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Why you should never read Hideo Yokoyama

I will try to be as tautological as Yokoyama. Like Yokoyama I will carry on and on about the same things till you know the torture of reading… 1,568 more words

Book Review

The Faux Patriot Phenomenon

by Guy Walker

On a dank fetid afternoon in the middle of August, as the sweltering torridity encouraged record-breaking fires to spread even further across the American frontier, Donald Trump emerged for a group of journalists, their questions frantic, as if each one were trying to clammer over the another. 2,047 more words

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The Lorax: Ideology & the dream of escape

I know: The Lorax (dir. Chris Renauld/Kyle Balda, 2012) is a kids’ film, based on a childrens’ book. It’s a fable, with a positive message, a moral whose truth we all benefit from hearing, kids and adults: nature is good, we mustn’t destroy it with destructive self-interest or the pursuit of profit. 953 more words


The Political Art of Bob Dylan

The Political Art of Bob Dylan
Edited by David Boucher & Gary Browning
Imprint Academic – £14.95/$29.90

Everything he does is expression, eruption, explosion. This is the hottest crater of a volcanic epoch, spewing out the lava of its visions in unpredictable bursts with irresistible power, in the relentless swell of the inner fire. 615 more words


I: Snapple Fictions

Snapple Fictions: Narratives Between Fact and Belief

John Genz

You must be thirsty. For this or whatever reason, you’re about to drink a Snapple. You pop it open and, automatically, you check the back of the cap. 3,381 more words


The Positivist Dispute in German Sociology

Introduction (David Frisby)

1. What is Positivism and what is scientism

  • Habermas criticises Comte’s usage of “positive” to set methodological rules in social sciences (pxi): 1)sense certainty, 2) methodical certainty, 3) knowledge is guaranteed only by theories that allow the deduction of ladylike hypotheses, 4) rationalist principles, 5) knowledge is unfinished and relative…
  • 999 more words
Book Notes

Positivism VS. Critical research

Adorno’s Critique about the three fundamental assumptions of positivism:

1) 反驳:实证主义代表客观的科学有效性:







有些命题无法验证(e.g. 弗洛伊德解读社会反抗的行为)

有些社会理论的意义不需要被验证(e.g. Jazz中体现的主体意义)