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A Little Embrace Makes the Biggest Impact – Children Are Our Most Precious Gift

We live in a world where material goods dictate how successful our lives may become. Sure, money buys most things, but it is important to realize that it does not buy the things that matter most. 214 more words


Young Royals fan enjoys ice cream, but gets it mostly on his face

Money doesn’t buy happiness? Hooey. Money buys jet skis. Money also buys ice cream at a ballpark, which you can eat. Just try to frown while doing either of those things. 66 more words


10-year-old Ohio State fan asked heartwarming question to Michigan doctors

Ohio State fandom is a serious thing, and for 10-year-old Ivan Applin, he didn’t want to compromise that fandom when pediatric surgeons at the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital (part of the University of Michigan Health System) were going to perform a surgery to try and correct a congenital heart defect in him. 159 more words


Cute kid who hugged Jim Harbaugh wins lifetime supply of milk

You might remember Brady Carpenter as the adorable 6-year-old kid who asked Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh “How much milk do I have to drink to be big enough to be quarterback?” 160 more words


Kyle Busch's 2-month-old son continues to be perturbed by his father's postrace celebrations

This picture! I guess one day we can't yell at Brex for eating things off the ground when we are kissing bricks! pic.twitter.com/YtT3ikaPaX

— Samantha Busch (@SamanthaBusch) …

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WATCH: Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Offered A Contract To The Most Adorable Tough Enough Hopeful

Steph and I are pleased to announce the newest WWE Superstar, Elijah! He will sign his contract at #Raw in San Jose! https://t.co/f8Vsgmpfft

— Triple H (@TripleH) …

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