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The Hidden Hour, Gurugram

In the age of mobile phones and laptops, when people prefer staying indoors rather than venture outside, Hidden Hour comes as a source of relief for the ones who loved playing with their family/friends outside. 276 more words

Two grown up kids and a van - Day 11 & Day 12

Day 11 – Wednesday 10th May 2017 & Day 12 – Thursday 11th May 2017
6 Flags Magic Mountain CA

Roller coasters, roller coasters and more roller coasters! 261 more words


Chapter 22. Tasmania Part 3. Panic Day

After the beautiful dance Leo and I had, we had a pretty normal day. Because if life gave you crap everyday, you would not know what happiness is. 726 more words


Pink Belly

via Daily Prompt: Pink

Oh, that natural lovely Blush that appears when someone compliments you especially when that someone is your crush or your s.o… 77 more words

Adrenaline Rush - Soul Survivor

Stockholmbased Adrenaline Rush is back with their second album, following the highly acclaimed selftitled debutalbum. It was in 2012 when Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse) joined forces with Tåve to record what would become the debutalbum of the band – later on getting all the pieces together for a new, energetic rockband. 284 more words

A Cold New World!

Last month I had the dubious experience of waking up several hours before the crack of dawn (on a Saturday morning too. Oh the injustice!). The dark overcast sky was incredibly glum and disorienting, clouding my mood further – annoyed at having to be up and ready, and deeply resentful of 3-Weeks-Ago Pooja who signed up for the grad school ski trip to Vermont with such thoughtless enthusiasm. 648 more words



Australian music fans have always had a place in their hearts for home-grown bands with a finely honed appreciation of sun-drenched, jangling pop, that is ripe with infectious choruses and musical hook lines. 671 more words