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The Changeling

the changeling

By: Victor LaValle

Grade: C+

Apollo is living the good life. A bookseller in New York he is over the moon about his new son chronicling his every moment until one day his seemingly irrational wife commits and unspeakable act and disappears sending Apollo off the rails and into a dark fairy-tale New York he never imagined existed. 581 more words


Chapter 8: She Will Have Vengeance

 Red stayed hidden in a shadowy corner of two walls, examining the women that weren’t in the castle before. They were alongside the members of the guard attempting to repair the damages left from The Coven. 592 more words

Adult Fairy Tales

Chapter 7: Cracking

“Hello, young lady,” The man at the door said. He was tall, thin, and had a scholarly air about him. Behind him sat two knights on horses from the Prince’s guard. 943 more words

Adult Fairy Tales

Chapter Six: Tel's Proposition

  At the Castle, Charming and his guards without serious injuries sat with Tel and her guild in one of his halls to hear out what brought this woman to his kingdom. 1,167 more words

Adult Fairy Tales

Chapter Four: Memory

 Red and the rest of The Coven arrived to see Synder chained against a wall. The Prince had his back towards her and was kicking Synder in the stomach. 596 more words

Adult Fairy Tales

Chapter 3: Dream

  Synder was trapped in chains in the dungeon of the castle. Brick against her back, arms chained to the wall as sweat dripped from every orifice of her body. 719 more words

Adult Fairy Tales

Chapter Two: Cold Realities

  Synder and The Coven landed in a circle carved onto a cold, concrete floor. Small amounts of light were provided by lanterns lit by fire against the walls. 912 more words

Adult Fairy Tales