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Aphotic Realm News

The posts on my blog may have been quiet these last few weeks but that is only because I’ve been working so hard on Aphotic Realm. 298 more words


Short Post Update

As anybody who has followed this blog knows, I have largely fallen off the posting bandwagon and only post sporadically with large gaps in between. I took a brief hiatus from posting as it was getting to be a chore, but it’s become enjoyable again so I may return to posting. 108 more words


Harambe Is The Most Overrated Athlete of All-Time

Let’s face the facts here. Harambe is the most overrated athlete ever.  They call him “The Greatest That Never Was”.  I don’t really understand why people take rides on his dick like it’s the carousel at a county fair.   194 more words

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Here’s a question that will be on the 2017 AP Chemistry Exam | Adrian

The title of the this blog post, “Here’s a question that will be on the 2017 AP Chemistry Exam” should really be accompanied by the subtitle, “Wild speculation that will mot likely prove to be completely wrong!” – but it’s fun. 73 more words