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Adrien Brody Scores In China, Fosters Global Ambitions With Local Partners

EXCLUSIVE: With seemingly all of Hollywood eager to get a piece of the increasingly lucrative Chinese pie to help fuel their global ambitions, Adrien Brody has succeeded in doing just that by embracing the local biz. 319 more words


Dragon Blade

I finally got to see movie Dragon Blade yesterday. And I have to say I still am a bit stunned. As a relative newbie concerning eastern cinematography style, I do not feel to have a say as far as the narrative goes. 237 more words

Adrien Brody

WTF Mega Oscars Special

 Hallo Readers,

Before considering the Oscars fashion faux pas, we must turn to the two former Foreign Secretaries, Jack Straw (Labour) and Malcolm Rifkind (Tory) who were caught, financially speaking, with their trousers round their ankles in a joint sting by Channel 4’s… 1,405 more words

Film Review: 'Dragon Blade'

A sumptuously realized war epic about Romans getting embroiled in Chinese military and architectural shenanigans on the Silk Road, “Dragon Blade” plays as recklessly with classical history as “300” did, but is far less butch and bloody, treating East-West friction with as much ambassadorial goodwill as an UNESCO fund-raising ball. 1,062 more words


The Pianist (2002) Review

The Pianist, the 2002 film by Roman Polanski tells a story of Wladyslaw Szpilman (portrayed by Adrien Brody), a Jewish pianist in Poland, in time of World War II. 890 more words

Adrien Brody

Movie Review - Dragon Blade

Wow, I feel like I haven’t make a post here for forever. It’s been a long time, I guess, since I wrote here, almost a month. 338 more words

Movie Review

Review: 'Dragon Blade'

Finally unwinding after a long day of classes with a cup of Thai Iced Tea and sitting down to review ‘Dragon Blade’. I love our local Teh Tarik and our different types of Milk Teas but Thai Iced Tea is just amazing. 871 more words