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Finding a community

What has helped me most with my deepest feelings about not just being adopted, but the unintended consequences that have played out in my particular story?  1,243 more words


Getting to Know You- Our Adoption Story in a Nutshell

“A tiny plane blipped across a map of endless ocean at the front of the cabin. I gripped the plush blue arms rests. I battled claustrophobia while my three children, courageous and ready for this overseas adventure, raided the snack cart every time it squeezed past.   1,408 more words


Does Child Welfare Not Work Because it is Too Expensive?

This week the US Department of Agriculture came out with an estimate that it costs more than $233,000 to raise a child to the age of 17, not including the cost of college.   510 more words

They're here

And, just two short weeks later we are here waiting for your family to arrive.

I’m filled with a mix of emotions. Did I make the… 127 more words


Race Issues in Adoption-Part 1

I recently had the pleasure of doing a long form interview with TraumaMamaDrama! I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk about these race, adoption and parenting with her. 13 more words


Triggers, Triggers Everywhere

Hope’s life is a filled with trigger land mines. I’ve learned where most of them are; every now and then a new one will pop up. 1,179 more words


Dear Adoption, Thanks to You, I Am a Dead Girl Walking

Dead Adoption, Thanks to You, I am a Dead Girl Walking

One of the scariest things about adoption is that many adoptees don’t really know their history. 1,903 more words