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The inner flower

That grew in childhood

And bloomed in youth

Has withered and wilted

In the barren wasteland

Of adulthood

Petals fallen

From skeletal stem… 17 more words


(g) Full of awe; November 22 haibun

Full of awe; November 22 haibun

“Learn to pray without ceasing.” ~ Ezra Bayda

It seems that I have been writing forever. Almost more than… 139 more words


Miss Bliss

Surrounding me I see infants infinitely insisting on inching

I’m cringing because I can’t explain to them everything they’re missing,

The world still glistening with possibility before their christening- 145 more words


Thoughts When Traveling Alone

Happy Travel Tuesday!

Crazy to think nearly a year ago, one week shy, I jumped on a plane to go across the world on impulse and check it off my bucket list. 373 more words


Why I like to disagree with people

Generally, I don’t seek out conflict. But at the same time, I won’t hesitate to disagree with people – in part for the usual reasons (e.g. 499 more words


Mercury poisoning can't come fast enough.

Okay, so I’m back in Toronto. Montreal was a downright deluge of deliciously decadent dishes. Toronto’s not so bad though, I do alright. I may have spent the weekend gorging myself on a gaggle of grand gluttonous goodies, but at home things are simpler, though no less sumptuous. 572 more words

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