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Whew, having two attachment challenged adult children in the house is fun, just like having two 12-year-olds on a mixture of Crack and Downers.  When our kids turn 18 they are adults, right? 460 more words

Parenting Attachment Challenged Children

"Selfish Bastard"...

By TAO I know, I couldn’t have picked a more provocative title if I’d tried.  Last night, while winding down, I read an article 374 more words

Random facts about Melia

  1. What makes you laugh the most? Reruns of Friends and witty people. My brother, Mason, is one of the wittiest people I know, and every time we’re together I laugh a lot.
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Hoping To Adopt

Status of Child Citizenship Act Amendment

Let’s not compromise on this:It seems: Adopted children deserve the same protections as non-adopted children. These protections include safety and legal status. Congress is considering two issues related to the safety and legal status of adopted children: citizenship and re-homing. 606 more words

Adoptive Parents

When YOU Are Abused

Traumatized children can be quite abusive to YOU and other children in your family.  This is one of the more disturbing realities of adopting children who have been abused, neglected and abandoned.   496 more words

Parenting Adopted Children

Feeling Discouraged

I can’t help but feel discouraged about things, especially at this time of night when I have time to think.  I just want to cry my eyes out at the fact that I just met my birth mom and now I might lose her.   237 more words


I just heard from my aunt that my birth mom is going to be airlifted to a hospital in Alabama.  They can help her better there.   159 more words