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2017: A Review

Oh, 2017. I just can’t seem to make myself feel sad that you’re gone.

In general, 2017 was pretty crappy. It brought a lot of let downs and disappointments, some strained personal relationships, and a few nights crying alone in my room. 569 more words


The Plan, The Attack

I made a plan. A good Plan. An exciting Plan. All there was to do now was tell mum the plan …..

The Way

I am all for signs, I think the universe always throws little hints our way. 1,446 more words


What is the price of self-worth

My parents had never motivated me to find a job and I was never in a need of one. Sure I didn’t really have any money to spare, but I didn’t mind. 396 more words

Am I too contrite to make an Aziz An-sorry pun? Looks like I'm just trite.

I want to talk about the Aziz allegations, because I think it’s worth putting thoughts out there. I’d like to emphasise that I’m not aiming to grandstand, to throw out some pointed think piece to put people in their place. 853 more words


The Initial Descent of A Depressive Episode (Caution: Rough Landing Ahead)

The plane ride was an okay one, but a relatively long one. There had been a few disturbances, of course. The rough air from the bouts of anxiety caused by storms and clouds, the crying child and cursing man, representing the worse parts of my ego trip, troubles with my carry-on almost not fitting in the overhead bins, held for only the right amount of trauma and PTSD, and starved from lack of nutritious meals,  like friends missed and connections lost on this long flight. 937 more words

Random Thoughts

The Grad School Coma

Graduating from grad school with your masters in creative writing is kind of like waking up from a coma. Three years have passed and now you have to acclimate to a world you no longer understand. 489 more words

My Existential Crises

Dad Called Me a Bastard

“It is cool” that is all he says, though the shirt is rumbled and the skirt has a torn slit.

I used to think this short or no compliment nature had to do with his personality, not all gentle men knows the right words to compliment a young lady, but it all got clear in marriage. 717 more words