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Injured Pt.2 (Newt X Reader)

Part 2

 You open your eyes, your vision blurred from sleep. The events of what happened to you comes to mind and you quickly sit up, heart racing. 682 more words


Beam Me Up!

It’s a shame I haven’t been taking advantage of the unusually warm weather we’ve had this February to take more squirrel photos… but at least I have such a voluminous archive… 155 more words


TGIF Here's A Little #Puppy #Love For You All

Made me #smile! Have a good #weekend everyone!
#dog #dogs #doglovers

Two litters, all 3 days old

Sia’s babies (damn her and her huge nest, I keep thinking her babies are gone!!)

Sia’s bubs had recently been fed – lovely milk bands on display! 9 more words


Fact of the Day

Fact of the Day #7

Did you know that squirrels plant thousands of new trees each year simply by forgetting where they put their acorns?

The adventures of Harley and Snickers

Once upon a time in a bedroom right down the hall lived two very strange little blue space bugs. Their names are Harland and Snickersnackel, better known as Harley and Snickers. 709 more words