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Harvesting of the Disabled for Profit

Parents of children with special educational needs, be warned, the following, may be your fate.

Unless you ensure, you are part of the state cabal. 1,383 more words


Adult Supportive Services Assist SB County Residents Around The Home

The IHSS Program is a federal, state and locally funded program designed to help pay for services provided to you so that you can remain safely in your own home. 90 more words


Medway case part 2 - a lot of practice issues

Following on from the last blog – I don’t often split case discussions, but in this one I felt that the issues over the foster carer and recording was worth a piece on its own. 3,652 more words

Section 20

The Mental Capacity Act in practice -emancipated or insentient?

8 years ago, the Mental Capacity Act was, supposedly, implemented, to provide a  ’ legal’ framework, to empower, and emancipate,   the incapables’ ‘decision making’.

But, does it? 868 more words


Workshop Notes: DD Lecture Series

Dick Malott (from the world of applied behavior analysis) posts his workshop notes and I find them to be quite useful, so I decided to give it a try as well. 807 more words

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