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When the past and present collide

I need to place a trigger warning. I feel like there is a lot of triggery stuff in this post. It’s taken me a few days to even decide to post it. 5,251 more words


Adult Attachment and Art Therapy

John Bowlby, a British psychiatrist of the early 20th century, was hailed as developing an important concept known as attachment theory. After working with institutionalized  juvenile delinquents (in the 1930s), he realized that much of their turmoil stemmed from severed relationships with loved ones. 411 more words

I'm not a bother

It’s Tuesday, and I have just come from my trauma yoga class. I run across the street, and up the stairs to Bea’s office. She’s putting a few things away. 2,902 more words


Hubby's midnight wake-up

“Hubby. Hubby. Please wake up. Please.” I’m begging, desperate. Images flying through my mind, I don’t want to be alone, I can’t do this. It’s 3:00am. 1,261 more words


Broken and Vulnerable

……..continued from “the bubble popper, part 2″

Today’s session was a mess. Everything is a mess. I almost didn’t go. I was afraid. Bea acted normal, like herself. 3,355 more words


Therapeutic Relationship

Trauma happens in relationships, so it can only be healed in relationships. Art can’t provide healing. It can be cathartic and therapeutic but a relationship is a three-part journey… 1,468 more words


Spinning our wheels: Getting Real

Bea wanted me to finish filling out the workbook questions from the EFT workbook (emotionally focused couples therapy workbook) that I had refused to fill out. 521 more words