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Colouring Books for grown-ups?

I’be noticed them before but today saw a whole stand in a local branch of Sainsbury’s devoted to these colouring books.

They profess to aid mindfulness, creativity, and even stress relief. 30 more words



I recently made a decision to write a blog about sex. It’s not because I long to conversate and discuss my sex life or lack thereof. 872 more words


Henry Davis Wins Appeal Against Ferguson Cops Who Beat Him; Can Now Sue for Excessive Force

The Ferguson cops charged Henry Davis with destruction of property because he bled on their uniforms when they beat him.

Then, as if fearing it might be outdone in ridiculousness, a federal district court ruled that Davis could not sue the cops for violating his Fourth Amendment rights because they had not injured him badly enough as he lay handcuffed on the jailhouse floor, a working man  751 more words


Grown-ups are weird: "Yes"

I have noticed weird usage of the word “Yes”.

Saying “Yes” in response to not a question, and not a statement that requires a verbal term of agreement. 186 more words


Open to Suggestion

So, I’m not sure how many of you out there know, but in the past I’ve done literary missions. A prior one you can look up on my site is the Evancovich mission, the attempt to read through the entire Stephanie Plum series in three to four months before the next one in the series was released. 77 more words


Craziest Job Interview Stories

In the year and a half after I graduated college, I had trouble finding a “real” job, so I did a bunch of part-time jobs in addition to spending every possible second applying and interviewing. 1,059 more words

Thursday Truths With Lori

Adulting Sucks.

As usual, Glee got me all up in my feels.

I love this show, but everyone is in high school, except Finn, Rachel, Puckerman, and Kurt, but they all have something to live for. 94 more words