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Some brief notes on psychoanalytical theories and the pattern of fascist propaganda (Adapted from the original works of T. W. Adorno, L. Lowenthal & N. Guterman)

The brief notes below set to demonstrate the interrelationship of the Frankfurt critique of mass culture and the theory of fascism. Adorno was to call both the mass-culture industry and fascist propaganda “psychoanalysis in reverse.” 1,208 more words


What is Orthodox Critical Theory?

by Fabian Freyenhagen / [pdf]

In 1919, Lukács posed the question, “What is orthodox Marxism?” Even for Lukács, there was an undertone of irony: if by orthodoxy we mean devoutness, then “the most appropriate answer a pitying smile.” But Lukács also points out that the question can be understood and asked in such a way that it invites or even requires a different kind of answer. 5,181 more words



The thought of Theodore Adorno, described by Alain de Botton for The School of Life. Animation by Wonky Films.

Learn more about the Frankfurt School… 46 more words


Marx's Influence on the Early Frankfurt School

by Chad Kautzer

The early Frankfurt School’s theoretical tendency is best described as Western Marxism, while its institutional origin was the Institute of Social Research (I… 140 more words


Gareth Polmeer Lectures

‘Those who know they are deep strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem deep to the crowd strive for obscurity’ – Nietzsche

Adorno: 56 more words

Rhys and Adorno: How Do They Compare?

How does the style of Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys compare to Adorno’s “spiders’ web” writing style, “loose and irresponsible formulation” and the use of “vague expression” he praises in… 618 more words

7 signs your thesis may be imminently due

You have run out of hand soap and are now using shampoo instead.

You envy people in prison because at least they get to sleep. 61 more words