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A cute post!

As of late pastel colors have really been pretty pleasing to my eyes. Yesterday I had to deal with a bank to get some Christmas money finally in my possession, which resulted in me making a bank account. 205 more words


An ABDL’s First Time Buying Diapers

Do you remember the first time that you went to a store and purchased your very own diapers? That experience is something many ABDL’s recall as one of the most exciting moments in life. 550 more words


Diaper Test: BetterDry & Crinklz

After the involuntary interruption of my publishing schedule, to make up for it I’m giving you an extra juicy piece today. Yes, of course I’m talking about the much anticipated successor to the… 1,411 more words


Cora.....lite? No kidding.

So I tried that Coralite diaper and quite honestly, I’m not terribly impressed by it. The design for a non-abdl diaper is cute and all but the functionality of it wasn’t on par with some of the other diapers out there. 116 more words


GUEST POST: Mummy's thoughts.

Hello little ones,

It’s Peter Rabbit’s mummy here.
Peter and I have been very busy lately, but we’ve just enjoyed a lovely few days together where we have been able to reconnect and have some special time. 230 more words

Oh....it snowed.

I’m finally back home after spending an extra two days in Florida. It’s okay, you can all feel bad for me escaping the blizzard and soaking up the sunshine. 269 more words


Thrifting, putt-putt, and skee-ball....oh my!

Daddy’s work thing was cancelled yesterday because it was suppose to rain pretty badly. The rain only lasted like 20 minutes or so but I’m glad we got to spend the whole day together. 581 more words