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Adult Podcast Guest Slots

If you work in the field of adult entertainment and would like to be featured on an Adult Podcast please contact me so we can set something up. 450 more words


Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice Podcast

Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice Podcast is tagged as the sex advice with an edge because it features no non-sense topics about sex, romance, relationship and passion. 121 more words


Conte and Kenny Show

If you like a show that talks about a variety of things from comedy, health, sports, latest news to explicit topics like sex, hot chicks and other adult discussions, you should give… 75 more words


Masocast Podcast

Masocast is an adult podcast that talks about sex, BDSM, kink, fetish and other stuffs that are sexually stimulating. Each episode features an interview with someone who openly talks about their sexuality, orgasms and sexual experiences. 47 more words


Should I Drink That?

Should I Drink That is a craft beer review podcast that will surely entertain and educate its listeners about all sorts of beers. The show is hosted by Father Spoon and Sickpuppy, both passionate and fun to be with beer drinkers. 84 more words


Chronicles of Libidacoria Podcast

The Chronicles of Libidacoria is an adult podcast about the journal of an independent woman’s sexual journey in our modern world. In each episode, K, the host of this podcast passionately narrates essays and poems about relationship, sex, romance and love. 51 more words


Bedroom Radio Podcast

Bedroom Radio Podcast is show that celebrates sexuality and the wonders of female orgasm. This is a strictly adult podcast that talks about sex toy reviews, live demonstrations and other erotic discussions. 63 more words