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Mark Fisher and the fading of the left

Inevitably, on the occasion of Mark Fisher’s death, my attention has been drawn back to the seminal essay he wrote in 2013, ‘Exiting the Vampire Castle… 1,058 more words


Both tried to gain authority over their audiences by a two-stage rhetorical process – first, professing their own weakness and thus identifying with the weak recipients of that message; second, stressing their status as one of the chosen few whom their listeners could join if they would only submit to their authority.

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The Grotesque and The Beautiful In Faithful Art

I just wrote a rather theological blog for Sputnikmagazine about the beautiful and the grotesque in art.

You can read it HERE.

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The Making and the Marketing of the Philosophische Fragmente: A Note on the Early History of the Dialectic of Enlightenment (Part I)

Readers of this blog are likely aware that, three years before its publication by Querido
Verlag in 1947 , a preliminary version of Dialectic of Enlightenment… 4,459 more words

Armageddon Obsession

Years back, at DisInfoCon (I’ll try to find the link later and stick it here), Grant Morrison, comic-book writer, ritual magician and Glaswegian, mourned what he considered the western youth’s slide into what he deemed “apocalypse culture.” It’s an interesting cultural development; this is perhaps the first time in history that a vast amount of our consumable entertainment media has been based in worlds which appear to be ruined versions of our own. 720 more words



Adorno coined the term ‘identitarianism’ in Negative Dialectics (1966), prompted by critique of Kantian and Hegelian philosophies. 222 more words


Transcendence in Mass Culture

The tremor lives off the excess power which technology as a whole, along with the capital that stands behind it, exercises over every individual thing.  This is what transcendence is in mass culture.   285 more words

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