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This is the penultimate trait in our series. Many ANR women are tender, soft-spoken, cuddly, sensitive, gentle, peaceful and unquestionably feminine.

God created women to be softer, more delicate and innate… 230 more words



Number five.

ANR women are very affectionate. Touch is usually the love language they speak most fluently. Their nerves work very well, to God’s glory. They tend to have sensitive and responsive skin and could cuddle from sunrise to sunset. 169 more words



It’s incredibly hard to be a Christian sometimes. What a tightrope this is. When you’re a man with a biblical, beautiful, yet sexual desire, you face a tough balancing act, thus I have some confessing to do. 176 more words


When to bring it up

I don’t think there’s a consensus within the ANR community. Personally, I don’t waste time. I want an ANR too much to not be upfront about it. 134 more words


How to bring it up to a potential mate

Ultra cautiously.

First, to maximize your chances of succeeding, only date the type of person that’s highly likely to say yes.

I usually begin with lines like “there’s something I want in marriage I must reveal. 391 more words


The danger of ANR: Biblical ANR hero gone bad

Note: ANR in itself isn’t dangerous, our sinful hearts pose the real danger.

While browsing through ANR dating profiles, I came across a woman I’ll never forget. 235 more words


The ANR lover's profile: how to tell if she (or he) would almost certainly say yes

On Monday, August 17, I started publishing a weekly series of posts in which I draw on my 200 or so hours of research to describe the woman who fits the ANR-enjoying profile to a tee. 59 more words