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The fear

So you’ve done all the exercises. You’ve made your notes, you’ve gone over them, you’ve read every link, watched every video, written the code they’ve told you to write. 329 more words


Dr. Seuss and Your Success

Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!

~  Dr. Seuss 107 more words


Civil Society & Global Health

Gallen (2000) defines civil society as “a group or organisation with common interests or goals whose collective actively represent citizens in an independent manner”. Civil society in a more general sense can be seen as “the elements such as freedom of speech, an independent judiciary, etc, that make up a democratic society” (Collins English Dictionary). 381 more words

Adult Learning

My Adult-learning Journey in Watercolour

People, videos, and sites that worked for me:


Learn to mix colours by working from a limited palette. I recommend cyan (from Lukas Aquarell), (Quinacridone) Magenta (all the artist grade brands have it), and primary yellow (lemon yellow) because I wanted bright, whimsical, fantasy colours for journaling. 382 more words


My first publication: The limits of pedagogy: diaculturalist pedagogy as paradigm shift in the education of adult immigrants

I’ve published my first solo article, “The limits of pedagogy: diaculturalist pedagogy as paradigm shift in the education of adult immigrants”! Please find the prepublication “Accepted Manuscript” version of “…” here. 35 more words


Careers: From Disappointment to Success

Your greatest disappointment will often lead you to your greatest appointment.

~  Chris Burkmenn 113 more words


EDU 6600: Communication and Collaboration - End of Course Reflection

Communication and collaboration with parents, colleagues, and the community is an integral part of Explorer Community School, where I have worked the past ten years. Therefore, my experiences in this area have been very extensive and have shaped the type of teacher I am today; one that welcomes and values open communication and collaboration as tools to improve achievement and the school experience for all Explorer students. 928 more words

S3: Improve Teaching And Learning Through The Use Of Educational Research At The Classroom And School Levels.