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A collage of the most interesting ‘Boondocks’ characters 29 more words

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Rick and Morty Season 1 & 2 DVD Review

Ever imagined what an unbridled and rampant animated parody of the Back To The Future Trilogy would look like? Adult Swim’s animated cartoon series, Rick and Morty… 443 more words

David Liebe Hart Original

I have an original David Liebe Hart drawing. If you’ve seen Tim and Eric Awesome Show, then you know who I’m talking about. Silly guy with a puppet. 309 more words

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Finding the time to do something is pointless.  If you look for the time to write, the time to paint, the time to read, or the time to do anything at all I can guarantee you that you won’t find it.   142 more words


I’m going to be kind of a hypocrite here, because God, and all of you guys know I’m an active procrastinator.  But stuff doesn’t just happen all by itself.   140 more words

The Story of Rick and Morty - From Shorts to Screens

The Adultswim series Rick and Morty has sky-rocketed to fame in it’s short time on television, it has certainly been one of my favourite TV shows in recent years, and no doubt plenty of other’s. 107 more words