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Driving in Nigeria

Well, my experience of driving in Nigeria can kind of be described as organised chaos. Many rules of the that road I’m used to don’t apply over here. 163 more words

Knitting Adrenaline

Knitting is touted as a stress reliever, but I get an adrenaline rush from knitting! Is that weird? Yeah. I agree, it is. I call it knitting adrenaline. 190 more words


Experiencing the Rock Wall

Running, swimming and cardio routines are all ways to stay in shape but rock climbing is a way to exercise all parts of the body, says CMU student. 22 more words


Found at Go Zorbing

Location: Go Zorbing – Whyteleafe, Surrey.

Looking for an exciting and exhilarating experience that might possibly border on insane? Then look no further. Originating from the beautiful, green hills of New Zealand is the fun filled concept of Zorbing. 462 more words



People say, “do one thing that scares you every day.”
I say, “Does it really have to be everyday? I mean, once in a while should be more than enough. 875 more words


Did You Know Synchronized Skydiving Is A Thing?!

Synchronized skydiving…it’s a thing! Who knew!? Oh, and it’s magical.

For thrill seekers, skydiving is really the ultimate adrenaline rush. I’ve done it three times now, and I think each time, I fall in love with it more. 150 more words


We got ours on: Adrenaline Rush

Arriving at the lovely Harewood House we got out of the car into a Baltic wind. Unfortunately we were going to be stuck in this cold for over an hour before our wave time. 891 more words

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