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How Does It Feel To Be Adopted?- Sherry Hensley

BIO: Sherry Hensley and her husband Fred reside in Baltimore, Maryland. They attend Bethel Apostolic Church in Havre de Grace, Maryland where Buddy Flosser is Pastor. 1,665 more words


How Does It Feel To Be Adopted?- Cecilia Trapiche

How Does It Feel To Be Adopted?

To My Birthmother on my 30th Birthday

Dear Mom,

Hi. It’s me. I think of you constantly, especially around my birthday. 500 more words


How Does It Feel To Be Adopted- Minnesota Anonymous


My View of Life As An Adoptee…

I remember when I was 13, being asked by my parents if we could ‘talk’ about something important?  1,950 more words


How Does It Feel To Be Adopted- Lisa Floyd

BIO:  Lisa Floyd grew up in a closed adoption wondering who she was and where she came from. It took many years for her adoption fog to emerge after which she decided to search for and eventually reunite with both sides of her birth families. 749 more words


Adoption book club

Relating back to my mammoth adoption questions post, I thought I would compile a list of interesting (*I thought) reading on the subject of adoption. I’ve read tonnes of books on adoption over the years so I’ll probably forget a lot of them, but I thought it would be worth listing some of the interesting ones and I can add to them over time (and please feel free to suggest others in the comments). 1,056 more words

Random Thoughts

Happy adoptees vs Angry adoptees

For some reason I’ve had this one sitting in my drafts folder but can’t quite get my head around writing it. (For the uninitiated, it relates back to my mammoth question-asking post  5,963 more words


The language of adoption

I’m working my way through the myriad of questions I asked on this post around adoption and how it feels to be adopted, infertile, and so on, so here’s the latest… 3,254 more words

Random Thoughts