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Inconsistent Me

No matter how I want to, I’m just having a hard time keeping up with this blog.  I guess writing is not my passion.  I would like to be able to at least jot down something worthy of reading at least once a week.  84 more words

Adult Adhd

Its Been Awhile

Hello everyone!  It has been a long while since I’ve written, I just felt like I had to get something down today.  A lot has been going on, I’m not sure where to begin.  90 more words

Adult Adhd

This is Our ADHD

Tell me again please how fidgets dont work? Cause this is what happens when we dont have them.

Rare and precious moments

Having a ADHD comorbid diagnoses makes things seem impossible and overwhelming. 823 more words


ADHD-It's for real, even for adults. My story, from childhood until now

Yes, I grew up in the 90s when ADHD was starting to be talked about like crazy and it was probably being over-diagnosed like crazy. The medications more commonly given have changed some over the years, but the conversation about ADHD among most teachers, parents, and other adults goes about like this: 2,786 more words

A New Diagnosis

My 10 year old son has gotten a diagnosis of ADHD and maybe slight Autism. This begins a new role for me as a parent with ADHD. 26 more words

Adult Adhd

Adult ADHD and Imposter Syndrome

People who aren’t familiar with ADHD sometimes mistakenly believe that people with this disorder have some sort of advantage; whether it might be the supposed super powers of prescription stimulants, being given special needs status, receiving inclusion education status in college, or some sort of magical mental ability to learn things quickly and exhaustively. 427 more words

Adult Adhd

End of the Semester, Part 1

So yes.


I’m still alive.

(This post will be in two parts. Part 1, which is this one, will be about school.) 1,278 more words

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