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3 years down the line.

I’m 28 years old and I’ve been an adult baby for roughly 14 years. Before I was 18 I’d have been considered a ‘teen baby’ I guess, but a term which I never identified with due to not being too familiar with the… 2,048 more words


Rearz Spoiled Adult Diapers - Review

Rearz are not all that new to the ABDL market anymore, but I realised I haven’t yet reviewed their colourful Spoiled diapers. After wearing one again this week, I realised what a glaring omission that is on my part: they really are worth writing home about! 253 more words


Introduction- How I Got Here

How did I get here? I do have an answer to that question; however, it is an answer that I am not even sure that I believe- and I lived the life. 1,422 more words

Attempt at telling an ex-girlfriend I had an AB/DL side.

Reader please note that this post might make it appear as though the entire relationship revolved around me telling an ex-girlfriend that I was an AB/DL. 2,340 more words


Marks And Spencer AB Clothing Review 

Trusted British high street brand, Marks and Spencer, have unwittingly launched into the adult baby market. Along with their Easy Dressing school uniform – something my autistic son benefits from no end – they also have larger-than-usual sizes of snap crotch vests as part of their new special needs adaptive range. 260 more words


My Subspace Room

“Being spanked is the most wonderful thing in the world. The place my head goes… Like heaven in Bruce Almighty… That big open empty white room… My head goes so empty and light… But without than man who plays God in…” 747 more words


Mental Health and ABDL in the News

Do Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers have a higher incidence of mental illness? Has the increased coverage of ABDL related stories in mainstream news and social media had a positive or negative effect on your mental well-being? 558 more words