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please touch the art

One of my friends recently asked me, not in so many words, if I’d like to play hooky from my life. His vacation days at work expire if he doesn’t use them, which means he occasionally has to invent adventures. 1,593 more words



I’ve lost the memory of a time when this room breathed for me. Somewhere in the years I left the youthful glow of yellow walls. I gained self, stretched outwards and cannot now fit in that single bed, centered in a room that was full and now is empty. 51 more words


I'm an Adult?

I’ve never been too good about looking toward the future. Planning was never my strong suit. I always had an idea of the adult I wanted to become, but I didn’t plan or work towards that. 380 more words


Hindsight Update

Right after last night’s post I heard from the guy. Paraphrased:

Bitter: What are you up to tonight?

Me: Eating popcorn and watching tv.

Bitter: Your not gonna invited me over lol… 151 more words


Someone's Getting Married!

….It’s not me, no one freak out!

One of my favorite girls is getting married today!  It’s been a pretty busy week of cake baking with Bitch Faced Bestie, wine drinking, and general work stresses.   430 more words


You're an Adult.

Three months ago, for the first time in my life, someone called me an adult, and they meant it. The utterance wasn’t the congratulatory-yet-also-cautionary-statement-at-an-18th-birthday, it was genuine and it was powerful. 1,376 more words


If eating an entire tin of peas for dinner doesn't define bachelor life, I don't know what does.

I may well be addicted to computers. After spending 8 hours at work today tap tap tapping away at the keyboard, I came home only to turn on my home desktop. 563 more words

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