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Riot Fest
Douglas Park

Here it is, our first festival post! Since these are coming in so delayed, I decided the best way to give you the best experience possible is to provide a layout of the weekend and the most-notable show(s) – it’s the quickest remedy for a festival overhaul. 735 more words

Concert Review/Experience

Horror and Me

I’m an avid fan of horror fiction and can frequently be found greedily consuming everything spawned from the twisted mind of James Wan, to the occasionally musical universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 1,018 more words


How I Helped Myself at Self Help Fest

So, this year wasn’t the greatest ever, but it wasn’t the worst one either. It started bad, and through months it seemed that it’s not gonna get any better, until September, when things changed and a little ray of hope appeared that this year is not gonna be that bad after all and it wasn’t. 1,274 more words

The Best Breakup Songs Ever

There’s a small sub-species of love song that doesn’t get as much, uh, love as it deserves: the breakup song. So here I’ve compiled twelve of the absolute best songs about the end of relationships. 2,293 more words


What I'm Listening To This Month...

I cannot LIVE without music. Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but it makes everything so much easier whether that be the commute to work or working out at the gym. 103 more words

Beauty Blogger


I hear my new fan blow steady while it oscillates left and right, hitting me somewhere in between. It works much better than the tall one we shared, though not as loud. 745 more words

These Pop-Punk Band's Songs Could Make You Cry a River

Nobody couldn’t counterfeit the emotion including you. Furthermore, these pop punk songs made some blue writing. It affects to the listener of how they feel as a soundtrack. 172 more words