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I’ve done it, I got my high school diploma.

And man does it feel great. I don’t feel like a loser anymore and I definitely don’t feel like a failure anymore. And I did it!! 485 more words

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Remember to Feed Your Soul

      “Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes…”                                                                                                                             Paramahansa Yogananda

Does what you’re doing feed your soul?

Spring brings reflection and opportunities for change, particularly in the field of education. 260 more words


Everything Old is New Again

I’ve been teaching my adult students about The Civil War. They learned about the Lincoln Memorial and saw a play about Cathay Williams. Cathay, was the first African American female Buffalo Soldier. 844 more words

Improve Your IQ, Focus and Creativity

I had an interview for a job this morning that I think went fairly well. I have already received an invitation for a second interview and will be moving forward with that soon. 1,620 more words

Nursing & Democratic People's Republic of Korea

This post is one of curiosity and interest in a socialist country that is largely a mystery of what occurs in everyday life. How is the healthcare system, what sort of technology and resources are available, what training do the nurses receive, is it hospital or university based? 308 more words

How is adult learning different?

So how exactly is adult learning different from child and adolescent learning?

This is a question I hear all the time. When I can, I take a moment to discuss it and offer answers grounded in established theory and empirical data. 1,571 more words

Trying a Class for the First Time?

Maybe you’re thinking of trying a dance class for the first time but are feeling a bit nervous. Maybe you’ve never danced before and this is your year for trying something new? 561 more words

Dance Class