult news? After all, it doesn’t really change a person. They will still be who they always were, and after all, your life is what you make of it, isn’t it? 485 more words

Time. Stands. Still.

After all this time, it’s amazing to me that time still feels stuck in the place that it was all those years ago. 

Time has stood completely still. 384 more words

Adoption Alliance

Why is Adoption so Special?

Here’s a (long) but one of my favorite articles I’ve done for adoption.org-

Adoption is special. Having a natural family is special too. When a family is created, it’s inherently special and a unique experience for the individuals involved, no matter the means. 51 more words

7 Days of Grace

So – there are 7 days until a significant Grace event will occur.

Day 1 – Sunday (today) – 7 until – We found 7 generations of my birth mother’s family when we went searching for my birth parents. 150 more words