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Why of It

The Why of It

With a sideshow freak Peter Strzok cheated.
Why? His member became overheated.
It was smaller than small
But grew hotter than all— 13 more words

Adulterers (2016)

For a time before I moved to Austin three years ago, I flirted with the idea of moving to L.A. and working as a script reader, as a dear friend had for a few years. 1,669 more words


Loss of the Ugly Girlfriend

Loss of the Ugly Girlfriend

Now Strzok’s slut, with the gums, in dismay
Has to part. She was not a great lay—
But she was a cheap date. 18 more words

Error of My Ways

The Error of My Ways

Or perhaps it’s pronounced “Peter Struck.”
Such a twist would be, well, just my luck.
Error causes me pains.
But the fact still remains: 14 more words

Different Strzoks for Different Folks

Different Strzoks for Different Folks

Lisa Page is in tears now. Who knew
That her gums would be mocked through and through?
Peter Strzok, though, is wise. 21 more words

What a Girl!

What a Girl!

Peter Strzok had a mistress named Page
Who in counsel was savvy and sage.
But what vast gums she showed
as the news gossip flowed! 14 more words

John's Believe It Or Not... September 25th

Oh-Oh… It’s Monday! Did you know…

* 1996 – Québec singer Céline Dion reaches #1 on the Billboard Top 200 for record sales.

Celine Dion, (born Céline Marie Claudette Dion; 30 March 1968) is a Canadian singer and businesswoman. 2,388 more words

John's Believe It Or Not