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(One of the Reasons) I Miss 80s TV

Recently, I’ve been re-watching an old favorite TV show of mine, Scarecrow and Mrs. King.  Anyone under age 40 probably doesn’t even remember it.  It was a spy-type of comedy that ran four seasons from 1983 to 1987 about an ordinary housewife, Amanda King, played by Kate Jackson (Sabrina of Charlie’s Angels for you 70s TV show fans) and Lee Stetson, aka Scarecrow, played by Bruce Boxleitner, a seasoned spy for “The Agency”.  879 more words


It's a foregone conclusion that I don't trust myself, but others are pretty reliable.

It feels like an age since I’ve “done” anything. I don’t mean like I’ve been frozen in carbonite. I’ve been out and about, though rarely after dark because it’s cold and I’ve kind of had enough of winter by now. 620 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

#AWM 2: One step at a time pt. 1


Welcome to the second post in the #AdultWithMe Series. Honestly, today was not a great way to start of the week for me but hey, we keep pushing, right? 636 more words


Bullying & Beyond!


Now before i start, i apologise for not uploading a new blog post yesterday. Ive had a lot going on with my M.H.I (Mental Health Issues) for those of you who dont know i suffer with anxiety, depression and OCD. 1,467 more words

Kitchen Catastrophes Connoisseur

Speak to anyone close to me, and they will probably tell you that one of my more charming traits (I hope) is that I am a complete and utter failure in the kitchen. 611 more words

Growing Up Is Over Rated

I’m convinced no one truly know what they are doing.

Yes, most people have their plans and goals and work tirelessly to achieve those dreams, but there is absolutely no guarantee that you’ll be successful. 251 more words


Now You See Me

Tak… kde jsme to skončili?

Myslím, že od chvíle, co jsem se odstěhovala z Londýna a můj denní rozvrh se trochu obrátil vzhůru nohama, už byla jen otázka času, kdy to tady kompletně padne. 1,512 more words