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The practical orders of life, while purporting to benefit man, serve in a profit economy to stunt human qualities, and the further they spread the more they sever everything tender. 34 more words


Historical Materialism is "Historicity without History" but it is not, therefore, Genealogy

Historical materialism is historicity without history. And yet it is by no means genealogy. Of course, isnofar as it is historicity without history — which is the historicity of politics as permanent excess — historical materialism as a historiographical textuality is bound to have a genealogical form. 281 more words


Fr. 661

We earlier asked whether it was possible to take seriously the findings of cognitive science without explaining away or otherwise diminishing them. In this instance, the question is more precisely whether we can admit all that is right in Carruthers’ position and yet still improve upon it. 548 more words


Toward a Negative Anthropology

Dennis Johannssen has provided a good overview of the notion of negative anthropology in Adorno and Horkheimer:

From its inception, the Frankfurt School was sceptical of the new momentum anthropological thought gained during the Weimar Republic. 191 more words


Hating Adorno (A Brief Compendium of Nasty Comments)

Shortly after delivering his inaugural lecture as Privatdozent in philosophy at Frankfurt in 1931, Theodor Adorno confessed to his onetime mentor and sometime friend Siegfried Kracauer “I am not entirely clear about what it was that so upset people about it.” 826 more words