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School's Out!

The 2015-16 school year is officially over. We now get to take a 12 week and 3 day break!

During the fourth quarter, we learned about what has happened in Africa, South America, Asia, and India since World War II. 425 more words


Weekly Report 14

Secara umum tidak ada hal baru yang saya lakukan pada minggu ini. Saya mempelajari beberapa hal dan ingin mencoba mengklaim beberapa hal, diantaranya :

Secure Deployment and Administration… 557 more words


May's Science Experiments

We wound a card on a rubberband several times and then let go. It spun rapidly in circles as it unwound itself.

We made a pendulum and watched as our paper super hero swing back and forth. 219 more words


Digging Degas

The final artist we studied this year was Edgar Degas. The boys painted their own (and rather very abstract) version of The Bellelli Family.

They raced to put together a puzzle of The Ballet Rehearsal on Stage. 70 more words


I love this time of the school year...

With just one more week – just 5 more days – left in the school year, we are slowly finishing things up. Fritz finished his vocabulary weeks ago and Fritz and Adrian finished Math-U-See Delta and Beta around the same time (though they are continuing with Epsilon and Gamma, getting a head start on next year). 114 more words


Weekly Report 13

Pada minggu ini, beberapa hal yang saya lakukan adalah :

Implementasi Search Produk

saya menambahkan form untuk melakukan searching pada halaman product.blade.php, food.blade.php, dan drink.blade.php : 130 more words


Playing the Stock Market

Since last fall we’ve been doing a long term stock market project in history. The boys were each given a maximum of 1,000 virtual dollars to invest in one single stock. 156 more words