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Imagination and Evaluation in History: Spengler and Adorno

Oswald Spengler: “Once again, therefore, there was an act like the act of Copernicus to be accomplished, an act of emancipation from the evident present in the name of infinity. 976 more words


About Hope (and Being a Collective)

Triviality is evil – triviality, that is, in the form of consciousness and mind that adapts itself to the world as it is, that obeys the principle of inertia.

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As Terence McKenna said in this interview, “Culture is not your friend.”

I know, I know. How can I have a go at culture? What’s culture ever done to hurt me? 492 more words

Democracy after Trump

In 1951—  while in deep introspection to the grotesque horrors of the Holocaust — Theordor Adorno stated that “there can no longer be poetry after Auschwitz” (Adorno 1952) and I cannot state or make any assertions to the efficacy of such a proclamation, but the sentiment in both its time-locked historicity and through presentism should not be lost or subsumed into the bulwarking arrogance of the 21st century.  1,824 more words


Towards an architecture without the AIA

Continued from my previous post.

…we are confronted with a situation in which art no longer has a political, emancipatory function, but is rather just one more “pop” in an all pervasive pop-culture, what Debord calls the “society of the spectacle”.

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Fascism in Reverse: Intro Part II

The Frankfurt School philosopher Theodor Adorno is perhaps most famous for this astonishing quote, “Fascism is psychoanalysis in reverse.” In addition to being a witty, if cynical, nutshell of his philosophy in… 657 more words

mourning becomes utopia

In this fresh hell, InterCcECT stands by our founding project, the pursuit of abstraction as both explanation for existing situations and inspiration for new situations, and we stand for the thinkers, makers, doers, survivors, gatherers who have lived other hells and will fight this one too.   69 more words

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