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the text, the work of art, the piece is more than our explanations of it, more than the ideas it supposedly conveys. indeed, were that not the case, artworks would more closely resemble the products of philosophers and essayists, though, of course, philosophers and essayists practice an art form, too. 232 more words


Durcheinander der Revolution. Umsturz als Transformation und Konstruktion

Von Bini Adamczak (2018)

Die Revolution, die eine gute Zukunft realisieren will, entstammt einer schlechten Gegenwart, die sie überwinden will. Ohne die gefrorene Gewalt dieser vorrevolutionären Strukturen lässt sich die entfesselte der revolutionären Bewegung nicht verstehen. 2,916 more words


Daulton Dickey's Flesh Made World: A Review and Analysis

There’s something deeply unsettling about a weird fiction writer (for lack of an appropriately defined label) who takes his or her own work seriously. Daulton Dickey is one of these writers. 1,349 more words

Hans-Jürgen Krahl (1943-1970)

Dave Mesing | Hans-Jürgen Krahl, For and Against Critical Theory: Introduction

For Anglophone readers, Hans-Jürgen Krahl’s name is most distinctive as a marker for a possible alternative path within the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research. 644 more words


Lacan at his best: The "arid era of scientism" and its relation to mass culture

A quote from Jacques Lacan’s Écrits, from the essay “The Function and Field of Speech and Language in Psychoanalysis: 

The list of disciplines Freud considered important sister sciences for an ideal Department of Psychoanalysis is well known. 1,871 more words

Week 9: Needs = Identity

photo by Joy Stamp on Unsplash

In The Authoritarian Personality, Adorno writes that “the forces of personality are primarily needs.” I think this idea appeals to even common sense. 426 more words


The Characteristics of Propaganda

The Characteristics of Propaganda

Megan S. Ward

Hodges University – Professor Arthur McElroy

Media and Propaganda

For centuries, media has been a means of unifying a nation with hidden or subtle propaganda. 1,289 more words