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Movie recommendation:THE ADULTERERS-a brutal wedding anniversary night. watch trailer

Husband came home early on his wedding anniversary and caught his wife on bed with another muscular, heavy loaded man. If this was your wife/husband on bed with another man/woman on your wedding anniversary night, what will you do? watch trailer below.

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Adulterers, what would you do ?

After hearing so much talk about the movie “Adulterers” I decided to give it a fair chance. People were absolutely raving about what happens so I was very excited when I got the chance to sit down and watch it. 856 more words

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From My Book on Dangers of Sexual Deviance

{Following is an excerpt from my book regarding porn addiction, sexual exhibitionism and other forms of sexual deviance.}
I do not in any way excuse the deviant behaviors that are discussed in this book (published on Amazon), because they are obviously highly-immoral both spiritually and in the eyes of the law and rightfully judged as punishable offenses. 736 more words

Friends in Low Places - Unfinished Business...

Lusting for her fall
Your four ears in on her calls
Sharing how she bleeds

Re-tooled her story
While you bonded in secret
Winking together… 57 more words


Controversial issues – August 18, 2016

There are many controversial issues you will have to deal with. Do not get into controversial disputes and arguments, it is not pleasing to Me, it only leads to envy, strive and division. 297 more words

Stubborn and rebellious – June 27, 2016

This generation is stubborn and rebellious that is why their deeds are evil and not good. They love darkness not Light. They choose to be stubborn and rebellious. 260 more words