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Chrissy Lunch with (some of) The Fam.

AKA: The Food Coma

So the kids and I had lunch with two of my brothers, and their lovely wives.

As is evident by the pictures, it was amazing. 293 more words

Adult Adoptee

My File Part V: Searching for Self

This piece was originally written in 2012 as a part of a short series I wrote about exploring my adoption file. I believe this was supposed to be the final piece in the four part series. 610 more words


Adoption awareness month

I am quite tired of hearing about adoption from only two sides. No one ever really talks to the child. It’s just a bunch of adults deciding they know best. 220 more words

Adoption Rambles


Gough Whitlam.

The main player behind ending Australia’s Forced Adoption Era.

I have no clue what he thought about it, or if he even thought about it at all. 413 more words


I’d probably get roasted for this, if anyone was reading, but I don’t really care.

If you’re infertile, why not just not have kids?

I realise that sounds harsh, but what if it’s the universe telling you something? 307 more words

Adult Adoptee

Adoption from an adult adoptee's persective

We had a wonderful opportunity to hear about adoption from the adoptee’s perspective a few weeks ago.   306 more words

International Adoption