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I'll Keep Running

Is this what addiction feels like?

It’s been three days.

But my body hungers for it as though it’s been years.

I dig my bitten fingernails into my knees to stop it from its slight twitch. 191 more words

Shelved Stories

Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool (With Jason's Family)

Ola! 2017 has been really very good to me. Even if it’s still the first month of the year, I’m already having lots of fun. Not mentioning my week long of sore throat and asthma, it’s still great! 847 more words

Life Of A Monster

Chapter 17. Find the magic in life. And live it to the fullest.

Guys, if you like music festivals and you want to spend a nice week after Christmas, you can’t miss Woodford Folk Festival. There is always something going on, for adults, for kids, for singers, for listeners, for dancers, for yoga lovers, for you, and for me, and for them and for us… Always. 1,325 more words


9 Things To Remember When Canyoneering

Wander with S and jump for joy!

It was something I totally not have thought of doing until I saw videos and blogs of it. Surely, Canyoneering is a dreadful thought if you are afraid of heights and always veering away from dangerous stunts. 1,540 more words

Wanders & Wonders


My first fiancé, Chris, was just as open-minded a person as I am. I can honestly say that when we first met, he was probably only slightly kinkier than I was. 2,838 more words


Throwback: South Cebu Adventures Day 1

Last November 27, 2015 I experienced my first airplane ride. Naturally, I was exhilarated but a little bit nervous at the same time, but I will get to that on another piece. 1,167 more words