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Where the Wild Ideas Are

One of my problems I encounter every day is taking ideas and making them my own. I see or experience something and rarely am I ever content to just leave it be. 346 more words


"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not."

​During my youth,
I took leaves
And flowers
and I played
“He loves me,
He loves me not.”
For flowers
I would take each petal… 95 more words

I’ve been down a lot over the last few years.

Let’s make it the last decade or so.

Things have been crazy, things have been hard, things have made me cry and scream and fight.

469 more words

Lessons From "The Renaissance Soul": My Academic Breakdown, Explained

One of my favorite books is The Renaissance Soul – a how-to manual for folks with multiple interests and passions. Recently, I’ve been reading the 2nd edition. 664 more words


Chaos Lately.

My life has become such repetition

I have become the latest and greatest rendition of myself for all to see

With hands in the air grasping for anything- 118 more words


Relationship goals

When you hear the term relationship goals you think of a couple that is really adorable and does cute things together all the time. You know, like those pictures and posts on Tumblr about holding hands for hours. 862 more words


Here Is Every Type Of Friend We All Have In Our Twenties

The Grandma: Leaves the party early. Doesn’t have an excuse other than “I’m tired.” Doesn’t feel bad about it.

The Barney Stinson: The one you continue to somehow be friends with, even though you tell him that he is a douchebag at least twice a day. 452 more words