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In artworks, form is aesthetic insofar as it is an objective determination. Its locus is precisely where the work frees itself from being simply a product of subjectivity. – Theodor Adorno,  Aesthetic Theory pg. 142

Konstens motstånd – Carin Franzén


Jag antar att konstens motstånd kan tänkas på två övergripande sätt. Förstå det som en skiss.

Dels utifrån och då ser jag framför mig konstens relation till politisk makt och social ordning, och för att reflektera kring den relationen tror jag att det är helt nödvändigt med ett perspektiv som ger konsten en historia utan att tillskriva den en teleologisk eller på något annat vis nödvändig utveckling. 1,640 more words

Vaporwave: The "Future of Music" as a Future of Postmodernism (Belinda Zoller)

“Serious music, for comparative purposes , may be thus characterized: Every detail derives its musical sense from the concrete totality of the piece which, in turn, consists of the life relationship of the details and never of a mere enforcement of a musical theme.” 930 more words

The Jargon of Authenticity – Positive Psychology and Ideology

The following  is an earlier version of an essay that first appeared here. For those who are interested, it repeats and expands upon certain recent themes of mine, mainly regarding the political and ideological implications of certain psychology trends. 2,788 more words


the naysayers

The Naysayers: Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, and the Critique of Pop Culture (alex ross)

The New Yorker, September 15, 2014

In Jonathan Franzen’s 2001 novel, “The Corrections,” a disgraced academic named Chip Lambert, who has abandoned Marxist theory in favor of screenwriting, goes to the Strand Bookstore, in downtown Manhattan, to sell off his library of dialectical tomes. 4,734 more words


Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy as a frame.

Building upon the last post, the way that I plan to argue that revisiting the work of Adorno, Lefebvre etc. can help develop the critique of political economy as a critical social theory is by criticizing the Anglophone reception of critical theory and the critique of political economy. 225 more words


free writing fight and flighting response

Our problems are given agency, as if they are somehow ghosts that haunt us… the human mind has been so tortured, so fucked, allowed too much time to sit in it’s own shit. 1,038 more words