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Closing in on 26...

I read an article this morning, from Buzzfeed, titled 13 Mistakes Twentysomething Should be 100% OK With (see it here). Never have I lived my life based on a list, but sometimes these little lists are great, what I like to call, “perspective inserts.”  Sometimes, in the mess that is being a young adult, I need a little perspective inserted into my life. 739 more words

The Art of Friendship

By Stina Hunziker

If you ask any of my friends they’ll tell you that I am caring, easy to get along with and willing to drop pretty much anything for them at anytime. 588 more words


Writing as Therapy

I wrote a poem–a thing which I don’t do often–and I didn’t write it because I wanted to sound profound, or I wanted to be a great writer. 478 more words

Day Thirty-Six and Thirty-Seven: Hippie in Olympos

My new tour, Cappadocia Adventure, has started and our main destination is Cappadocia and the famous Valley of the Fairy Ghimneys where we will hot air balloon. 822 more words

Europe 2015

Eating Healthy On A Meal Plan

Eating healthy is hard. It’s a fact of life, now take this struggle and try to eat healthy while on a college meal plan! The freshman 15 is a real thing, unfortunately I know this as a fact having gained, not 15, but a couple extra pounds in… 1,468 more words


My Period Makes Me Feel Unfeminine

I was the featured storyteller at Stories on the Square for the month of July, and I told a story about the trials of having a period when you don’t fucking know how to handle it. 1,495 more words


Long Distance Relationships: The Good, The Bad, and Why They Usually Don't Work

I, personally, refuse to ever be in a long distance relationship again. I attempted to make one work my freshman year of college with my high school sweetheart, and it didn’t end well. 859 more words