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Being an Adult

If you’re anything like me – then you probably don’t quite know how to ‘be an adult’. I’ve been treading the murky waters of adulthood for the last four years and it’s safe to say that much of it consists of playing a role and learning whilst at it, from both the positives and negatives that derive from it. 227 more words


14 Young Divorcés On Why Their Marriage Fell Apart So Early

1. “We started dating in eighth grade and never broke up. So by the time we turned twenty-two, we figured…. we should probably just get married. 613 more words

Why Not?

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your family or friends, or whoever you chose to spend it with!  I enjoyed my small crazy family like always.   389 more words

For a Start

Sitting in a lecture and being bored out of your life is an incident that occurs with most students. But what do you do when u get asked a question? 74 more words


Why the perfect red lip matters

So until this past Sunday, I had never really worn red lipstick properly before. Flirted with it just a little, tried red tints, but nothing that was boldly, unashamedly, absolutely red. 535 more words

Gratitude Day #6

I’m late. I’m late. For a very important date!  Well, not really. But I feel as if I shouldn’t have waited so long to post today.   1,550 more words