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The Milestone of Adrian (1)

Punya bayi lagi setelah anak pertama berusia 4 tahun ternyata sama rasanya seperti punya bayi untuk pertama kalinya. Karena keburu lupa dengan perkembangan si kakak dulu-dulunya. 868 more words

My First Titration! | Adrian

A couple of quick video clips of AP students performing their first ever titrations. The sharpest end-points? Perhaps not, but some nice work for a first attempt. 41 more words

Like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

The boys have been learning about Michelangelo for the last few weeks. One day they craved Ivory soap bars.

Fritz got a little cut while carving and told me he will never ever carve anything again. 28 more words


Seed 4.05 - Brynn

“Brynn. Wake up.”

Brynn gasped and opened her eyes. The voice that had woken her was familiar, so she expected to see one of the guys leaning over her to speak to clearly in her ear. 3,390 more words


Spelling You See Review

I’ve never been totally happy with any spelling curriculum we’ve tried. We’ve done Calvert, Sequential Spelling, Spelling Power, Spelling Workout, making up my own thing, Spelling City, and a few others. 1,033 more words