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My Story: Growing up as an adult baby

“I knew something was very different about me when I was about four years old. I remember lying in bed having just worked out that if I thought about nappies and baby things a lot, my bedwetting would be a lot heavier the next night. 328 more words

Adult Baby

The right Diaper - Part 5 : A neat Package

As we are approaching the finish line with our mini-series about some diaper basics, it is time to have a look at finding an outer shell for your padding. 1,317 more words


Diaper On Diaper Off: ABDL Binge And Purge Cycle

After two months Toddy and Sammy are back with the biggest (and perhaps most serious) episode of the ABDLcast yet. The all too common ABDL binge and purge cycle – how can we avoid it? 449 more words


The right Diaper - Part 4 : Diaper Metrics

Moving on with our exploration of the world of diapers, we are now once more focusing on the aspect of feeling secure when wearing them, but from a different angle. 1,283 more words


So, you're a transvestite?

I hear this a lot. It’s always from folks who really don’t know any better, because this isn’t their world. So, I offer this as a help to those trying to learn a bit about us, so there won’t be any misunderstandings. 452 more words

Some of our best selling items at Pied Piper Store in Second Life

First we start with this babies high chair, suitable for zooby babies, and any prim babies that can sit, even a baby avatar can use this if they add a poseball. 161 more words

Second Life

30 Days of ABDL - Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen.. Do you have any favorite titles for yourself?

DADDY’S LITTLE PUDDLE MONSTER! I love it when Daddy calls me this, I instantly feel tiny and cute and wanna squee and jumps up and down! 122 more words