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Nike Ads Campaign

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by advertisements or designs, whether at home, work, or school. In some cases, we saw images or logos in the streets and we immediately associate that ad or image with a brand, this is because we already associate the logos or the style of the ad with the brand. 1,229 more words


My Ad + Crunchyroll's Ad = Smashing Success

Original Ad Analysis

Designed by Crunchyroll. Found here: https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/xizmherV9VdUYTCx4VRxPP.jpeg.

This is my original ad that I decided to imitate because I’m a long-term user of Crunchyroll, and absolutely love anime. 582 more words


Just Do It. Hear my Thoughts

This is the original ad that I wanted to work with. The designer of the ad was from the company Nike and I found the ad off of … 462 more words

Reverse Engineer

Reverse Engineered Ad Campaign

Original Creative Ad

The creative ad above was found at

Run Your

. The image doesn’t include who at Dobbs Equipment created the image, but one can assume it was someone from their marketing department.

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Motion Ads Reloaded - 🤩 PLUS My Exclusive Bonuses 🤩

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Motion Ads Reloaded is a powerful training and software combo that allows you to make highly engaging animated short video ads to generate easy traffic and profits online. 45 more words

Just Do It Ad Campaign

Nike is one of the top leading billion dollar business in the world. Here is one of the eye catching ads that they designed a few years ago. 1,012 more words


“Hey Siri” I never said

Do you have an iPhone, iPad or perhaps HomePod that responds to “Hey Siri”? Or perhaps you’re sitting there and all of a sudden your device just out of the blue starts talking to you without said command. 147 more words