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If I’ve got time to write this, I should definitely be writing my dissertation instead. But, right now, this feels, if not more important, just more necessary. 906 more words

White Noise, Part II

WAIT. Have you read Part I? Do that first.

As Kate sat on their wrap-around porch, she couldn’t help but wonder. Wonder if she was doing the right thing, wonder if Thomas would resent her for leaving, wonder if she packed everything she would need…. 966 more words


lost my head there

At what point are we adults? Is it, as the law infers, when we turn 18? Is it when we get jobs and move out of our parent’s house? 225 more words


That Post You Don't Want to Post but You Have to because that's Just Where You Are Right Now

Omg so….I don’t even know where we’re at with stories of the twins and all the happy nonsense I typically post. This is not that post. 240 more words


The Colorful Crooked House

One of the not-so-joys of living in a neighborhood that was once quiet and up-and-coming, and is now a petri dish of dual-income millennial hipsters is the rage that comes with driving. 146 more words


This Is What You Need To Do Before You Fall In Love

Learn how to enjoy your own company, how to be okay with spending a Friday evening by yourself. Learn that spending time alone will not equate to an existential crisis-inducing nothingness – unless you let it. 470 more words

Mornings then, mornings now

​I looked out of the window as a part of what my father called the ‘near-far’ focussing exercise to relieve stress on my eyes and morning headaches. 239 more words