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Art. Sex. The Nudio Sessions. Model: Brian. 2-10-16

Short session after work tonight at the home studio with Brian. He wore a climber’s harness which added interesting visual interest and the suggestion of garter belts.

Great session.


Art. Drinking While Drawing. 1-30-15

Sometimes I bring pad and pencils to the local bar, and on non busy nights I draw what I wish was happening in the quiet bar.


Sex. Art. roughing up the roughs. 1-24-16

Sometimes while procrastinating about laundry, etc, I’ll go back and fiddle with the 90 second roughs and fill in some details.

Before… and after.


Sex. Art. Model: James. 1-23-16

Being snowed in with a figure drawing model is delightful.

Tonight’s drawings.


Sex. The Hidden Scar. 1-23-16

Difficult topic but a continuation on a theme – if one in three women and one in five men have experienced sexual assault, but the number of convictions of rape are less than 2% against the total number of reported rapes, and most rapes go unreported, there’s a likelihood that anyone reading this message was either raped, knows someone who was raped, or you don’t know you know someone who was raped, but they haven’t shared that information with you. 740 more words


Sex. The Nudio. Drawing during a blizzard.1-22-16.

Models, especially the fit and outdoorsy ones, like a challenge. Peter took a 20 minute trek through the snow to come and draw with me.

Here are the drawings.