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Tabrakan Budaya

Saya ingat, ketika pertama kali masuk area, yang terpikirkan adalah tabrakan budaya. Saya datang dengan kepala yang berisi konsep-konsep gaya hidup dari mazhab tertentu. Saya menulis skripsi mengenai gaya hidup, tapi dengan perspektif neo-marxism. 351 more words


From "The Poetry of Thought", George Steiner

We do speak about music. The verbal analysis of a musical score can, to a certain extent, elucidate its formal structure, its technical components and instrumentation. 144 more words

All Art Is Quite Useless

Were I laid on Greenland's Coast *

C’è una linea di pensieri, varcata la quale uno diventa appieno il soldatino di Adorno(1). Da lì in avanti solitario; perduto; in una terra di nessuno di cui  l’orizzonte è chiaro, ma non il tempo che occorre per raggiungerlo; né dove stia l’inciampo tra l’alfa e l’omega. 121 more words

Voce Dal Sen Fuggita

"Racket," "Monopoly," and the Dialectic of Enlightenment

What follows is my contribution (with a few minor corrections and additions) to a discussion organized by Todd Cronan on nonsite.org of Max Horkheimer’s 1943 manuscript “On the Sociology of Class Relations.”  I am much indebted to Todd for transcribing the original English version of a text that was previously available only in an edited German version in volume 12 of Horkheimer’s  5,075 more words

Black Box

The article of mine on the Domination of Nature has just been published alongside other luminaries in the first issue of Black Box.


The Prison of Thought

This is an expanded version of a post I wrote on medium.com, a shared platform for bloggers.

I came to realize, as I began to understand capitalism, that money is a kind of prison. 578 more words

Money matters in Art

I remember this quote, and the revelation it laid bare, from when I long ago read it first.

It has stayed with me, in a half-remembered way, and I had previously tried unsuccessfully to locate it. 69 more words