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Saying No

I’m restless tonight. Nothing feels right. I don’t want to read, or watch a movie. I can’t focus on listening to a book, and when I try to write, everything that comes out is gibberish. 1,759 more words


"You have taught me the most."


Second session of the week and it was our anniversary.

I said to Sienna “ Happy Anniversary, two years today!” Laughing.

Sienna said “ Wow, maybe we should do a picture.” 1,690 more words

Maybe I quit

Things have been…..well, not great. I’ve been functioning thanks to the perfect part of me. I had therapy today, after a week and a half break. 1,038 more words


I couldn't stop it (11/30/16)

I walk into therapy, and right away, as I’m getting settled, I talk about Kat and school and our first Girl Scout meeting. I’m desperately trying to pretend away this sense of dread, and feeling of panic I have. 4,563 more words


She's still here and it's okay to need her  (11/14/16)

We talked about Kat, and about the election today. I will maybe write about that in another post, but it’s just too much to write, right now. 1,739 more words


Absence Makes The Heart Bleed.

So, as expected, T isn’t coming to our wedding.

I’d asked her to tell me (confirm, really, I knew I was getting married too far away from her) by email before tomorrow’s session so that I could process the initial, agonising pain alone, instead of exposed in front of her. 90 more words

Trusting that someone will really be there is a challenge....

Where we left off: I had tearfully asked Bea,”Don’t be shrinky,” and she had replied that she wouldn’t be, that she didn’t want to be be shrinky. 1,552 more words