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Trying to say the th thing i can’T say can’t think
The c(h)at // The video
not available in my country in your country
You’re not my country this is not my tongue in my mouth… 746 more words


Gypsy Disco: A Depressing Caricature of Counter Cultural Movements

“If it guarantees them even the most fleeting gratification they desire a deception, which is nonetheless transparent to them. Without admitting it they sense that their lives would be completely intolerable as soon as they no longer clung to satisfactions, which are none at all” 2,326 more words


HMNY Paper

I believe a recording of the panel on Adorno’s Marxism was made, which I will circulate when it is available. In the meantime, here is the text of my speech, typos and all: 3,835 more words


Unbottled Manuscripts: On the Curious Relationship of Theodor Adorno and Virgil Thomson

At first glance, the American composer Virgil Thomson would seem an unlikely recipient of what may be the only surviving copy of Theodor Adorno’s revised translation of the… 5,488 more words

Choosing My Battles: National Poetry Month, Day 22

This morning I opened the door to a man whose name I did not know. I met him a week ago when he & someone else brought a twin-sized mattress + box spring, bed frame & headboard into my home and proceeded to put it together. 351 more words

"Music in the Background"

I run on music, sometimes it’s the beat sometimes it’s the lyrics but it’s always music that helps me go on especially during my long runs.  145 more words


Adorno- Mass Deception

Adorno was interested in the study of cultural industry and those sectors that helped create and distribute mass cultural products. According to lecture these mass cultural products were seen in radio, TV, music, magazines and were produced as a never-ending supply of mass-produced standardized commodities. 396 more words