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The Long Road to Sentencing For International Adoption Guides: Still Not There

In February 2014, four employees of International Adoption Guides were indicted by the US Department of Justice for bribery, falsification of documents, and more, based on a multiyear investigation of Ethiopian adoptions. 674 more words


Shout Outs to You!

By Samantha McKenzie

It’s Friday. The end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. What better time to give a few special shout outs to the people who are rolling up their sleeves, taking another swipe at getting it right and making a contribution to this world that we live in. 508 more words

Thoughts on Being Average

I hang out in a number of online spaces looking, listening and learning. I’ve tried to capture so much of what I’ve learned on my parenting journey in this space. 981 more words


Co-regulation & Self Regulation

Last Wednesday, I promised to follow up on my three points on Burden Bearing Mothers. Today, I am talking about number one.

Children from hard places CAN’T, Not WON’T bear their own burdens. 878 more words


21 months

Waiting for Baby B to fill this rocking chair Jessica’s grandpa made her for her first birthday.

Waiting Family

Our Next Adventure Begins

Aaron, and I are very excited to start our beginning steps towards adoption.  Even though we are in the very early stages of the process, we wanted to start sharing our story with you all in hopes of making a connection for an open adoption.   13 more words

Hey Black Child....Maya Angelou

This is too adorable to not post! A beautiful message conveyed by a future ambassador ?

Love this:Enjoy


Best wishes

Black Sheep xxx


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