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When to bring it up

I don’t think there’s a consensus within the ANR community. Personally, I don’t waste time. I want an ANR too much to not be upfront about it. 134 more words


How to bring it up to a potential mate

Ultra cautiously.

First, to maximize your chances of succeeding, only date the type of person that’s highly likely to say yes.

I usually begin with lines like “there’s something I want in marriage I must reveal. 391 more words


The danger of ANR: Biblical ANR hero gone bad

Note: ANR in itself isn’t dangerous, our sinful hearts pose the real danger.

While browsing through ANR dating profiles, I came across a woman I’ll never forget. 235 more words


The ANR lover's profile: how to tell if she (or he) would almost certainly say yes

Starting on Monday, August 17, I hope to begin publishing a weekly series of posts in which I draw on my close to 200 hours of research to describe the woman that fits the ANR-enjoying profile to a tee. 30 more words


Suck, suck, suck..

Yesterday was a Saturday and we had four sessions starting with one first thing in the morning before we got out of bed. So good. SO very good. 191 more words

Skydiving without a parachute

A beloved Christian that God used in my salvation story often says something in the same vein as “being Christian doesn’t mean neglecting to apply practical wisdom that aligns with God’s Word”. 1,512 more words


Guest bloggers needed

Considering how few Christian ANR resources are out there, I am extending a warm invitation to guest bloggers. Although there are hundreds of web-savvy Christians with an interest in ANRs, I honestly know fewer than five internet resources that are exclusively Christian, exclusively ANR, so it would be a privilege to have you contribute. 47 more words