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Wanderlust 1.06 - Adrian

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Brynn inched into the woods, cooing at the creature that approached them while ignoring Lucien’s whispered calls. Adrian felt Dante’s panic, but kept him from running off with a firm grip on his reins. 2,831 more words


How Dense is It?

We are learning about the states of matter and how some liquids are more dense than others. I showed the boys water (dyed purple), corn syrup, and oil. 84 more words


Reading and Math Assessments

Even though we don’t have to do any reporting or prove progress in Texas, I like to test my kids annually (I did it in Maryland, too, where portfolios were used to prove we were teaching our kids rather than standardized tests like Virginia wants). 1,205 more words


Watch Live: West Ham United vs. Sunderland (Lineups and Live Stream)

On Saturday West Ham United welcome Sunderland to Upton Park (Watch live, 1:30 p.m ET on NBCSN and online via Live Extra) with both teams out of form. 170 more words

Barclays Premier League

Rocky IV

“Happy Birthday Paulie.”

The cold, sterile voice cut through the ominous sound of electronic beeps and blips. Paulie looked around in a state of disbelief and primal fear. 299 more words

pH and sig figs | Adrian

In a quick addition to this post and this post, here’s a note about pH and significant figures. Firstly the ‘rule’.
When taking the log of a number that is expressed in scientific notation (as hydrogen and hydroxide ion concentration often will be), the number of significant figures in the mantissa of the number, are correctly replicated AFTER the decimal point in the log value. 43 more words