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That whole Meant To Be thing...

From my understanding this may be part of someone’s faith and I’m not trying to disrespect that, but delve respectfully into how problematic that can be in adoption.  583 more words


Who knew she was adopted.

I often search for quotes on a topic, find one that resonates and then read about the person who said it.  It’s an interesting and enlightening way to learn about people.  357 more words


The Sun Always Rises Tomorrow

This saying is something that used to drive me totally crazy.  Now I can appreciate it with greater clarity.  It is just one of family sayings of my tribe.   523 more words

The Road to Origin

My road began at the beginning of 2006.  I was married to a different man.  My life with him was hard.  My adoptive mother had pushed for many years to search for my biological family.   496 more words

Conversation in a grocery store parking lot...

I just got home from my weekly grocery shop.  When I left the grocery store I was a wee bit grumpy, the cashier wasn’t happy and ensured we all felt it.  511 more words


Thinking Logically Seems Impossible for Attachment Disordered Kids

Dear friends through adoption…

Last week, Bob and I were painting my office. I got all the color chips and showed him the best colors. 274 more words

Adoptive Parents

The Game Changer for My Attachment Disorder

Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of your smoke alarm? Panic, right? Hasten to turn it off, right? 191 more words

Adoptive Parents