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What Dreams May Come: Actor and Artist Adrien Brody Goes Beyond the Wall of Sleep

How well do you remember your dreams? Do you ever wake up, eyes blurry and heart pounding, unable to remember specifics, but positive that something—be it inspiring, exhilarating, or terrifying—happened while you slept? 2,274 more words

Woody Allen

The Darjeeling (Un)Limited

Travelling can take you places. But, travel books, movies can take you to different world where you are provided with some surreal experiences of the characters which you can live as your own. 431 more words


Seafood Room Opening

On Thursday 21 April, 2016, one of the largest parties this year took place for the opening of swank seafood restaurant, (aptly named) Seafood Room – located in the brand new Tower 535 building in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 126 more words


Adrien Brody Decides The Time Is Right To Kinda-Sorta Defend Woody Allen, Roman Polanski And Bill Cosby

Woody Allen is getting a lot of heat — and defenders — for allegedly abusing his adopted daughter Dylan and getting away with it, especially while promoting his new film… 300 more words


Film Review | Dragon Blade

Director | Daniel Lee
Producer | Jackie Chan, Susanna Tang
Writer | Daniel Lee
Cast | Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Lin Peng, Mike Wang, Choi Siwon, Xiao Yang, Wang Taili, Sammy Hung, Yoo Seung-jun, Lorie Pester… 416 more words


The Experiment (2010)

A group of volunteers with no history of violence or criminality are arbitrarily assigned the roles of prisoners and guards in a psychological experiment that spirals dangerously out of control. 129 more words