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Reverse Engineering Social Media

Reverse Engineering Social Media: Software, Culture, and Political Economy in New Media Capitalism

by Robert Gehl

Temple University Press, 2014

Annotation Summary for: Gehl – Reverse Engineering Social Media_ Software, Culture, and Political Economy in New Media Capitalism-Temple University Press (2014) 4,759 more words


Adorno Considers a Career Change: The Curious Relationship between Theodor Adorno and Virgil Thomson (Conclusion)

Historians labor under the burden of knowing what those they study couldn’t have known: how things turned out. In the spring of 1941 Adorno couldn’t be sure that he would join Horkheimer in California (Marcuse, after all, was already there). 4,364 more words

There is No Solution

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If we imagine human beings as we do ants, if we imagine that it is the strength of the community that matters, the individual is an insignificant, replaceable foot soldier—we can easily see the value of the ancient Greek and Roman idea that it would be better for an individual to die to be killed—than to do something dishonorable or unpatriotic. 1,527 more words


Theodor Adorno, Dagobert Runes, and the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism: The Curious Relationship of Theodor Adorno and Virgil Thomson (Part III)

On Saturday, November 15, 1941, Theodor Adorno began his journey westward to join Max Horkheimer in Los Angeles and begin the collaboration that would produce… 2,635 more words

“..Our … identity is a repository of the traces of our lost objects” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK, Introduction to Adorno’s “In Search of Wagner” http://ift.tt/1EHDygQ