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Notes on Adorno and The Culture Industry

Karl Marx said, ‘Religion is the Opium of the Masses’. Theodore Adorno, 20th centuary philosopher and film theorist, has arrived at an understanding, that ‘Mass Media is the Opium of the Masses’. 1,805 more words


HORROR - An Amateur's introduction


To those of you undertaking cultural and/or sociological studies, you’ve probably had Adorno and Horkheimer’s The Dialectic of Enlightenment forcibly hurled in your direction. 1,643 more words


Dan Hodges, lost in reality

Dan Hodges – formerly of the Telegraph, now at the Mail on Sunday, but always, from the very first instant, predestined for Hell – is not the most vicious man in British comment journalism. 1,633 more words

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From the Frankfurt School to Value-Form Analysis (Reichelt)

The preoccupation with problems of capital-analysis began relatively early. We wanted to know in the first place what ‘reification’ (Verdinglichung) really is. At that time in the mid-sixties we systematically plagued Horkheimer with these things. 2,000 more words


Translation of Horkheimer's 1970 interview with DER SPIEGEL

The original can be retrieved here .


DER SPIEGEL interviews the philosopher Max Horkheimer

SPIEGEL: Herr Professor, you and your friend Adorno were the founders of Critical Theory, which for years has been considered to be the philosophy of Germany’s revolutionary youth.

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Critical Theory

Dialectic of Pokémon Go: A Metacritique

For R.M. and W.J.

One of the most important and striking statements in Theodor Adorno’s Minima Moralia comes early on. In aphorism 7, he writes: “Those who are at a distance are as entangled as those who are actively engaged […] That is why every impulse towards self-withdrawal bears the marks of what is negated.” Those who denounce Adorno as an elitist, a snob who sneered at the America which provided him shelter from Nazism, neglect this aspect of his work. 1,602 more words


We are all castrated, but only Tony Blair is castrated by a Nicolas Cage film

It is not because they turn their back on washed-out existence that escape-films are so repugnant, but because they do not do so energetically enough, because they are themselves just as washed-out, because the satisfactions they fake coincide with the ignominy of reality, of denial.

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