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Thoughts on Slacker

I found the movie Slacker to be fascinating. I loved how the characters and the plot were constantly moving. When the movie began, the guy in the taxi was describing his dreams about the possibility of a multitude of alternate realities. 622 more words

Show Me.

Adorno’s marriage to the idea that whole series of closed systems are doomed to fail due to the inherent illusion that must take place in order for a closed system to exist is pounded out in a pointed and often contradictory fashion, if not convoluted. 771 more words

Reading Reflection #2 Adorno - The Sociology of Knowledge and Its Consciousness

In this section of Theodor W. Adorno’s “The sociology of knowledge and its Consciousness “, Adorno criticizes the approach used by Mannheim to solve the central problem of specifically identifying the connections between consciousness or cognition and social structures. 349 more words

Reading Reflections

Adorno, Slackers and Language Exchange

In both the excerpt from Adorno and the film Slackers, the idea of language as a commodity is explored and how valuable it actually is. Adorno writes “A word is seldom banal on it’s own…the most abominable cliches are combinations words…utterly and completely, for better or for worse, implemented and effected,” (85). 631 more words

Session report: Adorno

As I mentioned a while back, I’m auditing a class on Adorno. Following the first two class sessions on his interests and influences, session three went deep into his theoretical labors with the essay on “Subject and Object” and chunks of… 1,263 more words

A block on dialectics

Mistakes and forgetfulness happen all the time. But sometimes a metal screw-cap lodges right in the part of my brain that would allow me to coherently appreciate and practice something simple, like playing Tetris, organizing laundry, or making small talk. 534 more words

Getting Academic

Kitsch & Gratification

Kitsch offers instantaneous emotional gratification without intellectual effort, without the requirement of distance, without sublimination. It usually presents no difficulties in interpretation and has absolutely nothing to do with an aesthetics of negativity.

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