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The Hidden Hour, New Delhi

The Hidden Hour is now in Delhi and we couldn’t be more happier! They have introduced three more games- “The Haunted Hostel” , “Space Wars-The Alien Attack” and “Lost in an Island- The Amazing Escape”. 212 more words


What is it about working the line in a busy restaurant that is so attractive to cooks? Why, with all of the challenges that a career in the kitchen brings are people, especially those who are younger, willing to set those challenges aside for the experience of standing in front of a battery of full-throttle ranges? 1,214 more words

Show Up Everyday

The game of life is not meant to be played from the sidelines. Show up right in the middle of the field and display your worth. 46 more words


To A "Crazy" Day

Anyone who has spent some time with me knows that you don’t have to go to Rishikesh or New Zealand seeking a doze of adrenaline rush, it’s a part of my everyday life. 1,149 more words


Jets In The Gorge


Something spectacular happened on the River yesterday. Three military jets buzzed the gorge in formation. This doesn’t happen very often, maybe once a year or less, and it is an amazing thrill for the guests. 432 more words

Magic Moments

Lightening On The River!


Thunder on the River is always scary and exciting. Lightening is nothing to mess around with. I have been hit once (indirectly of course, very few people survive direct hits) and have been close enough to four other strikes that I could hear, feel, and smell the electricity in the air a split second before the strike happened. 542 more words

Magic Moments

Canyoneering: Jump then Fall for Kawasan Falls

If you are up to adventure that will surely make you go and scream your lungs out due to excitement and fear, then you should try out Canyoneering to Kawasan Falls. 398 more words