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She Claims To Know Me: Part 2 - An Explanation Was Needed

The annoyed tone in her voice was my cue to leave, but Tae (the young lady who I was helping out) interfered with my exit by introducing her frowned face friend to me as, Peaches. 561 more words

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She Claims To Know Me: The Grocery Store

While standing in line at the local grocery store with only 2 people ahead of me, she just so happened to find her way behind me in line. 508 more words

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The Interview

Genevieve absentmindedly chewed her bottom lip; a nervous habit, a leftover tic from an awkward adolescence that would resurface when anxiety buzzed in her chest like an angry hornet.  1,459 more words

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Sex with father in law

I am married to Rahul for 2 years and have one son with him. Rahul has changed in many ways, he is not like he used to be sweet and caring in the first year of marriage. 636 more words

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The call | phonesex erotic art fantasy

The first time you touched me here i knew..the heat your words generated..whispered close to my ear..touched the core of me..liquid fire..the fingers of your words stroking me, your mouth awakening my… 8 more words

Erotic Art + Portraits