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Diaper Accessories: The big Onesie Shootout - Part 8 - Onesies Downunder

Good things come to those that wait and aside from the usual difficulties with editing my photos (someone please make a decent camera fall out of the sky *lol*) this time around it indeed took a while to get my hands on the products from… 2,271 more words


Diaper Quickie: ABU BareBum Diapers

For reasons that will become clear further down (if they aren’t already obvious from the start) I’m only filing this in the Quickie category, so this shouldn’t overwhelm your brain even if it’s hot outside. 700 more words


Our Dinner Guests Will Never Again Suggest ‘The Newlywed Game’

Q: How would you and your partner characterize your sex life: in the fast lane, the slow lane, or broken down by the side of the road? 744 more words


Diaper Test: Tykables Overnights

Though I don’t go crazy about chasing for the magic unicorn – that is the ultimate colored diaper – my infantilistic tendencies go far enough to find myself thinking… 1,077 more words


Berlin Weekend Fail

As a late-comer to all that diaper stuff, some of the more exotic things to do with it are still somewhat bewildering to me, so going to a diaper-themed party still feels odd to me. 960 more words


Good morning!

Nothing better than the feeling of waking up padded. I don’t want to move.


Diaper Update: ABU and Bambino in Size L

When I received my package from Diaper Minister containing that nice pack of ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition that you still can win by participating in… 883 more words