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I just want your love...morning quickie #3

Quickies for Adults

 I just want your fingers caressing my lips and your mouth kissing my…
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Morning quickie no. 2

Quickies for Adults

Sipping on her coffee, She waited anxiously for her lover to arrive. There he was looking at….continue reading

Erotic Art

Morning quickie no. 1

We were made for this. Our bodies were made to love and our perfectly traced lips to kiss. Inch by inch…continue reading >>>


Uyi's House.

It was a Thursday evening and Uyi and I were supposed to attend a poetry festival on the island. I was dressed casually in a short skirt and a pair of boots; I drove to our meeting point and as I pulled onto the expressway, my phone rang. 663 more words

Eat me full, baby

Swim your lips in my pussy’s love pool.
Spread my legs and keep them wide…
Let your tongue surf on my juices’ tide.
Go all the way in, don’t be afraid… 72 more words


Free me, lover

Lying in wait…
between smooth swells
concealed by fabric

Moist, deep pink lips
my very essence
longing to be released

Free me.

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