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Utopia To Dystopia

Whites were more

Blacks were few

But grey was still absconding.

Smiles when happy

Tears befriended sorrow

Emotions weren’t under bonding.

Sand slipped down the hourglass… 66 more words

Should we consider adolescence to last until age 24?

(Source: www.theverge.com)

Thinking of adolescence as lasting until age 24 “corresponds more closely” to how the lives of young people today work, writes an expert in adolescent health. 349 more words


Dreams of Hope and Fret

From days of cribs
And bottled dining
We are told about our dreams
Hold them tight
Pursue them fast
Let them fly among the clouds… 119 more words


Johnny and the Quest for The Perfect Tools

Meet Johnny Man.

Johnny Man lives in a very small town nestled in the woods of Scandinavia. In this small town,  the sole purpose in life is to build a chair. 1,140 more words


What is Right, Left, Aside ...

I’m looking for the words,

today I want to figure


not crawl back inside,

just leave the momentum

outside my mind,

so I am not constantly drawn back. 185 more words


Like A Child Lost In The Mall

The world seems so big sometimes.

But no one else seems scared or lost.

No one seems to be stumbling, fidgeting. No one else has eyes lit with fear, with a look that says “Please help me”. 469 more words


Daily Prompt #21: Carnies

“C’mon man, aren’t you excited,” he asked.

A good friend and I were at Rocket Mountain the other day, a local theme park.

“I’ve been hundreds of times already,” I said, loathing. 684 more words