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Over the last two years, I’ve finally come to accept the belief that adults do not know what they’re doing.

Although I have heard the actual words “I don’t know what I’m doing.” in cartoons and afternoon specials and from adults that said these words right out of their mouth, it finally hit me that, they really do not have a clue and are as lost as children in their lives of their own. 171 more words

Table for one: A Pintrest Dinner

I have finally taken the leap into the adult world by moving into my own place-well, room. I am realizing the level of freedom that comes with living alone is quickly overshadowed by all the responsibilities that comes with it.  220 more words


Perversion of pure act: are we going to pretend it doesn't exist?

I’m really distraught.

(This is a serious post, this whole topic saddens my heart.)

Why is our world perverted.

Why are we sucked into that perversion? 1,084 more words


Getting A New Perspective

Just between us, I don’t want to live a life that’s comprehensive. But here we are, and somehow we reached this trap that’s adulthood. Undoubtedly, it is a truly strange place to be. 412 more words



The yin and yang of adulthood violently collided this morning as I flossed with a terrible hangover.

It had been a fantastic evening – at least what I could remember of it. 92 more words


First matchmaker date

I was debating on where to start the series, but decided on writing about the most recent one yet. The one that is still fresh on my mind and is still laughing at how ridiculous this guy is. 795 more words


Thoughts From a Snowbound Fit of Melancholy

This is a post that has written itself over numerous times in my mind on several occasions recently, usually early in the evening when the voices of depression chime in after the cold, gray day’s silence. 1,649 more words