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Say Cezanne

For the last few weeks, the boys have been studying Cezanne.

They put together puzzles of The Blue Vase. The older two raced. Cameron won. 45 more words


Le Châtelier’s principle in action | Adrian

Following the mention of the cobalt(II) complex ion system in this post from a couple of days ago, here’s a 30 second video clip of Le Châtelier’s principle in action in the same (with The Smiths). 66 more words

Going Gluten Free

At church on Sunday I was approached by a friend with the deer in the headlights look I know all too well. The doctor had suggested her son go gluten free in the hopes it will help some of his health issues. 2,658 more words


Water in equilibrium mixtures and Le Châtelier’s principle | Adrian

When it comes to water in equilibrium mixtures and Le Châtelier’s principle, things can be confusing, so let’s try to take some of the mystery out of this. 84 more words

Groundhog Day, Adrian, Michigan

trumpets blare
an early forecast
groundhog speaks


Subscriber Updates (02-02-16) | Adrian

In the last few days, the UNIT 5 and UNIT 6 notes have undergone some tweaking. In addition, a number of new AP quizzes for UNIT 5 have been added. 21 more words