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Abstraction in WordPress

I listened about the ADTs┬áin my college last semester in subject JAVA. What I know about it is like “An abstract data type is a collection of data and operations that work on that data.” 354 more words


more ADT backpacking

Continuing walking and documenting the western-most portion of the American Discovery Trail (ADT), I backpacked from Virginia City to Tahoe City. From Virginia City to the Tahoe Rim Trail above Carson City, the trail is more characteristic of the Great Basin than the Sierra, but the remainder is higher and wetter. 817 more words

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Notes on Abstract Data Types In Java


Everything in computer is stored in only two states 0 and 1. Its Binary number system used by computers. Have you even thought about why we human use decimal number system ? 1,241 more words


Berkeley to Clayton backpack

Continuing my repeat trips on the American Discovery Trail, this time I backpacked from Berkeley to Clayton, along American Discovery Trail segments 8 and 7. I skipped the walk from Jack London Square to Berkeley, as I knew my feet did not need all that walking on pavement. 675 more words

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Taking care of your yard, planting flowers, having a nice presentation leading up to your front door says two things: (1) we probably have a few nice things in there, and (2) we also probably have an alarm system. 928 more words

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Why inheriting a particular gene may be important for prostate cancer patients

An important poster that your sitemaster managed to “miss” at the recent ASCO meeting (because he was at another meeting while it was being presented) has just been discussed on the MedPage Today web site. 912 more words


Point Reyes to SF backpack 2016-05

Memorial Day weekend I backpacked from Point Reyes to San Francisco, in part along segment 9 of the American Discovery Trail (ADT), but with several side trips and alternate routes. 615 more words

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