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Travelogue – Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

A perfect holiday destination for those who are looking to get some relief from the scorching heat, Manali doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to exploring its serene beauty. 418 more words

Chapter 29: Boreen Point to Bundaberg. Diving, turtles and beautiful beaches.

Full offgreat energy after spending a week with our tribe we were ready to move again, but before we did, Tracey got a good work out with some bad weather. 1,091 more words

What Are We Up To?


My heart is beating fast. This is the first time in a long time that I felt this way again. Right now, all the episodes of my life where adrenaline got the best of me flashes back, as if I am living it all again. 730 more words

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Skydive Australia

Call me a weirdo, but I’ve always wanted to jump out of a plane.

It’s one of those experiences that you can never even attempt to imagine what it will feel like until you’re up there. 690 more words

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How To Be Single: Blog 1

I started my year with paragliding. There’s a paragliding site in Carmona, Cavite and the experience is awesome!!! (Don’t do this if you’re extremely afraid of heights.) 681 more words


Falling Freely In The Heart Of Scotland

I have always been thrilled by ‘The Science of Risk’, so I seek out ways for that adventure hormone to rush in my adrenal glands. Although I have enjoyed many daring activities in past like bungee jump, flying fox, white water rafting, camping in jungles, trekking on Himalayas, para sailing, para gliding and the biggest adventure of my life – quasi-arranged marriage (a marriage concept prevalent in parts of Asia when one decides to marry the individual selected by her/his parents) which turned out to be one best risk I took as I found an amazing partner. 1,141 more words

I Hate Running!

Another quick blog.  If you read grammatical or spelling errors, shut yo’ pie hole!  I don’t want hear it.  Just read and enjoy.

I hate running (roll credits).  616 more words

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