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ADT and risk for diagnosis with dementia? "Not in the UK", they say!

Just a few weeks ago we reported data from a study in California suggesting an association between treatment with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for prostate cancer and subsequent risk for diagnosis with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. 355 more words


ADT + sipuleucel-T in treatment of hormone-sensitive prostate cancer

One of the major unanswered questions at this time is whether immunotherapy of some type, if given early to patients with prostate cancer, can help to lower risk of progression of the disease. 880 more words


Early data from the PATCH trial in the UK

Since 2007 a randomized clinical trial in the UK (the so-called PATCH trial) has been comparing the effectiveness and safety of transdermal estradiol patches to implants of an LHRH receptor agonist (goserelin acetate) in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. 403 more words


Top News: #Dementia

Here are the top read news for #Dementia:

High blood pressure may hike dementia risk:

High blood pressure, particularly in middle age, might open the door to dementia, the American Heart Association warns in a new scientific statement:  320 more words


Does ADT increase risk for all types of dementia?

Back in December last year, a group of researchers suggested that androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) might be associated with increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease (see “ 610 more words


Private Police: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?

Psst! Private police may be already there.

If you are wealthy you most likely already do not rely on public police for all your police services.

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