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Cheating Isn't Your Fault. It is Mine.

I have been spending a few days reading blogs that are predominantly written by women and men who have cheated on their spouses. Reading blog after blog left my emotions in a state of sadness after having begun the process full of complete anger. 370 more words


9-24-2015 Marriage is for All Times

Marriage was begun by God. “Then the rib which the LORD God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man. 121 more words


Days 0755, 0756, 0757 & 0758

One of the most devastating after effects of Halfman was how crushingly STUPID I was left feeling. To be taken in by a passive and lazy conman … Maybe that’s the only type of conman who could have got me, but still. 255 more words

Do Not Associate With Immoral Christian Hypocrites

As born again children of God and followers of Jesus Christ we are the Body of Christ in which He dwells and we must be HOLY like He is holy. 245 more words

A depraved mind – February 26, 2015

My children, many have a depraved mind because they do not love the truth, they always oppose the truth in their wickedness and stubbornness because they love and choose lies instead of the truth. 186 more words

Rudy Giuliani: 'I’m not questioning his patriotism.'

One day Rudy Giuliani says: “… I do not believe that the president loves America.” The next day he says:”…I’m not questioning his patriotism.” Since “patriotism” … 199 more words