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Hurry up and wait

We are officially in the waiting period. All our tasks are complete and now we just have to be patient, remain positive, and continue praying while waiting for a match. 233 more words


How Does Your Pendulum Swing?

Imagine the scene: a big blue bowl filled with popcorn is placed in front of Elizabeth Ann, who is all of three-years old. Sandwiched between Bill and me on our king-size bed with Disney previews rolling, Elizabeth’s head is angled my way. 3,016 more words

Christian Living

Proactive Medical Genetic Testing with 23 and Me, Invitae and X Code for Life: Part 1 Deciding to Test.

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing analyzes your genes, which are the instructions in your DNA. Your genes help determine your physical traits. It looks for variations in your genes that can potentially lead to disease. 999 more words

Adoption & Genealogy

"Plan A"

Friends, family, strangers – thank you for taking an interest in our adoption journey. We created this blog so that you may be able to keep up with where we are in the process, as well as read about our desire for adoption. 962 more words


Baby steps...

Our embryo “adoption” journey is progressing slowly but maybe even faster than I imagined. I really didn’t know how long it would take to be contacted by anyone or how long the process would take once we connected with a couple. 381 more words


What I Did For Love

“Kiss today goodbye, the sweetness and the sorrow.  Wish me luck, the same to you. But I can’t regret, what I did for love.”  ~song lyric, “What I Did For Love,” … 626 more words


Original Birth Certificate, Please!

Most people have a birth certificate, and it shows their birthparents’ names. Proof of age is very important in so many circumstances. Our children were often required to give a copy of their birth certificate to sport teams, schools, and the DMV! 244 more words