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It gets better after High School

TW: this post mentions mental health and vague mentions of drug use. 

I realised recently that I’ve now been out of High School longer than I was there. 534 more words


4. Hyper vigilance lasts forever. 

After the incident, I couldn’t go anywhere without thinking everyone knew what happened to me. Any laughs I heard, I just knew they were laughing at me. 443 more words


Let It Go

Have you ever sat on the sidelines watching others have fun, desperately wanting to partake but was afraid if you did, you would be told: “you’re not acting your age?”  I was often told growing up, “to act my age!” I carried this baggage with me into adulthood, proving no real purpose except to prevent me from fully living my life.   252 more words

Finding yourself as an adult in the Whole Foods of life

Remember when you were little and you got lost at the grocery store? Remember who found you? Likely an adult, if not specifically a parent. In fact, it was probably really easy to get found. 388 more words


This might take longer to write than the next Game of Thrones book, but I'm in.

This was a lot easier two years ago. Last year, even. That was all different, but familiar territory. This year marks a new milestone. I’m three years into the longest romantic relationship in my life. 494 more words


Pushing through Parenthood with a child on the Autism Spectrum. (1 min read)

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If you don’t know by know, a lot of my inspiration comes from my life experiences. 311 more words