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This Preacher Compared Pedophile Priests To Adulterous Women In A School Newsletter, And It's Not Okay

Many of the priest-related stories that hit the internet revolve around bizarre stories like hoverboard discipline or a raging gambling addiction. But what one priest did was so shocking that no chuckles occur, simply disbelief. 304 more words


Cheating Isn't Your Fault. It is Mine.

I have been spending a few days reading blogs that are predominantly written by women and men who have cheated on their spouses. Reading blog after blog left my emotions in a state of sadness after having begun the process full of complete anger. 370 more words

Cheating Spouses

9-24-2015 Marriage is for All Times

Marriage was begun┬áby God. “Then the rib which the LORD God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man. 121 more words


Days 0755, 0756, 0757 & 0758

One of the most devastating after effects of Halfman was how crushingly STUPID I was left feeling. To be taken in by a passive and lazy conman … Maybe that’s the only type of conman who could have got me, but still. 255 more words