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The Short Blue Part 3

The older man turns back in surprise and hesitates, but he waves him ahead.

“I think I’ll have one more and finish out this game,” he nods toward the TV screen, never taking his eyes off me. 261 more words


Fearless: Seven Minutes in Heaven

When we were young, awkward– yet brave…we played a little game. Seven lucky minutes in the dark, behind a closed door, with a boy. It was sometimes a dare, sometimes a prize, and sometimes by chance, that we would end up with pounding hearts, wedged together in a strange closet smelling of leather and mothballs…with seven minutes to express our limited understanding of the sexual experience. 59 more words


The Short Blue Part 2

The band is decidedly down-tempo for such a busy night, as they launch into a melancholy cover of Mazzy Starr’s “Fade into You”.

“May I have the pleasure?” 470 more words


Nothing Compares To U

My head against your chest

as you stroke my hair, my face

the silky skin of my shoulders, my back

I sigh with contentment…

weary from the events of the day… 179 more words


Long Fat Tuesday: Stuck in the Past (Part 2) – Book Excerpt

Stuck in the Past

Last night, March 17, 1998, it had been the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It was traditional to toss items from parade floats during Mardi Gras, and this custom had spread to all major parade events. 190 more words


Sweet Escape: Chapter 2: Partners (Part 1) – Book Excerpt


I admired Meaghan’s relaxed attitude as I watched her leave Giorgio’s Ristorant. It was pretty obvious to me that she felt comfortable in her own skin. 1,437 more words


Sweet Escape: Chapter 1: Realizations (Part 2) – Book Excerpt

Realizations (Part 2)

Taking a deep breath, I walked back into my “space” and began unpacking the few measly possessions I had brought with me.  A nice little flowering plant, some favourite pens, some notepads and I was set.  2,648 more words