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The impoverished language of citizenship and adult learning

With colleagues here in Cologne, I’m currently looking at adult learning and active citizenship. Our starting assumption was that this was an area of decline, whether in policy, practice or research, but we have had to moderate that judgement at least in respect of research. 411 more words


Sometimes you just have to look at your to-do list and say, "Fuck it"

Oh man, today’s been one of those days where you’re just pulled in a million directions. I thought I’d be super productive because my boss and the other admin girl were out for most the day at the event they work on together but… no. 427 more words


Pro-immigrant activism in Boston

Yesterday morning I went with organizers from the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (https://www.miracoalition.org/) to the State House in Boston to advocate for the support of amendments to the state budget which protect immigrants’ access to housing, in-state tuition, education, and health care. 117 more words


Comparative and international research in adult and lifelong learning

I’m currently working with some German colleagues on a paper about comparative adult education research. Our starting point is our impression that this area of study is not in great shape. 518 more words


This is just a brief look at the different skills sets that exists amongst volunteers, and how each group should consider what virtual/digital support skills to give.

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6: Through the computer screen

‘I was born in a small town in Lithuania. During my childhood I knew that only 5 telephones existed in my town. In need to reach any neighbour it was much easier visiting than calling,’ recalls Regina Dovidaviciute.  41 more words


From the archives: Cleopatra

Whoa. Just revisited this old uni assignment from my Introduction to Writing course back at the end of 2013. Holy shit, it’s funny how you read something you wrote ages ago and notice how much your writing has changed. 702 more words