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My Bali Paragliding Experience

Extreme activities are not new to me because I am a lover of adventure and adrenaline. Paragliding has been one of the many items in my bucket list and the thought of me riding a free-flying glider, with just the wind pressure serving as an engine for us to move and fly makes me excited. 283 more words

Adrenaline Rush

Surfing: My New-found Love

Surfing is not in my Bali to-do list. Though I am quite intrigue with the activity, I never planned on trying it while in Bali. But because this is a common sighting in place, I and my friends were enticed to try.  242 more words

Adrenaline Rush

Amazing things I've done

I move through life with a lot of appetite for new and intense experiences. With a particular taste for the spicy flavor of an adrenaline rush, I’ve accumulated some cool experiences. 339 more words


BIGRUNSATURDAY... The Aftermath!

See when I said:

My only hope is that out of all this hullabaloo, if I learn one thing, it’s the ability to plan a little better…

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You came back… you guys {blush}!


This shouldn’t be nearly as wordy* as Part 1. However, I will recap briefly for those of you who have just tuned in. 982 more words



This is basically me using the guise of fitness and exercise to run around like an unsupervised 5 year old on a all-syrup Super-Squishy high for a day… Saturday, if you hadn’t gotten that from the title, this Saturday in fact! 708 more words


400 Feet Camping Adrenaline Rush In Peru

For those who love a little adventure in their life try spending the night 400 feet suspended in the air on the side of a mountain that hovers over Peru’s Sacred Valley of Cusco.  22 more words