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A Peek Into Adulthood

 adult, /əˈdʌlt/ [noun] 

: a person or animal that has grown to full SIZE and STRENGTH

Adulthood  is when you stop asking money from your parents because uttering the words “nak duit” (translation: i want some money) becomes uncool.  315 more words



My parents’ daughter (Mpd) : What!? How can you even consider something like that!!?

Lily : Well… what’s wrong with it? You are being offered an internship in a highly reputed company with a decent stipend, the perks of food and accommodation, and the freedom that you so dearly crave – to go where you want, with whom you want, to explore new places, to make your own (responsible) decisions… 1,476 more words


My Visitation*** Part 1.

I lie in bed thinking of Him, my Erotic fantasies once again coming to life and throbbing between my legs.  It wasn’t so long ago that he came to me, as a sliver of lightning, panting, beneath the darkness…was this all a dream?  499 more words

The Sister in the Shadows

I’m sure you’ll assume I mean that I had some “name” to live up to as the younger sister. I am the youngest indeed, but it wasn’t like I was always in their shadows of achievements. 701 more words

19 Years Old

"Firework Girls Series" by Jordyn White

Forbidden Heat
Jordyn White
(Firework Girls #1)
Publication date: September 11th 2017
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance

My plans for the future didn’t include falling for my professor.

932 more words