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Finding Peace in the Process

Originally posted February 19, 2016 

I’ve been struggling, friends.

It took me a while to figure out why because I am doing all sorts of adulting over here, and adulting is stressful with all it’s deadlines, health issues, decisions, spouses, kids, chores, lists, life, death, etc. 834 more words

#12- Adulting in Korea

Q: How’s adulting going for y’all? What are some concerns and worries that you face in your everyday life? How do you go about making decisions for your future? 985 more words


Sometimes, I really want to quit my job!

Some of you are probably saying “don’t we all”.  So for those who love their jobs/careers this one is not for you but do read anyway. 607 more words


DancerLife: Food, Part 2-Make A Plan

(You can find Part 1 here.)

Last month, I attended a really great Zoom workshop with Becky Lindberg Schroeder on nutrition for dancers and realized that I’ve been doing a few really important things wrong. 1,830 more words


002 - Diary of A Foreigner

I stared at the blank wall across from me. She had just left, but I already missed her.

Her laughter, smile, jesting remarks and needy tendencies… I missed them all. 200 more words


Turning 28 - From anxious toiling to taking it easy without lacking seriousness

As per tradition, ever since I started this blog, I write something about every new year of my life.

I was born on 1 August in 1992, by the way. 1,215 more words


I Just Want To...

When I resumed blogging, I believe most of my thoughts revolve around my endless battle with my weight. My real struggle was my sleeping pattern. You see, my mom told me that when I was still an infant, I had an illness wherein she said “hindi ka natutulog”. 362 more words