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Nationals' Max Scherzer was sent a book drawn by young fan teaching him how to hit homers

A young Max Scherzer fan must have known the Washington Nationals pitcher has hit exactly zero home runs in 170 career at-bats (to be fair he’s pitched in the National League for just four total seasons). 65 more words


Jason Day's son is even more adorable when smacking a golf ball

Jason Day’s son Dash was always going to be a golfer, but I had no idea he idea he was also going to be a color commentary man as well. 79 more words


A Dad Tries To Scare His Sleeping Son As Darth Vader And Fails Miserably

Look, the thing about kids is that they really do the darnedest things. A child’s developing mind works a lot differently than an adult’s mind and is still in a phase where they are exploring their boundaries and relationships with the world. 209 more words


This adorable, tiny soccer player stopped to hug his brother during a game

Sometimes you need to keep your head in the game, but sometimes, you need to hug your brother. This kid knows the difference. He followed his heart.


Columbus Crew SC shares the greatest Take Your Child to Work Day photo

Thursday is National Take Your Child to Work Day, and all around the country people are vaguely uncomfortable in their break rooms as little toddlers run around their feet as they’re trying to heat up their lunch and go back to their desks. 98 more words


Tiny little soccer player is a very good little soccer player

This video is kicking around the internet today, and I have no idea who this small person is.

But this small person is very good at soccer. 51 more words


Dexter Fowler's young daughter watching him on TV is the cutest thing in baseball this week

One of the most adorable moments in baseball happened far away from the diamond this week:

I can't get enough 😂 pic.twitter.com/NLSBZ3P1wT

— Darya Aliya Fowler (@DaryaAliya) …

84 more words