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Husband drinking wifes milk

Husband drinking wife’s milk


If a wife extracts milk from herself and this is consumed by the husband by mistake, will this break the marriage? 69 more words


Embarrassed by an ANR?

I occasionally get concerned about the possibility of a future wife’s increased size. If she isn’t too large to begin with, the increased cup size would be obvious. 208 more words

Couples Nursing

A Day In The Life Of An ANR Woman

The past couple of days my husband has been out of one of his many meds for anxiety. This makes him more anxious and his thoughts ramble. 307 more words


ANR... A Loving Story

My husband is 53 and I am 62. Amongst our life we have searched for love from the heart without success. We had reached the point in our lives where we just stopped looking. 238 more words


The prince of the power of the air

We are convinced that Satan has been behind the taboo of ANR. If more marriages practiced ANR, I think there would be a lot less divorce.

71 more words
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Why I'm now 100% convinced that Proverbs 5:19 is about Husband Breastfeeding

Ladies and gentlemen, if there remains any doubt about what Proverbs 5:19 refers to, it’s hereby laid to rest.

In my post, Am I twisting Scripture to justify my kinky fetish? 924 more words

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