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Do Her Shoes Fit?

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Wayne W. Dyer

I have been a contributor to a lot of anr blogs, groups, and forums throughout the years. 1,605 more words


Very legalistic statement from well-respected Christian site

There’s this very useful Christian website that I shall leave nameless. This site provides many helpful resources to single Christians and young adults and I generally enjoy their gospel-centered articles but one day, I came across an unhelpful, unforgettable statement that I must call out. 743 more words


Useful ANR fact number 1

The average woman with ANR interests is 5’5″ or 165 cm tall. This isn’t too big a deal but it’s significant. I might explain what I mean in a future post. 24 more words


More concise, more concrete version of the ANR profile

Rather than always going by all eight qualities plus four bonuses, five seem to work well. The 8 and 4 bonuses are those I’ve noticed from online research, while those below were compiled from actual interactions with women. 246 more words


Four bonus characteristics

If a woman meets all EARNSSSS criteria, she most likely would enjoy an ANR. If in addition, she has these four below, then she’s very likely to crave* an ANR: 254 more words



This is the penultimate trait in our series. Many ANR women are tender, soft-spoken, cuddly, sensitive, gentle, peaceful and unquestionably feminine.

God created women to be softer, more delicate and innate… 298 more words



Number five.

ANR women are very affectionate. Touch is usually the love language they speak most fluently. Their nerves work very well, to God’s glory. They tend to have sensitive and responsive skin and could cuddle from sunrise to sunset. 169 more words