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236. Class

I’ll be that brave somebody for you,
at least that’s how each version goes,
when lectured words, like tapping rain,
slipped by the windowpane unheeded. 86 more words


Monday Anxiety Update

I would like to say that my anxiety level has dropped to barely there but we all know that this is not something that goes away just like that.   587 more words


First Blog Post

Hey there, so my name is Bailie and this is where I will be writing my posts on becoming a full adult, I may be legally an adult but I for sure do not in any sort of way feel like one. 13 more words


Like Swiss cheese, I'm seeing holes in my plans.

Does everyone like regular editions of “things Leon’s not allowed to complain about?” I hope so, because it’s happening.

This poly dating thing is hard. That’s my complaint. 1,202 more words



The most sad thing about anxiety is not the crushing, you know, feelings of anxiousness. It’s the fact that anxiety is so commonplace that it’s boring to hear about. 243 more words

The fine line between adolescent and adult

Laurence Steinberg reported for the Boston Globe on the Dzokhar Tsarnaev trial. She raised an interesting point about Tsarnaev’s age. Is he an adolescent or an adult? 115 more words


Adulthood, and Other Nightmares

Note: This was originally written when I was 24. While many of these sentiments still ring true four years later, there is also a lot of fear in these words that I now realize was largely unwarranted. 1,203 more words