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I Lava the Ukulele!

Play along by ear to this Disney vignette, Lava:

It’s a great way to use your listening skills to figure out which chord to accompany. You will soon realize that there is a pattern for the verses and a different pattern for the chorus. 80 more words

Teaching Ukulele

Average Hourly Wage (2010$) by Essential Skill Level of Occupation 1997-2015

This chart links rising wage inequality to shifts in the relative wages earned by the literacy level demanded by the job.

Workers in jobs that demand low levels of literacy have experienced no real wage growth over the past decade. 63 more words


'The things that make it worthwhile to live'

As the Lords met this week to debate adult education and lifelong learning, two reports were published indicating the urgent need for more and better adult learning opportunities and the reversal of cuts which have left the sector an emaciated shadow of what it was just a few years ago, punching at a weight far below that necessary to turn around the UK’s ailing productivity. 2,056 more words

Overcoming the "College Students As Children" Mindset

In 2007 I began working for a nearby community college, my third such institution in Kentucky. In Kentucky, the community college system operates by a set of guiding principles and policies yet each institution also operates as a sort of franchise. 2,866 more words


Credentials are not enough | Policy Options

While we are among the most highly educated countries in the world, many of our workers lag behind their peers in international assessments of cognitive skills, like literacy and numeracy.

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My First Love: Trainings

Ever since I can remember, I was teaching someone. I was that kid who lined up all of my stuffed animals to teach them how to do long division, the one who had elaborate show and tell presentations, the one who was the first to chime in whenever someone needed help figuring out a tough assignment. 816 more words

General Musings

Evening classes at the new Harris Academy - an update

Last night, I also attended the second informal meeting to discuss the creation of a new committee to take forward adult learning/evening classes from when Harris Academy returns to Perth Road.    113 more words

Harris Academy