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Wife’s friend renting a room

So after a night out on her own Pai (a Thai girl renting a room in our home) came home at about 5 am totally drunk and she could not even get her key in the lock. 661 more words

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Night Out at TG (Torture Garden) in London 

We had decided to go to TG (A big monthly Fetish club in London/ Europe) in London for a night out and Jane was wearing a black see through blouse with buttons and no bra so her amazing 34c tits and nipples could just be seen through the thin fabric. 1,446 more words

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We were invited to a party by my mate

We were invited to a party by my mate Gary, who had already told me what happens and I told Jit my 24 year old wife of 2 years from Thailand.  1,205 more words

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Slut daughter of my wife's friend

Mandy is an 18 yr old half Thai and English daughter of Noi. Born in the UK so has a typical British girls schooling. I managed to make Facebook friends with her so as to see some pics and see what she posted to her mates. 2,790 more words

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There’s more Dick Part 1

Tito is my current resident back bender. It’s all recent but he is an above average lover, attentive, affectionate and just violent enough. He fucks me so good that I send random appreciation texts just to pay obeisance to the gods of good dick. 514 more words


Masturbation Confessions

It’s time to purge ourselves. Let’s confess. Perhaps you want to share your masturbation fantasy. Perhaps you want to tell the story of the stranger you masturbate to when you’re alone. 21 more words


Condoms can fail, Are you safe?

So recently Durex released an article that was all about this subject, and well if Durex say it then we all have to take their word for it don’t we? 640 more words

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