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Masturbation Confessions

It’s time to purge ourselves. Let’s confess. Perhaps you want to share your masturbation fantasy. Perhaps you want to tell the story of the stranger you masturbate to when you’re alone. 21 more words


NEW EXPERIENCES CH 7B: Something New (final chapter)

Chapter 7B: Something New doesn’t Hurt.

Graduation by vitamin c is being sung by the school’s choir, parents and students crying, gosh graduations are such sad days, not for me tho, I don’t know what to do with my life after now, maybe go to some uni, I have choices and acceptance tho. 947 more words


Condoms can fail, Are you safe?

So recently Durex released an article that was all about this subject, and well if Durex say it then we all have to take their word for it don’t we? 730 more words

Sex and Food? Getting fruity & veg 

What is it that makes sex and food so sexy? There are just those certain food that just scream sex.

We are a couple that mixes sex and food. 561 more words

The "Fuckathon"

I met Jude at a tech event and even though we were introduced by a mutual friend, a tech investor, we didn’t hit it off initially. 1,482 more words


Finger Fucked (Part 2)

I have been asked to write the concluding part of this series so, here you go. I am actually pleased that you guys read!

Then, he whipped out his dick, oh! 392 more words