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More and More I Believe Play Trumps Everything

Dear Parent,

Go ahead, call me a broken record.  At nearly 60-years-old, play is not my first or second language.  I have to work at it, and I am still prone to seriousness.   454 more words

Parenting Attachment Challenged Children

What Does Alzheimer's Have to Do With Adoption?

Sometimes I wonder if knowing my medical history is a blessing or a curse.

Watching my dad go through Alzheimer’s disease has made me wonder if I will go that path as well. 603 more words


Talking About Race

“Mommy….” Maria said in that “I have something really important to tell you” tone of voice.

“Yes, honey.” I answered.

“I think the boys pay more attention to my friends because they have white skin and I have brown skin.” 580 more words

Women's Lives

Ted Talk - a good reminder

Words aren’t working for me, so, I’m sharing this Ted Talk.  Great talk.  Take the time, listen.


Bullying harms.

Words hurt.

Being adopted can make you a target. 11 more words


Thoughts on accepting the dynamic with Mom.

I have an aversion to letting people become adoptive parents. The main issue is that the parent side seems to like the idea of the dynamic, but not want to put the work needed to create and sustain it. 745 more words

High Road Parenting

Dear Parents,

Dan Siegel, MD coined the term “high road parenting” in his book Parenting From the Inside Out–one of my favorites for helping parents understand their mission as parents and how to achieve it.   369 more words

Parenting Attachment Challenged Children

Never Underestimate Dysregulation

Dear Parents,

I had a therapy session today with an eleven-year-old boy whose dysregulated state looked just like paranoid schizophrenia.  If his parents were not there to tell me he is not always that way, hands down, I would have misdiagnosed him.   353 more words

Parenting Attachment Challenged Children