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Rick and Morty is returning on July the 30th

Adult Swim officially released the trailer for season 3 of Rick and Morty. Season 3’s first episode came out on April the 1st it was about Rick escaping from prison to relive his weird and wacky science fiction adventures travelling to different universes and dimensions with his grandson Morty.  135 more words


Get Schwiffty!! Pokemon Meets Rick and Morty.

I saw a commercial for a mobile app with singing monsters a while back and thought it looked cool but never downloaded it. Yes, I don’t just play Xbox. 569 more words

Wubba lubba dub dub!

Are you a bit confused by the title of this post? Then good. If you don’t know this unforgettable catchphrase, then you’re probably unaware of all things… 921 more words


How Rick and Morty Reeled Me In

This is how I went from salty fool to an appreciator of the absurd.

So just two Saturdays ago I got home kind of late, but I knew that the fourth episode of Samurai Jack was going to air, so I’d watch it before I went to bed. 733 more words

Rick and Morty, Archer, & new Chappelle! Waste the Nice Weather & Watch Some Shows.

Take a break from gaming and catch up on some shows that are popping up like spring flowers.

Archer – Dreamland
The first episode of Archer season 7 aired on April 5, 2017 and without giving anything away it’s great so far. 428 more words

'Samurai Jack - XCIV' TV review

Damn am I’m glad Samurai Jack is back. The episodes this season have gotten better and better. Not to mention the transition from a kids show to an adult one. 672 more words


'Rick and Morty: Season 3 Episode 1, The Rickshank Rickdemption.' TV Review

Wow, like everyone else I did not see this coming. A season premiere at the tail end of April Fools. Also it kept going about 10 times in a row. 515 more words