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Adorable 5 year old Gives her Opinion on Same Sex Marriage (Video)

Video footage of an adorable 5-year-old’s outspoken support for same-sex marriage is making the blogosphere rounds.

As she twirls in a “Frozen” dress, Ruby Corry explains that she’s going to make a placard with the message, “Two boys can get married, two girls can get married: love is love” ahead of…

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World's Most Hip Toddler Asks, 'Do You Hear That Bass, Mom?'

This girl is “going back to Cali,” and she’s taking all of her sweet moves with her. Just look at that record scratching, you guys. Spot on. 22 more words

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This Baby Executing A Perfect One-Hand Egg Crack Will Make You Feel Bad About Your Own Culinary Skills

This father recorded his 16-month-old daughter flawlessly cracking an egg with one hand and getting it into the bowl without any pieces of shell. According to the… 113 more words

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These Giggling Young Kids Have No Idea What To Make Of Two Humping Raccoons

Some things the raccoons in this video are NOT doing are “wrestling,” “farting,” or “performing the Heimlich maneuver.” But that’s why kids are so great. Kids don’t know what humping is, and watching raccoons hump is still the upper echelon of humor for the young, innocent mind. 37 more words

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Check Out The Adorable Letter A Hockey Player's 11-Year-Old Daughter Sent To The Minnesota Wild

The NHL’s trade deadline has come and gone; some teams improved with hopes to make a Stanley Cup run while others planned for the future by trading away veterans for prospects. 115 more words


Marylaine Viernes for the Baby Company Safari Adventure Event!

Marylaine Viernes put on her best safari garb for the third day of Baby Company Grand Baby Fair Year 5 festivities!

Feeling the bliss and the blessing of being the emcee for the third consecutive year now, Marylaine Viernes is proud to be part of the 3rd and most successful day of the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair Year 5, the most anticipated event for parents and the little ones! 112 more words

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All Of This Year's Oscar Nominees For Best Picture Reenacted By Adorable Children

No matter what your taste in movies, I think we can all agree that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (aka The Oscar People) needs to be taken down a notch when it comes to movie snobbery. 71 more words