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The Future of Selfies

In a distant, alternate universe, Tami has just snapped and shared her 10,000th selfie. She becomes the first person to do so in a mere 5 years. 978 more words


Hello Kitty!

Za pozwoleniem, ale czy ja mogę coś powiedzieć? Czy ktoś mówił, że koty to muszą po coś być? No ale właściwie są po coś, kto powiedział, że nie?? 50 more words

Sandra Kluskiewicz

Cos I'm suddenly (supposed to be) free


i have a sneaky suspicion that how a person behaves when he is angry (or maybe VERY angry) can tell us a lot about his mental maturity/ability/capacity. 2,333 more words

Oh Whachai Saiy

Thrift Shops, Puppies and Gelato, Oh My!

Today was the most perfect day of the semester so far. Ashley and I didn’t wake up until 11:30 am and the 12 hours of sleep was rejuvenating. 495 more words


Do You Remember Fun?

Do you remember having fun

When you were just a little one?

Remember going out to play

For almost all of every day?

Back then a chore was such a pain— 98 more words


German diary: some exciting findings!

Following Sandy’s  suggestion I started using Menrise as well. It is basically similar to Duolingo in many ways, especially because it uses a translation approach to learning. 334 more words


Our Counselors

Deena Stewart-Hitzke – Will be down every other week for one on one and group therapy.  


 Provide free counseling for Healing Hands of Arizona… 573 more words