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The Lost Art of Living

It takes courage to follow your mind but it takes EVERYTHING to follow your heart.

If there is one truth I stand by is this and this week I am sharing a concept with you, because don’t you just want to hear about a little and powerful tool that can exponentially turn your life into more joy, fun and ease?

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Going Back to College

I want to go back to college.

After leaving school in 2010 with 9 GCSEs, I went on to sixth form for a year to do Level 2 Public Services. 254 more words


DISC behavioural styles in a movie : 12 Angry Men

Last night, I was preparing a training session on team building and the impact of DISC behavioural styles on team processes and dynamics, and I was reminded of this movie that I used years ago when teaching adults in a vocational education setting. 379 more words



The last year has been tumultuous for the club. We have moved from Greenheyes to Withington, changed meetings from Monday nights to Tuesday nights and now back to Mondays and we are… 91 more words

Adult Learning

The Scottish Government takes a narrow view of adult learning, but at least it takes a view

In May 2014, the Scottish Government launched its Statement of Ambition on Adult Learning. Given its title, it isn’t surprising that the paper was long on generalities and short on specifics; its role was to set out a broad direction of travel, which would be followed by consultation over how best to get there. 172 more words


Eva's blog

Really enjoyed doing research into adult continuing learning. Discovered various agencies that had issued reports on this subject -gov.ie, Aontas, Leargas, Solas. Need to do more research at home.

Thanks Laura

Participant's Learning Blog

Our spring/summer brochures will soon be here .....

The brochures advertising WEA spring and summer courses in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire will soon be with us from the printers.

If you usually receive one of our brochures through the post it should arrive on your door mat around the 2nd or 3rd of December. 53 more words

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