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Dogging (Adult Fiction)

Anna got down on her knees and took a cock in each hand, wrapping her fingers firmly around the throbbing flesh. She opened her mouth wide as a third cock pushed all the way down to her tonsils. 64 more words

Adult Fiction

Quick Confession

Decided to spice up a boring day at work by wearing a butt plug – so if you notice a waitress walking a bit funny when you’re getting your morning coffee, that might be me. 16 more words

Adult Fiction

Different Kind of Dating Profile

Fucked up bitch searching for a soulmate. Looking for a bastard who needs to be in control. I’ll be your own personal cum dump to use and abuse. 231 more words


First Real Orgasm

I’d been seeing Richie for a few months, but I wasn’t quite sure why I was with him – we had nothing in common and our sex life was mediocre. 540 more words

Adult Fiction

Renting a Room (Part Two)

Continued from part one, here.

The funny thing about Larry is that he never actually touched me – not really. He got off on humiliating me. 203 more words

Adult Fiction

Renting a Room (Part One)

I didn’t find out what he’d been doing until much later – when he eventually confessed everything to me – but it started the first night I moved in. 278 more words

Adult Fiction

First Time Anal

My ex-boyfriend spent months trying to talk me into anal sex. I found the whole idea disgusting – it seemed like the dirtiest thing in the world, and so I said no. 211 more words

Adult Fiction