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dear birth mom.

I feel a ton of pressure on my chest right now. Trying to figure out what I want to say to, what I want to ask you, … 735 more words

do I even really exist?

it sounds dramatic, I know. but do I? after getting court order approved to unseal my file from archivesĀ I discovered my file is missing. 514 more words

Getting to Know Myself

I’ve never blogged before in my life. I’ve hardly kept a journal or a diary. I was always worried what someone would think if they read what I wrote, and so would dispose of the pages. 452 more words

Adult Adoptee

Family Medical Hx?

Everyday, I express gratitude to the heavens above for my health. With all my medical history being unknown, I am truly grateful that I haven’t experienced any serious health threats yet. 366 more words

a full circle: just beginning.

“I learned that courage was not the absences of fear but the triumph over it.”

when I started this blog and created the title, “A Full Circle,” going full circle from my adoption to adopting.

446 more words

Lost Child

I’ve got to find a box, to fill with this pain,

if I could somehow make that happen, maybe I wouldn’t think of you again. 257 more words

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Dear Anne

Dear Anne

by Beth Kozan

Note from the author: I wrote to an adoptee whose online column had raised issues about her early life.

Dear Anne, 1,041 more words

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