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why do i have to be the voice of reason when i'm also dealing with my own shit?

So a lot it’s happening right now, my brother is moving out and with that me and my sister will also have to move out since we are not able to afford our current apartment. 739 more words


Finally the day has come, I am a real adult…? And no I’m not talking about turning 18, been there done that. Plus it’s just a really old teenager. 395 more words


life pt 1

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings and emotions that you just don’t know anymore? Dont know what to do..dont know what even to feel. 108 more words


What shall we do for our Sister (part 2): wall or door?

Songs of Solomon taught me that there might be at least two kinds of girls – the walls and the doors.

If you’re a wall as a single lady, it’s going to be difficult for any man to gain access to your inner treasure. 722 more words


I often feel like I’m wistful for the very next stage of life. Really. When I was in middle school, I wanted to drive a car and go to the movies. 297 more words

Operation: Beauty Rest

So, now that I’m back at my parents’, I have about a month until I start work and plenty of free time. So, it’s time to undo what school did. 190 more words


The Women in My Life

Or the Men in your life as a female.

You should be careful of who you spend time with in general, however the members of the opposite sex you spend time with can be the most influential in at least four ways. 317 more words