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Channel Update with YouTube Ads (Green Healing)

YouTube recently changed their Terms of Service to that of which they will be adding advertisements to all channels, including those that are not monetized. However, these channels, such as Green Healing, will not have control over the types of ads that play. 216 more words

Green Healing

I hate ads and I hate marketologists.

I once heard someone seriously say that being a marketologist is the key to power, success and conquering the world. Unbelievable.

So. Let the angry rant ensue. 608 more words


Engineer Post

I like a lot the sneakers in special the casual sneakers so I like some times to go to the Nike page and search for new tennis to buy, is for that I like a lot Nike, and I take this picture on the link below: … 239 more words


Samsung Ad Campaign



The intention of this ad it to demonstrate the efficiency of the new Samsung Galaxy S8+, about it neat and clean image.

The project “Ad Campaign Reserve Engineer” it’s created to learn the principal steps of photoshop. 1,009 more words


Nike Ads Campaign

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by advertisements or designs, whether at home, work, or school. In some cases, we saw images or logos in the streets and we immediately associate that ad or image with a brand, this is because we already associate the logos or the style of the ad with the brand. 1,229 more words


My Ad + Crunchyroll's Ad = Smashing Success

Original Ad Analysis

Designed by Crunchyroll. Found here: https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/xizmherV9VdUYTCx4VRxPP.jpeg.

This is my original ad that I decided to imitate because I’m a long-term user of Crunchyroll, and absolutely love anime. 582 more words