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Adoption book club

Relating back to my mammoth adoption questions post, I thought I would compile a list of interesting (*I thought) reading on the subject of adoption. I’ve read tonnes of books on adoption over the years so I’ll probably forget a lot of them, but I thought it would be worth listing some of the interesting ones and I can add to them over time (and please feel free to suggest others in the comments). 1,056 more words

Random Thoughts

Happy adoptees vs Angry adoptees

For some reason I’ve had this one sitting in my drafts folder but can’t quite get my head around writing it. (For the uninitiated, it relates back to my mammoth question-asking post  5,963 more words


The language of adoption

I’m working my way through the myriad of questions I asked on this post around adoption and how it feels to be adopted, infertile, and so on, so here’s the latest… 3,254 more words

Random Thoughts


Complaints and head-worms … general bitching that has to go somewhere, but isn’t that interesting.

When I had my first kid, my adoptive mother said two things that still irritate me. 173 more words

Adoption thoughts 2: questions

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but I never seem to find the right words. So thought I might as well kick it off and blether on and see where it takes me! 2,876 more words


History Matters

My natural mom is currently visiting family this week, specifically my brothers, sister-in-law, and nieces. I told someone about her visit earlier this week, and they responded, “Why didn’t you go with her?” I stood there in stunned silence for what seemed like a really long time before I responded, “Because it never even occured to me.” 210 more words



So we went to Yankalilla; one of my sisters, one of my brothers, myself, and our families.

We had a BBQ, and the kids had a bit of a skate and ride. 63 more words