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Love me (Ex-)tender

As someone wearing diapers now around the clock (that’s 24/7 to you) due to my incontinence issues of course I’m always looking for ways to make it as comfortable as I possibly can. 710 more words


Dumb Things ABDLs Do In Diapers

Admit it. Us ABDLs are capable of doing really dumb things in diapers. And many of us have done them. On this episode of the ABDLcast podcast we ask, what are some of the dumbest things you’ve done while diapered? 664 more words


Diaper Test: Rearz Safari, Seduction and Princess Pink

This is the test many have been waiting for – here in Germany at least. As I wrote one and a half week ago, everyone’s favorite good stuff dealer, … 1,379 more words


Diaper Quickie: Rearz early 2016

Since I already see lots of questions about this, ever since SaveExpress added the newer Rearz diapers to their portfolio about 1.5 weeks ago, in particular on the dashboard of the German version of this blog, here’s a short appetizer. 192 more words


Sugar and spice, And all that's nice...

My regular readers will know that I’ve written a number of stories in the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover genre. I sometimes find this a fascinating area of roleplay to explore, particularly with the Transgender element that is so often involved. 303 more words


Diaper Update: ABU Little Pawz and MyDiaper Animal

Over the weekend I indulged in the more obscure side of wearing diapers and visited a certain specialty party in Berlin and that’s why I didn’t get around to furnishing up another full review article. 242 more words


Diaper Test: ABU Cushies v2

It’s the Easter weekend, so it seems more than fitting to talk about something colorful. Not so long ago I wrote about the ABU Cushies… 890 more words