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Reclaiming My Time=Self-Care

The past two weeks have been crazy and hectic! As a Student Affairs, professional August is one of the busiest times of the year. Currently I am preparing for my students to move in for the semester, and I must say that I am ready for their return. 892 more words


Angry adult rant

Why did I wait til my mid twenties to start deciding to trust myself? My decision making skills are next to zero, and I really wish that I had started to learn how to do that earlier in life. 313 more words



Hi Readers

Right back to a very young age I have always been obsessed with books. My Auntie Sally apparently tried to get me to repeat nursery rhymes after her as she read them to me; sadly I was a pretty stubborn toddler.  1,105 more words


Lyrics lyrics lyrics

When I was a teenager I would frequently post song lyrics as my Facebook status.

Looking back now I cringe so fucking much just thinking about it. 484 more words


#Mondayblogs: I Can Adult (When I Need To)

There are plenty of days where I don’t feel like an adult. Adults have steady jobs that pay the bills. Adults drive cars.  Adults get married and have children. 426 more words


08/17/17 - Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Today’s entry deals with Israel and condemning nazis, villagers with torches and pitchforks, justice for sexual assault victims, and mentally ill badasses. In that order so if one of the parts doesn’t strike your fancy, might I suggest – 2,336 more words