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Boring Single Guys Blog

You can find my password on my Profile, if you don’t know what that is, then I probably don’t know you. If you want to get to know me send me a message, and I’ll decide later. 306 more words

Changes of Pace

While things in the Master/slave part of O/our relationship have had to take a back burner as we adapt to the summer schedule and me living back at home for the summer while i work, W/we have been able to grow as a couple. 194 more words


Master's Change of Mind- My Introduction to the Pump

i am still a couple of days behind with my writing however i hope to be caught up in the next day so that i may write about what is currently happening in O/our relationship faster and with more details.  875 more words


Milk Slave

O/our relationship has taken a few new and very exciting turns over the last week (back up to more or less present time… not a whole lot of NEW development happened in our relationship happened between Spring Break and now due to it being that crazy time of year in college). 1,390 more words